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Q: 2017/18 Carabao Cup Spurs (a)
a. It's Wembley we have a decent record on the hallowed turf a& all we need is another Maiga, win
b. There's no draws in this comp so what chance do we have, lose
c. Forget the game, we'll always be a laughing stock while those idiots in the Boardroom still own the Club, SELL SELL SELL
d. How great is this another game live on the box, so it's back down the Pub full kit on and roaring the boys onto another win, cut me and I bleed claret & blue

Justin P 10:33 Thu Nov 17
Team V Spurs
Kouyate Reid Ogbonna
Antonio Noble Obiang Cresswell
Lanzini Ayew Payet

Give Sakho 45/30 mins for Ayew or Lanzini if fit

Collins in for Reid if he's a doubt

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theaxeman 4:34 Sat Nov 19
Re: Team V Spurs
West Ham just tweeted a pic of Saks shirt so asume he is involved, hope he starts

Mart O 3:58 Sat Nov 19
Re: Team V Spurs
Jesus. Just shoot the fucker. And that Geordie carthorse too.

Dan M 2:41 Sat Nov 19
Re: Team V Spurs
Slav's said on the OS today that Sakho picked up an injury in training this week. Hasn't ruled him out. Could be a bluff. Who knows. Can we just get it over with?

e18 2:27 Sat Nov 19
Re: Team V Spurs
Randolph in

Full Claret Jacket 11:48 Fri Nov 18
Re: Team V Spurs
You are right, Sakho won't be match fit and neither will he have had much time to play with the team. He needs games however we have nobody else who can act as a target man and press the ball up front.

He'll make a nuisance of himself though even if he needs to go off after 60 mins.
Personally I'm not even sure Bilic will play him. Wouldn't be surprised if he picks Fletcher or Calleri instead.

the exile 10:22 Fri Nov 18
Re: Team V Spurs
Kylay - Sakho is nowhere near match fit. Can't see Slav giving him more than 20 minutes tomorrow. Quite apart from that is the question as to whether he has got his head sorted. I'll be delighted if he has put his troubles behind him and we see the same player that burst onto the scene 2 years ago, but I have my doubts.

Lertie Button 10:20 Fri Nov 18
Re: Team V Spurs
If we really thought that Sakho would be near the team then maybe it would be a cause for some mild excitement but past history isent good in these situations

Full Claret Jacket 10:10 Fri Nov 18
Re: Team V Spurs
Antonio Reid Ogbonna Cresswell
Kouyate Obiang
Feghouli Payet Ayew

epsom 9:56 Fri Nov 18
Re: Team V Spurs
Trevor B 8:32 Fri Nov 18

And if Antonio does somehow swap wings and goes past Walker, I will raise a toast to you.....

Jasnik 9:40 Fri Nov 18
Re: Team V Spurs
I thought noble was banned for this game

Trevor B 8:32 Fri Nov 18
Re: Team V Spurs

let's just hope that both play better than their counterparts ;-)

epsom 8:28 Fri Nov 18
Re: Team V Spurs
Trevor B 8:26 Fri Nov 18

Good point - had my left and right mixed up....

Trevor B 8:26 Fri Nov 18
Re: Team V Spurs

How is Antonio going to rip Walker a new one from the opposite flank???

epsom 8:22 Fri Nov 18
Re: Team V Spurs
franksfat&slow&wank 4:46 Fri Nov 18

Is there extra motivation for both Antonio and Cresswell in that they are up against England players they may compete against? Antonio perhaps not as direct as Cresswell to Rose.

However if Antonio can rip Walker a new one, then it will only help his cause.

Re Sakho, I am really pleased to see him back. His effort and running maybe just the extra dimension we need to start to score goals.

kylay 5:52 Fri Nov 18
Re: Team V Spurs
Am I the only one excited about Sakho's potential return to the lineup? I know it's still an "if-he-plays", and a big if, but it sounds more promising than in the past.

So little chatter about this despite the articles saying he'll be back this week. Off-field bullshit aside, he's a known quantity that can put fear in opposing defences.

Bernie 4:56 Fri Nov 18
Re: Team V Spurs
Well at least we won't be Jenkinsoned this season

One of the very worst individual performances in recent years

Lertie Button 4:51 Fri Nov 18
Re: Team V Spurs
It's all about going out and enjoying themselves and may the best team win.

I'm sure our chaps will share a half of larger with the Tottenham lads win lose or draw.

Remember it's not winning that matters but how you play the game

franksfat&slow&wank 4:46 Fri Nov 18
Re: Team V Spurs
cressy and Antonio can cope with walker and rose

we just need to be on it all around the pitch

lanzini needs to learn how to keep the ball better

lets hope payet shows a bit more urgency, the quality is always there but something has been missing more often than not

JayeMPee 4:24 Fri Nov 18
Re: Team V Spurs
As per Justin P but Fernandes for Noble

franksfat&slow&wank 1:31 Fri Nov 18
Re: Team V Spurs
pdbis 12:54 Fri Nov 18

pdbis 12:54 Fri Nov 18
Re: Team V Spurs
ZaZa & Callers are two spots wasted on the bench.Better off giving their places to youngsters who will give their all to impress.

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