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Mr Anon 12:16 Tue Oct 25
Reece Oxford
Will he feature tonight? Hasn't featured at all this season, even when ye like thin on the ground for his position. Anyone heard anything about him recently? We don't seem to be trying very hard to convince him to stay.

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SteveJacko 11:15 Thu Oct 27
Re: Reece Oxford
I remember his MOTD interview after his debut against Arsenal. Very well spoken and seemingly intelligent lad with his feet firmly on the ground.
Fast forward a season and he's suddenly gone all Ravel Morrison.

Mrkxxx 11:09 Thu Oct 27
Re: Reece Oxford
Fact is he was thrown in against arsenal because we were short and did exceptionally well, the next game/s he was found wanting..maybe hasn't improved since then and will get limited chances now unless we have a Centre mid/half injury crisis..

On The Ball 11:04 Thu Oct 27
Re: Reece Oxford
When you're struggling it's hardly the time to drop youngsters into defence, so if we keep improving I think we might see him start the odd game.

backpass 11:00 Thu Oct 27
Re: Reece Oxford
perhaps in reality he is not that good and it may be good business to get rid, for the money.

pdbis 5:40 Thu Oct 27
Re: Reece Oxford
We aren't' privacy to what has been said by all parties,but if I were a gambling man I would bet on him not being here next season and living in Manchester.There is no guarantee he is Rio 2.

kylay 5:36 Thu Oct 27
Re: Reece Oxford
Sniper 11:26 Thu Oct 27

I remember reports we were looking to move Tomkins at the close of last season, and if that were true, I have to believe it was aimed at placating Oxford to show our intent to play him and hopefully encourage him to sign a new contract. I'm just speculating, but if we kept 4 centre backs it doesn't leave much room for him, and the clock is ticking on Oxford's contract.

Alex V 5:08 Thu Oct 27
Re: Reece Oxford
SurfaceAgentX2Zero 11:20 Thu Oct 27

Clearly you think developing young players is a bit pointless. A quick glance at our history makes me think it's actually the whole point.

franksfat&slow&wank 2:10 Thu Oct 27
Re: Reece Oxford
I think there is a strong possibility the lad if a bit of a cunt

but I could be wrong

ornchurch ammer 12:57 Thu Oct 27
Re: Reece Oxford
I get the feeling from reading comments and tweets by and about Oxford that it is his attitude that is holding him back rather than his ability.

Trevor B 11:33 Thu Oct 27
Re: Reece Oxford

Tomkins wanted regular first team football, Bilic said he couldn't guarantee that although he wanted him to stay, but James decided to leave for the guarantee of playing more often. Bilic gave ginge a new deal last season after he was doing very well, so obviously he was still in his first team plans. Had we not gone out of Europe then Burke may not have gone out on loan and both may have had more chances, But with less games available it was better for Burke to go on loan and play and after our poor start i guess it was hard for Bilci to put in a youngster like Oxford

Sniper 11:26 Thu Oct 27
Re: Reece Oxford
Still don't understand why we sold Tomkins if we weren't going to give oxford or Burke a chance at all when Collins is clearly in the twighlight of his career now.

How come Oxford was deemed 'ready' for arsenal away at the start of last season but not at all now?

All seems very odd

Frankly, regardless of his talent, if he's gonna be a dick or we're not going to use him, if rather we cash in on him so he can become the next rodwell at city and use the cash to move on

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 11:20 Thu Oct 27
Re: Reece Oxford
Alex V 2:07 Tue Oct 25

'My opinion is that the club needs to move away from pragmatists as managers and towards coaches who take a more holistic view on the squad. And an infrastructure that supports that approach.'

Yes, we should definitely shun managers who show the merest hint of pragmatism. As everyone knows, it is is the responsibility of the club to prepare chippy youngsters for multi-millionairedom elsewhere, not to win football matches.

Trevor B 2:36 Thu Oct 27
Re: Reece Oxford
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wrighty 2:12 Wed Oct 26
Re: Reece Oxford
Bilic would be starting him tonight if we hadn't had such a poor start to the season. Tonight is massive for bilic, win and we're on a great run, lose and it makes Everton a lot harder than it already is.

Fernandes only played because we were absolutely desperate, cresswell, Arthur or arbeloa would have all started instead of him. He came in and proved himself decent.

I like bilic but let's not pretend he's great at blooding youngsters, no manager is these days as they need to develop. Managers don't have a lot of time to develop players.

Willtell 2:01 Wed Oct 26
Re: Reece Oxford
So let's get WHO right. I'm a 70 year old rapist.

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In the meantime if Reece Oxford is ready, Bilic would play him as demonstrated when he gave a debut start to Fernandes. Bilic will decide when - not Oxford's mum.

TWe 1:16 Wed Oct 26
Re: Reece Oxford
He needs to sign his contract and get out on loan to a championship side for half a season. Get some proper games under his belt.

Side of Ham 1:13 Wed Oct 26
Re: Reece Oxford
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Mr Anon 1:12 Wed Oct 26
Re: Reece Oxford
typical WHO. start by discussing the underutilisation of Reece Oxford: Ends at two people shouting rapist at each other.

Animal 11:36 Wed Oct 26
Re: Reece Oxford
Couldn't make what up rapey?

Trevor B 11:36 Wed Oct 26
Re: Reece Oxford
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Willtell 11:35 Wed Oct 26
Re: Reece Oxford
Poster called Animal getting all excited about rape...
Ha ha ha! Couldn't make it up could you?

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