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violator 5:20 Fri Nov 25
Not the gayer type, got a couple of flights on American Airlines to use next year so thinking of flying to Miami and then doing a 7 day cruise to the Caribbean. Never done it before, is it something to consider, or is it e-coli at sea with yanks spewing up all over the shop after 3 pints of Miller Light?

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Sydney_Iron 11:25 Sat Nov 26
Re: Cruising
Dr Congo 11:25 Sat Nov 26

Yeh, heard plenty of horror story’s on cruise boats, particularly the mass food poisoning ones or the sewage washing down the cabin decks etc, all I have no doubt do occur but every boat I have been on go to extreme measures to ensure they don’t, every time you go to a restaurant, a member of staff will be there not letting you in until you have the required squirt of sanitiser, the toilets around the ship are all spotless and the newer ships no doors to open (except the cubicles of course!), they are designed as if you walk round corner to the toilets, any hint of a blocked toilet and maintenance are there in minutes with the pumps and unblocking gear.

You always get the Chav types of kids who will use there hands at the buffets but that will happen at any buffet, but again staff are always looking after the buffet, taking things away, replacing them, stopping the kids form using there hands, but its never going to be 100% to stop an outbreak particularly on cruises with loads of kids or Chav types (avoid the el cheapo cruise company’s) sticking there hands in stuff or shoving things down toilets.

BillyBondsBirthday 4:32 Sat Nov 26
Re: Cruising
Have done 3 Princess Cruises and one Carnival. Did a Princess to the Caribbean for Christmas 2009. Was really good visiting the various islands and then being off before it got dark.....

Watch out for the "free" drinks packages, price goes down once the offer comes to an end, so not really free.

Princess do some very dodgy deals including a free balcony upgrade where the price of a balcony cabin doesn't actually change, they just increase the price of the ocean view cabin!

zico 12:49 Sat Nov 26
Re: Cruising
Tried one out a few years back with Ocean Village with an interior cabin. Was just a week in the Mediterranean and it was great stopping off at the likes of Monte Carlo and Barcelona although the stop at Tunisia wasn't really our cup of tea. The ship itself was fabulous.

Then back in 2010 got invited to one of these cruise promotion things at an old casino I had been a member of, which was bizarre considering I hadn't been there for years. No idea how but we managed it but we booked a 4 night stay with NCL Cruises around the Bahamas for £130 each and that was with a balcony. Awful long way just for 4 nights though so we ended up also booking a holiday in Orlando at the same time so we drove from Orlando to Miami to take the cruise and then back to Orlando afterwards.

Probably the most enjoyable three weeks of my life. The cruise was fantastic, the views at times incredible and a very good itinerary which included a private beach where we spent the day snorkelling. Plus as we had gone through this casino promotion we got free drinks whilst we were in the on board casino.

So thoroughly worth doing,. Nothing better than sitting on a balcony looking out to see with a Black Russian and cigar in your hand.

Dr Congo 11:25 Sat Nov 26
Re: Cruising

Even allowing for the fact people are more likely to report bad experiences than good ones, this put me off. Too many reports of grasping staff and mass food poisoning.

Dr Congo 11:25 Sat Nov 26
Re: Cruising

Even allowing for the fact people are more likely to report bad experiences than good ones, this put me off. Too many reports of grasping staff and mass food poisoning.

Chigwell 6:14 Sat Nov 26
Re: Cruising
The Caribbean is ideal for cruising: due to the short distances between the islands, you could visit a different one every day. It's also a very romantic way to arrive at or leave a place. (Hopefully you can take advantage?)
Having said that, cruising is not the best way to experience a destination due to the sheer number of fellow passengers all descending on it at the same time. Forget about seeing the world - it's the on-board life which will be the overriding memory.

Britannia Pub 5:50 Sat Nov 26
Re: Cruising
Have done 3 now (all with Princess) but never the Caribbean. As already mentioned, they are basically floating 4/5 star hotels with entertainment and the added benefit of waking up somewhere new almost every day.

I'm not a massive drinker and, with the alcoholic drinks package around $50 per person per day, you have to be love a drink for it to be worthwhile. I normally try and get the deals where they give you "free" onboard spending money. This can be spent on excursions, drinks, premium restaurants, etc. So works out better for me.

