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Bexley Ironworks 11:45 Wed Nov 30
I get that he's been the best signing since tevez. I also get that he's our most potent threat, the creative engine in our team. What I don't get is this Demi god worship of him. Plastered all over the stadium, fans constantly singing his song. He's clearly our best player but we're a team right? Do you think the other players aren't thinking WTF? Lanzini, Antonio, reid, kouyate, ogbonna, what are they thinking? I think payet is starting to think he is a god, he's our saviour and he's the reason we are where we are. I propose we start singing about the other players in the team. We're treating him like the messiah, he thinks he's the messiah, but we have so many other qualities there not being praised. More songs for the others please and less for dimi. Let's bring him down a peg or two.

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CR 1:51 Sat Dec 3
Re: Payet
Given his age when he came to us he must have had some issues otherwise how did we get him. The options may not be that great given what it will cost another club and his age

boltkunt 1:39 Sat Dec 3
Re: Payet

bruuuno 1:37 Sat Dec 3
Re: Payet

boltkunt 11:59 Sat Dec 3

An sedentary afternoon watching the box and belching and farting sounds like living the nightmare more like!

*dons see through speedos*

Coffee 12:57 Sat Dec 3
Re: Payet
We had Payet, Dmitri Payet, I just don't think we got him now..?

Lily Hammer 12:52 Sat Dec 3
Re: Payet
Alright Scraper?

Scraper 12:36 Sat Dec 3
Re: Payet

Dimi? *cringe*

Lily Hammer 12:29 Sat Dec 3
Re: Payet
Last season he was mostly doing things all the time, but would sometimes have quiets periods and the odd quiet game.

This season he is mostly having quiet games with the odd good moment.

Wednesday, despite forcing the goal chance, he was pretty sloppy with possession most of the time. There were more wayward passes than good ones, and he has to shoulder a fair bit of the blame for their second goal.

Even if we don't keep him, I hope he can get his proper form back, so he doesn't go out like a damp squib.

I agree that the other players should get their songs sung, not just Dimi.

boltkunt 12:24 Sat Dec 3
Re: Payet
He's not good enough for Barca.

daveyg 12:18 Sat Dec 3
Re: Payet
I don't think it's Arsenal he'll go to if anyone, Barcelona are his likely destination. They have tailored of to such a degree that if they lose in El Classico today they will be 9 points behind Real. Their overall form is not great by their standards and they will have to do something drastic to re- energise their team. £40M for Payet,chicken feed

Private Dancer 12:02 Sat Dec 3
Re: Payet
My main issue with Payet this season is that imo he's not getting at the throats of defenders nowhere near enough, I want to see him in the ball in the box more, getting to the bar line. etc.

boltkunt 11:59 Sat Dec 3
Re: Payet
You're living the dream, sold0 son!

Baggins 11:56 Sat Dec 3
Re: Payet
Haha! I'm not too sure about ARTHUR myself....seems a bit all over the place positionally and likes a fuck up too.

He cost us six million quid? Great business again from the club.

Northern Sold 11:37 Sat Dec 3
Re: Payet
Fair enough Baggins.... he quit for me in the 2nd half... as did that cunt of a left back that came on... oh don't worry all will be forgotten if he rips the Goons a new one today...

Northern Sold 11:35 Sat Dec 3
Re: Payet
G'stuff.... got a new oven I got to fix in when I get back otherwise it's an afternoon of Rugby/Racing and Football.... fucking utopia that

Baggins 11:34 Sat Dec 3
Re: Payet
Sold - He's not had a Peter Butler style work ethic since he's been here, even when we've been winning games. I aslo think he has stamina issues as his decision making and energy levels drop off a cliff from around 65 minutes.

But he's in the team to create attacking situations the team can take advantage off. He's been doing that. It's not his fault the team aren't doing it or that we seem to have ended up with seven strikers who either can't get on the pitch or can't hit a barn door from two yards.

boltkunt 11:32 Sat Dec 3
Re: Payet
Fantastic son, feeling olympic today.

Fancy us to turn them arsenal cunts over as well.

Lovely morning to blow the cob webs out!

Northern Sold 11:28 Sat Dec 3
Re: Payet
Morning Bolty son... all good?? I need to get off my arse and get the hound out in the mo...

boltkunt 11:26 Sat Dec 3
Re: Payet
Morning Sold0

Northern Sold 11:25 Sat Dec 3
Re: Payet
Baggins... In the first half yeah.... 2nd half it looked like for me he put up the white flag... was not good to see

Baggins 11:23 Sat Dec 3
Re: Payet
Some of you must watch a different game to me. On wednesday, for example, nearly every single one of our decent breaks came through him. Some of his touches and passes were superb. The goal was created by him coming inside and having a shot.

We have alot of problems at the moment. Payet is not one of them. In fact, he is still clearly a level above every other person in the squad. He can't do it all though. Time some of the others stepped up.

daveyg 10:59 Sat Dec 3
Re: Payet
He started losing interest as soon as he sealed his spot in the French team. Not playing in the last game of the season against Stoke cost us.
As soon as it's International week he's off on the first flight to Paris usually by Sunday afternoon,pictures of him and his team mates all over the place.
This time last year he was injured and having a 2 week holiday in the Reunion islands. He's not going to like it when it's cold and shitty.
I still love him for last year but the writing's on the wall I'm afraid

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