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Fifth Column 1:15 Mon Dec 12
Mentalists at kids football
Went to watch my son play U13s match in Catford today. I ran the line (I'm a qualified ref). I wanted to rant to someone so doing it on WHO...

With 5 minutes to go, and with our team winning 6v2, this huge geezer from other team (a parent) says 10 yards from me, staring at me "that team, they've only got two good players"... clearly trying to intimidate me and all our other parents.

I asked him, "do you think it's right to insult all our kids, I wouldn't say anything about yours".

He tries to justify himself so I said, "uneducated" because he clearly was a prick who didn't understand how to speak to other people.

After that, he spent the last 5 minutes threatening to stab me, punch my head off, go to prison for me, kill me etc, and called me every name under the sun including "racist" which was particularly funny. Then did the same for the next 5 minutes after the match finished as we all got our things and left.

All this in front of two teams of 12 year olds. I've seen a lot of bad behaviour and fights having done kids football for many, many years but I think threatening to stab someone takes the prize for being the biggest cunt I've met in kids football.

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Bungo 4:39 Tue Dec 13
Re: Mentalists at kids football
Chigwell 1:23 Tue Dec 13

Took up rugby at school because that's what the majority of his mates played.

Played hockey at the weekends though instead of football.

Northern Sold 3:59 Tue Dec 13
Re: Mentalists at kids football
We used to have a couple of teams come down from Broadwater Farm to play in the Rayleigh 5 a side tournament... they used to be good as gold... oh and they were very very good... used to bring the whole families down and cook a lot of chicken... which was very nice

Keeno78 3:44 Tue Dec 13
Re: Mentalists at kids football
Playing youth football ten years ago, had all of these issues. Think we had the right balance of parent aggression/kindness though. You'd know if you were having a bad game, but it was more mocking than aggression.

We played in a North London league, and our parents changed with the opposition. Playing in rich areas like Muswell Hill and the like were fine, but the parents need to stand up for you a bit more away at teams like Edmonton.

Remember one game away in the cup, we played Broadwater Farm at the back of the estate. Only aged about 14, and they had a mob of about 40/50 lads watching. We got hammered, nobody wanted to put in a tackle and even the Dads were quiet that day.

Would HATE to be a referee in environments like that.

Jim79 1:29 Tue Dec 13
Re: Mentalists at kids football
Lets be honest when you called him uneducated you were trying to mug him off. He's stood there in front of people so if you really thought he was uneducated you got exactly the sort of response you should have expected. He was never going to try and baffle you with a whitty exchange.

As the saying goes don't try and argue with an idiot as they will bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.

Second lesson is don't try to be clever with a bloke by mugging him off unless you're also prepared to back it up. Doesn't matter where you are and especially if he has already shown himself to be a volatile nutcase.

Chigwell 1:23 Tue Dec 13
Re: Mentalists at kids football
Bungo 10:36 Mon Dec 12

What sport did your son take up instead of football? Rugby I suppose?

arsegrapes 12:05 Tue Dec 13
Re: Mentalists at kids football
Reminds me of a time when about 12 or 13 playing Tulse Hill school team at their's. It was all us honkeys v an all Jamaican side. Nothing wrong with that but it seemed to add an extra edge and several fights broke out after crunching tackles on both sides. We won and they didn't take kindly.

The PE teacher went out to find our coach while we were changing and looked like he had shit himself. Said forget having a shower and to get dressed and all leave together as quickly as possible and don't make eye contact on your way to the coach as they were waiting outside and one of theirs was threatening to axe one of ours in the head.

Needless to say they didn't get invited to a return match.

Northern Sold 11:01 Mon Dec 12
Re: Mentalists at kids football
We used to have run ins galore with any team from Shoebury... always grief and they always had plenty of numbers on the sidelines... so all the snidey kicks etc if you took a throw in... we had one game abandoned when our centre half from islington punched out Shoebury old boys centre forward and then done a bit of KUMB on his head whilst he was on the floor.... que a pitch invasion by about 25 of their fans/family trying to kill our centre half... there Saturday mob (Shoebury Town) used to have a banner that their fans used to put outside the away dressing room... `WELCOME TO HELL'... nice mob !

bruuuno 9:44 Mon Dec 12
Re: Mentalists at kids football
Ag at the last bit easthammer!

easthammer 9:25 Mon Dec 12
Re: Mentalists at kids football
Have to say that when my kids were young I was glad that they were girls and not interested in football so I never found myself in a position of being involved with kids football - use hear bad stories from mates who had boys - fights rows abuse all par for the course.

