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Q: Manuel Pellegrini
a. A great signing for the Club and maybe the change of direction we all need
b. It will only be a great signing if the Board back him with decent funds
c. This is West Ham so it will only end in farce
d. I'm not sure about this one, I'll wait until SKY is back to hear what Gary Neville thinks, then I'll voice my opinion

stoneman 7:40 Sat Nov 5
Fans out!
Fuck off and support someone else.

This club is known for having patience with managers.

Instead of moaning get behind the team and turn the stadium into a fortress.

I'm ashamed at the level of knicker wetting on here, things are not great but things will get better.

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normannomates 11:12 Sat Nov 5
Re: Fans out!
Bom stickle 11.07

Bom Stickle 11:07 Sat Nov 5
Re: Fans out!
The Chelsea match was as good as anything in the last 5 years at Upton Park, thought it was excellent Hasans and really think it lifted the team to victory. Noise and hatred against the opposition is probably two things Brady doesn't want to sew.

Today was the complete opposite, but the team has to give the fans something. Shocking right from the off.

riosleftsock 10:57 Sat Nov 5
Re: Fans out!
We were OUTsung by Stoke, remember that.

grasshopper 10:55 Sat Nov 5
Re: Fans out!
players really need to play their part on the pitch, will help the fans get behind them

southlondonhammer 10:53 Sat Nov 5
Re: Fans out!
Some PROPER wankers in the place

Few could do with being banged out, bored of hearing the same shit every week from people whose history of the club started in 2014!

Hasans Fish Bar RIP 10:52 Sat Nov 5
Re: Fans out!
Conversely bom. The Chelsea game makes you realise how SHIT the stadium can be. I still don't think Chelsea was that great an atmosphere. Just the best so far IMHO. It was shit today but I stayed until the end, as I always do. On 75mins people leaving in droves to get onto world class transport links. Not sure what mu point is here to be honest. We were shit today, not a lot for anyone to get worked up about. Tough run coming up. So what. Well be.ok

Bom Stickle 10:49 Sat Nov 5
Re: Fans out!
It's not 1964. What is her fault is the treatment of our fans and the complete disregard she holds for us.

There's 50,000 on the waiting list so well just replace them. Fuck her, cunt of a woman.

1964 10:37 Sat Nov 5
Re: Fans out!
Can't see why Brady is at fault for the team playing like shit with no confidence or class and whether it's her fault for Adian acting like a chicken headless cunt.

I really can't!

Bom Stickle 10:37 Sat Nov 5
Re: Fans out!
Yeah I think very soon she (and maybe the dildo Dave's) are gonna get it both barrels. The stadium really isn't as bad as some make out and the Chelsea game shows it can be better than Upton Park but these cunts are spoiling every opportunity to make it decent.

They fucked up the summer transfer window and are now completely fucking up our support. Hopefully the fans start standing together....... luckily fans can move freely around the stadium, maybe at the Arsenal game we can move around to the West stand and let them know how we feel.

normannomates 10:27 Sat Nov 5
Re: Fans out!
Bom stickle
Got off lightly so far is spot on.
I despise the cunt Brady..

Bom Stickle 10:25 Sat Nov 5
Re: Fans out!
It was the worse the atmosphere has been all season. Absolute shit and you could tell it was going to be crap as the players came out, it was quite already and then the match started and then it completely died. The Stoke fans were right just like a library.

Brady must be well pleased, I'm very quick to defend the owners but she is slowly killing our club by antagonising the best fans we have and replacing them with posh dick heads (the prick behind me didn't even know who Feghouli was). Starting to really hate the cunt and think they have got off lightly so far.

normannomates 10:24 Sat Nov 5
Re: Fans out!

1964 10:22 Sat Nov 5
Re: Fans out!
I was there again today, unlike some loudmouths on here, but I have to say that the noise/atmosphere was the worst this season so far. I don't blame the fans, the effort, application and skill put in by the team was absolutely abysmal.

Stepney.Ammer 10:11 Sat Nov 5
Re: Fans out!
Sold - honestly I thought it was good.

admittedly I didn't really watch the game properly until I was in amongst block 113 for the 2nd halve, but it seemed pretty decent to me.

Walking round the joint every now and then a roar would go up and was loud.

Enjoyed having a few in the little driver beforehand as well.

Maybe I'm lucky I've stayed impartial and can appreciate it rather than be negative no matter what. I wasn't a pro OSer by any stretch either, so not telling anyway other than I see it.

stoneman 9:51 Sat Nov 5
Re: Fans out!
Avram Grant was shit but Bilic has brought himself time after last season.

Northern Sold 9:30 Sat Nov 5
Re: Fans out!
Stepney.Ammer 8:23 Sat Nov 5
Re: Fans out!
2nd time over there and thought the support was really good.

A lot better than it would have been at UP for the same fixture.

Really?? Sounded shit on TV... confirmed by the commentator and Tony Gale... it was all they kept going on about how quiet and sterile the place was?? probably a media conspiracy again??

matty moo 9:22 Sat Nov 5
Re: Fans out!
Totally agree with you

Northern Sold 9:20 Sat Nov 5
Re: Fans out!
Harpo Marx 7:58 Sat Nov 5
Re: Fans out!
The OP is talking to you Northern Sold Out!!.

Eh.... I'm pro Bilic you fucking loon... this place is full of fucking weirdos

OLD GEEZER 8:32 Sat Nov 5
Re: Fans out!
The question that I think needs to be asked is this. Does the vocal level of support depend on the quality of performance or does the performance depend on the vocal support of the fans.
I know what I think but let's have opinions.

Stepney.Ammer 8:23 Sat Nov 5
Re: Fans out!
2nd time over there and thought the support was really good.

A lot better than it would have been at UP for the same fixture.

David L 8:19 Sat Nov 5
Re: Fans out!
Not been going long Stoneman?

Yeah, Avram wasn't that bad, was he?

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