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Justin P 7:23 Sun Dec 18
Team v Swansea
Set up like we did at Tottenham, Man Utd and Liverpool for me with three at the back

Randolph (keeps the shirt)
Kouyate Reid Ogbonna
Antonio Noble Fernandes Cresswell
Lanzini Carroll Payet

If Lanzini a doubt the Ayew straight in

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Justin P 11:34 Thu Dec 22
Re: Team v Swansea
Any news on the Cresswell knock in training?

defence 2:53 Mon Dec 19
Re: Team v Swansea
Razzle 10:11

I read somewhere that Billic told Payet "Noble will do your defending".

Joey Woodwork 2:52 Mon Dec 19
Re: Team v Swansea
Need Kouyate back in midfield desperately.

If Oxford is fit, he needs to come in.

Sven Roeder 2:50 Mon Dec 19
Re: Team v Swansea
We have a certain number of players we can't start together as they don't work hard enough.
Funnily enough really good teams don't have any of these players.

So far Ayew has reminded me of Louis Boa Morte.
I wait for him to show more

camel-with-3-humps 2:21 Mon Dec 19
Re: Team v Swansea
Ayew? He's a lazy cunt. I bet Big Andy is desperate to chin him, knock off that giant ego-sized melon.

Ayew thinks he's on holiday. No wonder Billic fell out with him.

Lanzini every time - a much more honest player.

Willtell 2:11 Mon Dec 19
Re: Team v Swansea
Bilic played Kouyate at RB when we went to a back four so that Fernandes could play DM. Bearing in mind that Kouyate was below his own high standards earlier this year, I suspect Bilic sees him more as a defender.

At RB he was certainly better than Fernandes was when he played there. Also he has the motor and Fernandes is not bad in midfield either and could well get better...

AKA ERNIE 2:07 Mon Dec 19
Re: Team v Swansea
Ayew should start as its against his old team but other than that he can fuck off

Pee Wee 2:00 Mon Dec 19
Re: Team v Swansea
Our problems are not keeping enough possession and losing the ball in midfield so although I understand why people want to play 2 up front I think it will just cause us the same issues with Swanseas 5 man midfield we'd be over run.

With Ayew playing as a second striker and Payet not defensively minded in the slightest I think it is a recipe for disaster.

I'd play with one up front, but make sure the midfielders get up to support a lot quicker than we have been.


Fernandes...Reid...Ogbonna... Cresswell




AKA ERNIE 1:37 Mon Dec 19
Re: Team v Swansea
spot on ffsw

franksfat&slow&wank 1:23 Mon Dec 19
Re: Team v Swansea




Pee Wee 12:16 Mon Dec 19
Re: Team v Swansea
penners28 11:50 Mon Dec 19

It works well when the team you play have 2 strikers, but the last two games we have played against teams with 1 man up front and so we get over run in midfield.

I actually think it worked well in the first half against Burnley but there was a distinct difference.

Kouyate played in a back three when they had possession, but as soon as we won the ball he went wide and played as a right back and Antonio pushed forward. I think it made us look solid when we needed to be and had men in midfield when we needed it.

Marco Boogers 12:06 Mon Dec 19
Re: Team v Swansea
wh�ru 10:25 Sun Dec 18

Thanks. Noble it is then

Razzle 11:59 Mon Dec 19
Re: Team v Swansea
I would want to see Kouyate playing the box-2-box midfielder role and Noble sitting deep - that means we need to bring Oxford into the defense.

, 11:51 Mon Dec 19
Re: Team v Swansea
Whatever eleven we turn out we need to nurture our luck. I would settle for being arguably outplayed but winning by a Noble penalty for the third consecutive time.

penners28 11:50 Mon Dec 19
Re: Team v Swansea
I dont think 3 at the back works. we struggled v 2 of the worst teams in the league with this system. we need to go 4 at the back.

Pee Wee 11:42 Mon Dec 19
Re: Team v Swansea

gank 1:07 Mon Dec 19
Re: Team v Swansea

Sir Alf, using those ridiculous nicknames makes you look a proper cunt.

I disagree.

I mean it doesn't help, but I to blame it entirely on that is a disservice to the rest of his contemptible nature.

the exile 11:35 Mon Dec 19
Re: Team v Swansea
I would think easthammer has it right. Lanzini was poor against Hull so needs dropping in favour of Ayew, who also needs to do more to keep the shirt.

dealcanvey 10:39 Mon Dec 19
Re: Team v Swansea

Really think the reason Bilic plays 351 is so he can fit Noble, Obiang, Lanzini and Kayote all in the same 11. When he goes to Afcon I will be very surprised if we dont revert back to playing 4 at the back.

dealcanvey 10:37 Mon Dec 19
Re: Team v Swansea
We just seem to look so shit with 351. Especially at home. Striker seems so isolated all the time?

Why? I really cant work it out. Even more attacking players like Payet and Lanzini who rarely get back and defend seem to be no where near Carroll when we go long and he wins the ball.

daveyg 10:31 Mon Dec 19
Re: Team v Swansea
If Oxford plays tonight for the U23 then he'll be fit for this game. We need him to fit as he'll be needed whilst Kouyate is away during the ANC.About time he was playing and seeing what he can do.

Oxford Reid Ogbonna
Fernandes Noble Kouyate Cresswell
Antonio Carroll Payet
Subs: Adrian Ayew Lanzini Pike Nordveit Fletcher Browne

Razzle 10:11 Mon Dec 19
Re: Team v Swansea
defence 8:47 Mon Dec 19

Problem with that you are wanting Payet to defend - no chance..

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