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d. It's at times like these when you really do miss Love Island
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Oh dear 5:37 Wed Dec 21
Marine A
Denied bail.


Which is a shame.

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mashed in maryland 11:18 Thu Apr 27
Re: Marine A
Sorry but that seems like a very clever way of wording it so that lefties can be satisfied that it's still "our fault" somehow.

Anything to make victims and martyrs of Jihadists.

Bit like the bloody Sunday thing. All in it together to stitch up heroes to appease terrorists.

, 11:14 Thu Apr 27
Re: Marine A
Marine A was guilty of manslaughter and nobody disputes it.

The issue I have tried to point out is that the military were negligent in letting a man, demonstrably unwell, take part in active battlefield duty.

riosleftsock 10:59 Thu Apr 27
Re: Marine A
If there is a crowdfunding page for him, I will make a very generous donation that my wife won't understand and will be pissed off with.

Hey ho.

mashed in maryland 10:57 Thu Apr 27
Re: Marine A
Why would the Army have anything to do with him?

He's in the Marines, which is part of the Navy.

And he should also be knighted and given freedom of the nation. Disgusting the way he was betrayed by the lefty anti-British establishment in order to appease people who want to wipe us out.

epsom 10:37 Thu Apr 27
Re: Marine A
, 6:35 Thu Apr 27

Your point about the Establishment needs to take on managing the Mental state of our military is well made. MP for Plymouth Johnny Mercer is championing this in Parliament, making some traction and raising awareness.

The military are lacking support generally. Iraqi Historical Allegations, Northern Ireland veterans being dragged up even though the terrorists have their get out of jail card, treatment of Marine A, constant cut backs on spending, psychological effect must be massive and you ask why would you join up now?

Al Blackman was good soldier, he was left high and dry by the Establishment, in particular Jeff Blackett.

, 6:35 Thu Apr 27
Re: Marine A
I hope that he receives the care necessary to enable him lead a normal life. The problem for him is that having been originally charged and convicted of murder his mental state would not have been taken into consideration [ if it had been he would have originally had his murder charge reduced to manslaughter ].

All the best to him and I hope that the British Army takes on board the need to look after the mental, as well as physical, health of its soldiers and does not put into combat individuals who are not well.

Oh dear 6:27 Thu Apr 27
Re: Marine A
To be released on Friday.

Russ of the BML 10:14 Wed Mar 29
Re: Marine A
mattyolmes 7:11 Tue Mar 28

"seems to me the geneva convention is a waste of space"

Well, if truth be told, it is to some extent. But what it does do is set a standard. And it is that standard that sets civilised countries and there armed forces apart from uncivilised countries and their armed forces.

Needless to say; the countries that use the GC as a standard have had there own soldiers contravene it in times of war. Probably thousands and thousands of times down the years. But what goes on in war out in the battlefields in front of the eyes of soldiers is something best left on the battlefield and in the heads of those soldiers.

But it is the standard that is important. And that is the main thing.

And the lesson here is that if you are going to break it then don't do it on camera.

Vexed 12:30 Wed Mar 29
Re: Marine A
Should've doubled the sentence, the stupid fucking cunt.

happygilmore 9:27 Tue Mar 28
Re: Marine A
uncomfortable listening to that.

mattyolmes 7:11 Tue Mar 28
Re: Marine A
seems to me the geneva convention is a waste of space - when its down and dirty who's going to worry about any of it?

That said - today judgement says exactly that - rules don't matter when fighting rebels in crazy-arse afghanistan.

Dangerous judgement in my opinion

, 6:09 Tue Mar 28
Re: Marine A
Grumpster, my conclusion from this sad case is that it is incumbent on the military, in the future, to ensure that our boys are mentally fit enough to do their jobs.

Grumpster 4:56 Tue Mar 28
Re: Marine A
Ha ha comma, was me being sarcastic. I'd give all of our policemen guns so that they could kill anyone committing a crime, but as this case shows, we'd have more bobbies in jail than criminals!

There is a horrible familiarity nowadays of basically shitting on our own to protect foreigners or criminals (British) who don't deserve to be shown any pity, human rights or sympathy.

I imagine most soldiers thought process is to kill the enemy outright (those that haven't surrendered), so that they can't re-join the fight at a later date. That's how is should be as well, especially with fanatics.

ChesterRd 4:40 Tue Mar 28
Re: Marine A
It was pretty obvious when reading the rest of his post that Grumpster was not being serious re the Westminster shooting.

Russ of the BML 4:34 Tue Mar 28
Re: Marine A
, 3:11 Tue Mar 28

Indeed. Two scenario's completely and utterly poles apart.

Your mum 4:19 Tue Mar 28
Re: Marine A
1 We shouldn't be in shitholes like Afghanistan.

2 The Geneva code doesn't work one way!

3 Yours!

, 3:11 Tue Mar 28
Re: Marine A
Grumpster, on what grounds could the armed Policeman, who shot dead Masood last week, be charged and jailed?

cornish 3:06 Tue Mar 28
Re: Marine A
He shouldn't have to do a day more,release him now.

Sven Roeder 2:53 Tue Mar 28
Re: Marine A

Side of Ham 2:34 Tue Mar 28
Re: Marine A
Sven Roeder 2:21 Tue Mar 28

They thought there was a Telliban.

Sven Roeder 2:31 Tue Mar 28
Re: Marine A
Why wasn't the film destroyed exactly?

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