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Stranded 9:56 Mon Nov 7
E-purse credit
Couldn't see a thread anywhere. Delete if there's one already. Might be of interest to some on here. A poster on kumb has made a court claim against the club for unpaid credit. ".Claim was served on 4th by the Court.. Club have 7 days to reply."

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1964 12:18 Wed Nov 9
Re: E-purse credit
It should be shown on your account, why isn't it West Ham? I shouldn't have to phone/email to make sure I still have the credit. Is the new ticketing software that bad they can't show it.

Load of bollocks.

Rivs 10:44 Tue Nov 8
Re: E-purse credit
I think originally you could use these against purchases in the club shop but then it was changed to just season tickets/match tickets, as far as I recall. I had some from last season that came off of my season ticket cost this season. Massive con though, you should be at least able to use in shop.

Stranded 9:43 Tue Nov 8
Re: E-purse credit
Donni. If you want to keep an eye on what happens with the court, it's a poster on this thread called finlandhammer..


Reading it, he seems to think the club has already breached its own terms and conditions?

Johnson 9:38 Tue Nov 8
Re: E-purse credit
Fucking cunts, trying to ensure folk renew next year obviously.

Donni4 9:30 Tue Nov 8
Re: E-purse credit
Finally got a reply from the ticket office!!

They quoted how much I had in credit.. I presumed it had vanished. Was told for now it can only be used against next seasons season ticket... But they are hoping later in the season it can be used against match tickets!!

Johnson 11:24 Mon Nov 7
Re: E-purse credit
Nobody thinks it should be cash, the credit has been denied from people by those thieves.

DukeofDevo 11:22 Mon Nov 7
Re: E-purse credit
only meant to be redeemable against club related purchases i believe.

you don't get cash back, be interested to see how this pans out.

1964 11:18 Mon Nov 7
Re: E-purse credit
I had £20 credit, gone down a black hole!

missy 10:27 Mon Nov 7
Re: E-purse credit
They owe me some too.

Johnson 10:14 Mon Nov 7
Re: E-purse credit
Ha ha ha ha

Lying thieving BERKS

Buster 10:01 Mon Nov 7
Re: E-purse credit
They still owe me money from last year, the robbing cunts.

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