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Leonard Hatred 2:03 Thu Dec 15
The National Lottery

John Aldridge calling a linesman a "fookin cheat" at the World Cup

Tony Blair

Father Ted

Swindon Town being really, really shit in the PL.

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iron 10:26 Sat Dec 17
Re: 1994
Left school.

Stood on the North Bank for the last time.

USA World Cup, staying up late to watch the games.

Spent a lot of time sitting over the park drinking K's cider/Hooch/20-20/Thunderbirds - mostly bought from the off license near the bingo hall in Hornchurch.

Romford Ice Rink disco on Weds nights.

Great days!

Jim C 10:20 Sat Dec 17
Re: 1994
My first ever West Ham game vs Liverpool. Martin Allen scored a cracker in the first minute. The old place went mad, Dad hoisted me in the air so I could see the celebrations and I fell uncontrollably in love with West Ham. We ended up losing but by then it was too late and my life took a significant turn for the worse.

Andrew Ware 12:08 Sat Dec 17
Re: 1994
Lily Hammer
I was in there too for that Norwich game
Over the years the memory's fading
but wasn't that the game Steve Jones get us back into
I think it finished 3-3,and he got two in the second half ??

Hammer and Pickle 11:43 Fri Dec 16
Re: 1994
Spent a lot of time in Lisbon taking acid and watching A Clockwork Orange.

Doobeedoo - best not to say anymore.

Raymond Duck 11:27 Fri Dec 16
Re: 1994
Definitely Maybe
Inner City Life

Shit Pony kit (93-94)

Bought a Nova SR

Northern Sold 2:01 Fri Dec 16
Re: 1994
I bought me gaff in Rochford... £56k

Eggbert Nobacon 10:40 Fri Dec 16
Re: 1994
cosmo that was meant for

Eggbert Nobacon 10:39 Fri Dec 16
Re: 1994
not unless it stayed at number one for 11 years since it's 1983 release

BubblesCyprus 10:15 Fri Dec 16
Re: 1994
Long boozy weekends in Ayia Napa 52 weeks of the year.

CasualKen 2:27 Fri Dec 16
Re: 1994
In Bed With Me Dinner - Christians

Alfie 2:23 Fri Dec 16
Re: 1994
Of course i follwed this up 2 years afterwards with my masterwork, 'chronicles of a fat fucking turkey lurkey: part the first'. An epic poem in stanzaic form shot through with doggerel and the vernacular of the hill goat, this was published in the sunday and monday times of london literary supplement for people who read thick impenetrable books and like big complex words, volume 11 chapter twos.

'Chronicles of a fat fucking turkey lurkey man'

Turkey lurkey
Fucking jerky walking
Skin sagging throated
Avian boasting
Liberty taking
Bird, christmas cooked
Stuffing filled
Herbs in
Sage and thyme
Turkey birding
Free range
Roaming webbed feet
Bowling through
The gloaming
Ill lit din
Filled battery farm
Homed in
Turkey bastard.

CasualKen 2:20 Fri Dec 16
Re: 1994
In Bed With Me Dinner and The Word

stomper 2:19 Fri Dec 16
Re: 1994
My daughter was born. She is very beautiful. There are no pics available.

CasualKen 2:19 Fri Dec 16
Re: 1994
M People win Mercury prize with Elegant Slumming, still a farce when you see the nominees that year

Alfie 2:05 Fri Dec 16
Re: 1994
1994: the memorable year in which i had my first poem - 'Chaffinchy Man' published, in Le Journale de Beaux Arts, volume 2 episode 1 ( march 1994). For me, it is one of my earliest but most profound works

Chaffinchy man

Common chaffinch
Garden dwelling
Proudly chirruping
Breast swelling
Plumage skittering
Gentle the breeze
Observing its domain
Amid the trees.

Tiny beaked
Webbed feet
Swooping about
Lofty and fleet

Poxy fucking
Chirping hopping
Chaffinchy man
Seed nibbling
Birdseed gobbling
Wide wing spanned
Breadcrumb pecking
Twig propped

Saul Bollox 1:58 Fri Dec 16
Re: 1994
There was never a Winston Smith. There is no record of his name.

dogbert 1:35 Fri Dec 16
Re: 1994
Ten year anniversary of Winston Smith dying

bruuuno 1:07 Fri Dec 16
Re: 1994
Branded = Michelle Gayle

BRANDED 1:05 Fri Dec 16
Re: 1994
The year of my first top. 30 record.

Cheezey Bell-End 12:44 Fri Dec 16
Re: 1994
Unemployed for most of it.

cosmo smallpiece 12:44 Fri Dec 16
Re: 1994
Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't OnlyYou by the Flying Pickets the Christmas No. 1?

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