So it was with some concern when I started taking my 6 now 7 year old Grandson to football training - and now matches - when my Daughter needs me to - her husband died - so I have to help out quite a lot. So far I have been pleasantly surprised both by the way under 7s are organised how the kids are taught to behave and how parents applaud both sides. Okay I know it is early days and the matches are basically friendlies ( some tournements) so I guess it will get more competitive but so far so good.

Also on the comments about Police football sides. In my day I played against both the Met and Essex Police and the best way I could described them would be "committed and uncompromising" dirty bastards but always got the better of them.

As for violence on the touch line or in the crowd the funniest experience was when playing against Gravesend and Northfleet their players beat up their own supporters!

Jim C 8:11 Mon Dec 12
Re: Mentalists at kids football
, 4:45 Mon Dec 12

Spot on. When I coached, the club made a parent contract that had to be signed before a player was signed on. It stipulated that only positive encouragement was allowed. It also made it clear that any threatening or abusive behavior towards ANYONE would result in them being banned from games. If they dropped their child off then continued to stay their child would also be banned.

A bit harsh on the child maybe, but it worked as after one parent got banned it never happened again.

yngwies Cat 7:58 Mon Dec 12
Re: Mentalists at kids football
Good thing about my son's club is most of the parents get on and they all like a drink.

mallard 6:47 Mon Dec 12
Re: Mentalists at kids football
These type of parents are worse than anything I ever came across playing Sunday league.

However, you obviously touched a nerve by saying 'uneducated' and should have remained a touch more professional.
Maybe replying something like 'It's all about teamwork ' would have been more apt

onlyoneclydebest 6:39 Mon Dec 12
Re: Mentalists at kids football
Clearly a made up story.As usual

Northern Sold 5:56 Mon Dec 12
Re: Mentalists at kids football
Cough's spot on... whenever we played football against the old Bill they were fucking loons... always a tear up... and then you went to the other extreme on the Weds league where you played Chelmsford Nick (basically the inmates) and they were good as gold...

, 4:45 Mon Dec 12
Re: Mentalists at kids football
There are quite a few junior football clubs run by blokes who will not tolerate that kind of parental verbal input. They ask the parent to stay away or if that fails ask the kid to go join another club. It's unfair on the kid but why should anyone else have to put up with a bloke with that attitude.

Razzle 4:44 Mon Dec 12
Re: Mentalists at kids football
I look at this from the standpoint as a referee.
I dont get intimidated i'm not that sort of bloke.
Setting an example in youth football is what is important.
7000 referees quit each year it tells you that something is fundamentally wrong.
The coaches have a duty to ensure that they and the parents follow the RESPECT code as laid down by the FA.

Here's a few stories:



Fifth Column 4:37 Mon Dec 12
Re: Mentalists at kids football
Yes he succeeded. Geezer was huge.

Yup, to be fair to him, I was running the line in white robe and hood.

mashed in maryland 4:34 Mon Dec 12
Re: Mentalists at kids football
"history of people having a tear up on the rec on a Sunday and then going to the pub afterwards" = white people

"This isn't that sort of person, these are stabby scum" = black people

Come on Fifth, we all know that's what you're trying to say.

Trevor B 4:33 Mon Dec 12
Re: Mentalists at kids football
last sentence directed at fifth, not razzle.

Trevor B 4:32 Mon Dec 12
Re: Mentalists at kids football

you do realise that the bloke was just trying to intimidate you? i used to get the same all the time playing as a striker, defenders would always try to rattle you by dolling out idle, if somewhat violent, threats. usually meant that they weren't very good if they had to resort to that. the bloke was trying to get you to shit yourself, and it looks like he succeeded.

Fifth Column 4:31 Mon Dec 12
Re: Mentalists at kids football

I don't think Police is sensible option BUT it seems to me that some people on here are looking at this through the history of people having a tear up on the rec on a Sunday and then going to the pub afterwards.

This isn't that sort of person, these are stabby scum. It's a whole different ballgame. If I'd been on my own as the only parent with the team coach there I might have called the OB but because we had a load of parents there at the match this week there were enough people to ensure nothing happened.

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