The tips on the last cruise were $12 per person per day so it does add up. However, the staff work their nuts off trying to ensure you have a good time. If you think of it as giving the bar person a drink, the waiter a tip at breakfast and dinner and looking after your steward it doesn't seem too bad to me.

Always look at booking your own excursions. The ships tours are stupidly expensive. A ship tour of Rome was $299 pp but we found a local tour where you saw more for €70 pp. just make sure you're back on the ship in plenty of time as they will definitely not wait for you unless you are on their own tours.

I've always had a balcony but you can do it for a lot less with an inside cabin. Tbh you only really use the cabin for sleeping and there is plenty of outside space and seating/sun beds you can use to watch the world go by.

Finally the food, there is lots of it, available 24 hours per day. I would also recommend "anytime" dining if you don't like being tied to a specific time for eating. The ships I've been on have had 3 "dining rooms" where you get waiter service, 3/4 "premium" restaurants where you pay a cover charge, a buffet dining room, pizza bar, burger bar, ice cream bar, 24 hour room service and a snack bar. All of them serve alcohol and there are many bars dotted around the ship including a disco. Some people actually take some bigger clothes with them knowing they are going to put on a few pounds on the trip. Oh, and some yanks do not stop eating. I saw one eat a big cooked breakfast only to be seen less than an hour later chomping into 2 burgers and a slice of pizza. He was a fat fucker who could just about walk though.

Sydney_Iron 10:11 Fri Nov 25
Re: Cruising
Been on a few cruise and love them, although first time I was a bit apprehensive when the misses wanted to go, been with 3 company’s and all were great, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity and Princess, food and service on all is top notch and overall a great value for money holiday and standards of 5 star hotels, have some decent shows onboard and always something going on, you can do as much or as little as you like, with the tipping you can pre pay, then its all taken care of, about US$15 a day, and the staff do work there bollocks off and are always friendly and helpful.

Few tips, if you like a drink or 2 get a beverage package, will save yourself a bundle, in port find your own excursions and tours etc, the ship ones are a rip off, from a personal experience up to 10 days cruising is great, more than that it gets a bit repetitive and the novelty starts to where off a bit.

Of the 3 lines I have been with would say Princess was the best, but only just, Cunard has the reputation as the best but have heard it’s a bit snobby and pretentious as well, P&O are the cheapest but by all accounts it shows and everything is downmarket compared to the others.

Will be doing a 7 day Norwegian fjords cruise when im back in the UK/Europe next year with royal Caribbean sailing from Copenhagen, looking forward to it.

, 8:25 Fri Nov 25
Re: Cruising
Whilst on board all transactions are cashless, using instead your cruise passcard. Gratuities are either added, daily, to your cruise bill or traditionally you can opt to give money, at the end of the cruise, in an envelope to cabin stewards etc. who have looked after you.

Far Cough 8:19 Fri Nov 25
Re: Cruising
Not just American ships, all cruise ships expect tipping, especially for cabin service and waiter

bertie 8:16 Fri Nov 25
Re: Cruising
Bear in mind on the yank ships they expect you to tip every fucker you meet. Can add up.
Having said that it was a good trip, wouldn't do it often but glad I experienced it. The food was something else.

Cheezey Bell-End 8:10 Fri Nov 25
Re: Cruising
This is one I'd really like to do :

Am in no position to actually do it though..

pulhampete 7:48 Fri Nov 25
Re: Cruising
Went on a cruise to Norway a couple of years ago. Had a great time, great views of the fjords and plenty to do in the evenings on ship - 5 bars, cinema, casino - the 'shows' weren't really my thing. Put on the best part of a stone in a week......

Go for the anytime dining, that way you get a different table each night rather than stuck with the same people all week.

Far Cough 5:36 Fri Nov 25
Re: Cruising
Things have changed since I was working on cruise ships, having said that, give Celebrity cruises a go

violator 5:35 Fri Nov 25
Re: Cruising
Looking at Norwegian Cruise Lines, they have an offer where you can pick something free, and one of the options is an unlimited booze package.

SecondOpinion 5:28 Fri Nov 25
Re: Cruising

Cheezey Bell-End 5:28 Fri Nov 25
Re: Cruising
I've been looking into similar. Loads on youtube about it. Royal Caribbean in particular. Lots of Americans, but the ships look nice, with good food etc. There's also Cunard and Seabourne, but I'm not 60 and rich.

Just don't go off on your own and be late back.

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