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Q: Manuel Pellegrini
a. A great signing for the Club and maybe the change of direction we all need
b. It will only be a great signing if the Board back him with decent funds
c. This is West Ham so it will only end in farce
d. I'm not sure about this one, I'll wait until SKY is back to hear what Gary Neville thinks, then I'll voice my opinion

Barty 2:34 Tue Dec 6
Morgan Schneiderlin
Sign him up!

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Joey Nutmeg 10:14 Thu Dec 8
Re: Morgan Schneiderlin
Tomshardware: trouble is, those two have managed what, 50 games each in three seasons? Very silly to rely on them.

Tomshardware 9:59 Thu Dec 8
Re: Morgan Schneiderlin
Injuries have been an absolute joke, if Sakho & Carroll could stay fit we'd have no trouble scoring goals.

threesixty 9:56 Thu Dec 8
Re: Morgan Schneiderlin
the issue for me is that we never really used strikers to score the bulk of our goals anyway. We generally used a striker to pull defences out of shape and our midfielders scored most of our goals last season.

Maybe that was out of neccesity being that both Caroll and Sahko were unavailable for most of the season. But perhaps the issue is that we really dont know how to integrate strikers into our game.

It's unbelievable that not 1 of our new strikers has scored a goal this season. It just feels like we leave strikers out to dry a bit and dont link them up properly them.

I think in the last two season a lot of our goals have come from headers which probably tells us that if the ball isn't in the 6yrd box, no one is scoring for us. If I remember right even Antonio who is our top scorer doesn't score when played as a striker.

We would need a superstar striker to get anything out of the way we are set up. I just think its too difficult. And no superstar is coming to a relegation battle. Bilic really needs to rethink how we do this stuff now.

Texas Iron 9:32 Thu Dec 8
Re: Morgan Schneiderlin
Replacement for Noble...???

BillyDe7 7:23 Thu Dec 8
Re: Morgan Schneiderlin
For me the problem with the team currently is that it doesn't score goals. The success last season was built in part on a high conversion rate of shots to goals, particularly on the break against the "big" clubs and particularly away from home.

(E.g. the critical moments, I thought, against both Spurs and Man Utd in the league recently were at 2-1 and 1-1 when the team broke excellently but failed to score).

In part this is down to switching Obiang in for Kouyate. Obiang gives better control - he passes more reliably and positions more reliably - but he offers no goal threat: he doesn't carry the ball from deep as Kouyate can and isn't a goal-scorer (as demonstrated at Everton).

I don't see that Schneiderlin adds more goal-threat.

I don't fancy Fellaini but he would add goal threat, particularly on crosses, of course, from Cresswell, Antonio and Payet.

I'd rather we signed a striker who can head the ball and stay fit for more than 20 minutes. Troy Deeney, Defoe, Benteke, Charlie Austin etc.

claret on my shirt 10:52 Tue Dec 6
Re: Morgan Schneiderlin
He would be a great signing

franksfat&slow&wank 10:33 Tue Dec 6
Re: Morgan Schneiderlin
FFP Won't allow it

pdbis 10:26 Tue Dec 6
Re: Morgan Schneiderlin
Our prayers will be answered by SWP & Trundle.

Sven Roeder 7:59 Tue Dec 6
Re: Morgan Schneiderlin
Byram was in the team until he seriously injured his hamstring heading a ball.
A very West Ham injury

If Schneiderlin is available he would be a no-brainer to play along side Obiang.

Kaiser Zoso 7:48 Tue Dec 6
Re: Morgan Schneiderlin

boltkunt 7:40 Tue Dec 6
Re: Morgan Schneiderlin
What do you know, Vexed?

You're just a cunt, son.

Vexed 7:39 Tue Dec 6
Re: Morgan Schneiderlin
I think it's become obvious that Bilic dont rate Byram at all. Perhaps he'd flourish under a new manager, but at the moment he aint getting a sniff. Weird because he's done alright in the few games he's been fit and played at RB.

eusebiovic 7:23 Tue Dec 6
Re: Morgan Schneiderlin
Hammers1993 5:56 Tue Dec 6

Yes, we need a right-back but I wouldn't discount Byram. He is young and his confidence is a bit shot but if we played with 2 decent centre midfielders in there alongside Kouyate as you suggested then there would be much less pressure on the defence and under those circumstances players like Byram and perhaps Reeces Burke and Oxford could get some game time in the not too distant future.


Shane_WHUFC 7:23 Tue Dec 6
Re: Morgan Schneiderlin

madeeasy 7:16 Tue Dec 6
Re: Morgan Schneiderlin
Schweinsteiger instead.

boltkunt 7:15 Tue Dec 6
Re: Morgan Schneiderlin
Calm down, Shane?

Shane_WHUFC 7:15 Tue Dec 6
Re: Morgan Schneiderlin
I'd love if we got him, but who would want to join us, seriously.

Hammers1993 5:56 Tue Dec 6
Re: Morgan Schneiderlin
eusebiovic 4:29 Tue Dec 6

We would need a right back to play those formations son.

I would like to see us line up away from home with Schneiderlin and Obiang sitting though, maybe even Kouyate in there with Lanzini and Payet ahead of them and the lone striker (Bacca would of been good, shame he will never joing us).

Willtell 5:49 Tue Dec 6
Re: Morgan Schneiderlin
Seriously guys. The bloody coach decides whether or not players must sit or go forward. Our DM's are allowed to go forward and that has been the case even back when BFS was manager.

I much prefer 2 CM's that sit in front of a back 3 or 4 like most top teams do.

The WH way is to attack though - even when we're shit...

Barty 5:43 Tue Dec 6
Re: Morgan Schneiderlin
"Yep, but we need two of those type of players for away games"

If we are going to be keep playing the 3-4-3 then we need 2 of them in all games. Chelsea have Matic and Kante in most games home or away

eusebiovic 5:30 Tue Dec 6
Re: Morgan Schneiderlin
cosmo smallpiece 5:19 Tue Dec 6

Yep, but we need two of those type of players for away games

Kouyate and Noble have never been dedicated defensive midfielders - they both play there but they are not naturals in that particular role - both have done their best work in a slightly advanced position arriving late into the box

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