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Justin P 10:42 Sun Dec 18
Now kicking off about sitting on Chelsea's bench!

Hahahahahahahah cunt!

(still take him on loan though if offered)

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BillyBondsBirthday 12:43 Tue Dec 20
Re: Batshuayi
Real Madrid might end us James Rodriguez. After all we lent them Faubert.

Bernie 11:42 Tue Dec 20
Re: Batshuayi
Whats the point of taking someone that clearly doesn't want to be here? We saw last season what happened with Moses, if a players heart isn't in it 100% then there is no point, I'd rather give a promising youngster a chance

If we can't find a decent striker that wants to play for a mid level premier league side then our scouts and owners want shooting

Eddie B 11:37 Tue Dec 20
Re: Batshuayi
He ain't gonna leave the probable champions in January.

Rossal 11:37 Tue Dec 20
Re: Batshuayi
Cant see Chelsea loaning him. They'd be left with one striker would make no sense

Russ of the BML 11:35 Tue Dec 20
Re: Batshuayi
Trevor B 6:15 Mon Dec 19

That's a fair point.

Trevor B 6:15 Mon Dec 19
Re: Batshuayi

At the time he was probably told that Costa was off, as everything seemed to point towards him going back to Spain in the summer. Chelsea were also trying to get Lukaku back.

Fivetide 6:14 Mon Dec 19
Re: Batshuayi
Would be a great player to have on the end of Payet's creativity.

But it won't happen now.

boltkunt 6:13 Mon Dec 19
Re: Batshuayi
You'd have to be a mug to not want him, regardless of what happened in the summer.

Charoo 5:52 Mon Dec 19
Re: Batshuayi
Chelsea's bench or West Ham's treatment table as he'd be long term injured by now if he were here.

Russ of the BML 5:48 Mon Dec 19
Re: Batshuayi
Good player to have on the bench. But £35m for a reserve is huge money. Just wish some of these players would think a little before chasing the status and the money.

camel-with-3-humps 2:17 Mon Dec 19
Re: Batshuayi
He's not coming here - say he did though, you'd have to be a fucking mong to reject him. He's quality.

Sven Roeder 2:13 Mon Dec 19
Re: Batshuayi
He played against us in the League Cup.
Missed one decent chance and was generally mediocre

As I take it Chelsea have Costa and him as strikers. Who would start if both were missing ?

dealcanvey 2:12 Mon Dec 19
Re: Batshuayi
See and heard alot of Chelsea fans saying he will get his chance. How when they have one of the best strikers in the world? He wont be breaking into their team this season unless Costa gets injured.

He should of known this before he signed. At us he would of played every game so far. Serves him right.

Nagel 2:10 Mon Dec 19
Re: Batshuayi
Apparently Conte compared him to Zaza, saying that he hasn't adapted to the PL yet. He obviously hasn't been given anywhere near the chances Zaza had but it might be that we missed a bullet by not signing him.

I think he'll do all right eventually. Wouldn't want him on loan though.

FrancoisVanDerElst 1:38 Mon Dec 19
Re: Batshuayi
The new Loic Remy
We will be linked with him for the next 10 windows no doubt

claret on my shirt 1:29 Mon Dec 19
Re: Batshuayi
Did n't he say he'd only join a team in Europe, then we bid as much as the plastic scum and he went to them, now he is moaning about not getting games, well that's fucking karma for you isn't it

franksfat&slow&wank 1:24 Mon Dec 19
Re: Batshuayi
no way will he leave on loan

haven't they only got 2 recognised strikers?

Sven Roeder 5:59 Sun Dec 18
Re: Batshuayi
Costa is suspended for the next game after getting his 5th yellow so he will play on Boxing Day.
Not sure he can complain that he isn't first choice

Why on earth would Chelsea send their second choice striker on loan?

Cheezey Bell-End 5:47 Sun Dec 18
Re: Batshuayi
I doubt he's too disappointed at missing out on playing for us to be fair.

BubblesCyprus 4:43 Sun Dec 18
Re: Batshuayi
Let him ''rot''on there bench having turned usdown on a permanent deal.

RBshorty 10:59 Sun Dec 18
Re: Batshuayi
What did he except. Roll up and knock Costa down the pecking order.? Shouldn't have listen to Eden. I'm with Crazy Ivan on this one.

Fuck him. Let him eat cake.!

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