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Sarge 6:52 Sun Nov 6
awful news.
fatal injury and put down

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Athletico Easthamico 12:08 Tue Nov 8
Re: vautour
When a decent racehorse dies likes this it hit's me harder than when a celebrity I like dies.

Northern Sold 11:55 Mon Nov 7
Re: vautour
Trent... yeah followed the St Nick Abbey news religiously on the Morn Line... he was a real fav of mine... thought he had beaten the odds only for laminitis to take him... kin' awful disease that is

Grumpster 11:50 Mon Nov 7
Re: vautour
Not sure about the icon for this Sarge!!!

RIP Vautour, no doubt done us all a good turn in the past.

Sven Roeder 11:48 Mon Nov 7
Re: vautour
Thanks Trent
Very informative especially about the medicines.

MrTrentReznor 11:24 Mon Nov 7
Re: vautour
No - these animals will not find their way into the human food chain. Each race horse has a passport & a medical record that details all the medicines they receive throughout their training g regime. It's because of these medicines that these horses are not fit for human consumption.

Did you follow the case of St Nicholas Abbey on the morning line?
Every effort was made to preserve his life. Over the course of several months the Cool more operation spent thousands of pounds & countless man hours to keep him alive.
In the end it proved a fruitless exercise.
Of the three horses WPM lost Vautour in particular had done enough to earn a long retirement. If it had been possible to keep him alive just so he could have spent the remainder of his life in a field it would have been done.
Same with Avant Tout- owners would willingly have had the horse retire to a field of it had been possible.
Ask Vic would have been very valuable as a brood mare.

Sven Roeder 8:27 Mon Nov 7
Re: vautour
Apart from Andy Carroll

Do they eat horses when they murder them just because they can't run around and make MONEY any more?
If not why not?

Son of Anarchy 6:35 Mon Nov 7
Re: vautour
No other animal is so powerfull but so fragile

MrTrentReznor 3:44 Mon Nov 7
Re: vautour
Bad weekend in WPM yard.
Ask Vic suffered severe bout of colic - didn't survive operation.
Avant Tout suffered life ending injury after jumping 1st fence at Naas today.

gph 1:50 Mon Nov 7
Re: vautour
Lovely lean meat - I've always wanted to try horse.

Anyone know where I can get Vautourbergers?

Northern Sold 8:05 Sun Nov 6
Re: vautour
All depends how bad the break is Sidney.... a horse has got a better chance of surviving a break than at any time in horse racing history... unfort' the severity of the break is the deciding factor...

Spandex Sidney 8:02 Sun Nov 6
Re: vautour
Headline from Racing Post:

'Vautour has died in freak accident at Mullins yard'

No, he broke his leg and was, with malice of forethought, shot through the head. Nothing accidental about that.

witch hunt 7:23 Sun Nov 6
Re: vautour
Gutted. Won a fair few quid on him last few festivals. Should have gone GC though and now we will never know if he was good enough

Northern Sold 7:08 Sun Nov 6
Re: vautour
Broke a leg in Mullins yard?? Bloody hell....

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