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elkel2 1:37 Fri Dec 23
Defoe £6m
According to the papers,i'd take him in a heartbeat

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Willtell 11:32 Sun Dec 25
Re: Defoe £6m
Bacca and Hogan or Defoe?

MikeHammer 10:28 Sun Dec 25
Re: Defoe £6m
That will be apartment !

goose 10:20 Sun Dec 25
Re: Defoe £6m
Moyes has said they won't sell him for any price - end of chat,

MikeHammer 12:56 Sun Dec 25
Re: Defoe £6m
Raymond .. am sure he still owns an appointment in Chigwell area

Raymond Reddington 12:32 Sun Dec 25
Re: Defoe £6m
If we are seriously in for him he won't give Sunderland an second thought. Finish he's career in London and don't have to live in that northern toilet. Sunderland won't like it but he'll probably throw a strip to get he's own way

1964 3:23 Sat Dec 24
Re: Defoe £6m
Has he signed yet or are we going for Shaun Wright Philips instead.

Tell you what - if he looks like being available Sam will snap him up.

Andrew Ware 3:22 Sat Dec 24
Re: Defoe £6m
No, No and No

Judas little shit
Can't believe so many iof you would tolerate him back
For some of us with long memories
Once a judas always a judas

RichyP 3:09 Sat Dec 24
Re: Defoe £6m
Should have got him in the summer. Even at 34 he is head and shoulders above Zaza and Calleri.

Didn't he apologise for the transfer request thing? Anyway's don't ever recall him saying one bad word about the club since he left. All water under the bridge for me

chedylan 2 2:20 Sat Dec 24
Re: Defoe £6m
He definitely didn't pass to Connolly ever. It's because he thought he stole money out of his locker once

23ad 2:15 Sat Dec 24
Re: Defoe £6m
that was an attempt at humour Darby

Darby_ 2:00 Sat Dec 24
Re: Defoe £6m
He refused to pass to Connolly because he thought he was a pikey?

Fucking hell. The shit that people believe..

23ad 1:58 Sat Dec 24
Re: Defoe £6m
he also had a row with Connelly and refused to pass to him (though he was a pikey) , think the transfer request was handed in that night after Brum game

goose 1:44 Sat Dec 24
Re: Defoe £6m
23ad it's the bit about handing in the TR request on the pitch that is 100% BS.

Sven Roeder 1:44 Sat Dec 24
Re: Defoe £6m
To be fair to Defoe I recall he got a ludicrous red at Walsall and a second yellow v West Brom (when we lost 4-3 after being 3-0 up) for blocking a clearance.
3 reds in 22 games was a bit excessive and obviously it suited him & his wish to go. Think it would have been a six game ban or something with another one which helped make up our minds to let him go.
He did score 15 goals in those 22 games though.

23ad 1:12 Sat Dec 24
Re: Defoe £6m
Johnson 12.05 Pedro didnt make that up,
when wham refused transfer request the little judas cunt deliberately got himself sent off 3 times forcing a move to yids

Sven Roeder 12:28 Sat Dec 24
Re: Defoe £6m
He is a penalty box finisher and better than anything we have.
I suspect he'd be more than happy to move back to civilisation if we matched his contract but it would be suicidal by Sunderland so won't happen.
We should have signed him when he went to the MLS but instead have had 4 years or so of CROCKS and CRAP.

Willtell 12:18 Sat Dec 24
Re: Defoe £6m
camel-with-3-humps 11:12

Except Defoe has a contract at Sunderland until June 2019 so he would insist on a 2 and a half year deal at least....

There is no doubt in my mind that he is not the sharp player we had years ago and he will fade but could be a useful supersub for his last two seasons I suppose but he will want at least what Andy carroll is getting and that may use up FFP wages....

On balance I'd rather not have him for those reasons but if he was to arrive I'll be happier than wasting money on South American punts or Italian internationals that couldn't hit a barn door from 15metres....

camel-with-3-humps 12:11 Sat Dec 24
Re: Defoe £6m
Not coming as Syd, says. But we'd take him...

BubblesCyprus 12:10 Sat Dec 24
Re: Defoe £6m
Not for me left us last time in a bad way never again.

Johnson 12:05 Sat Dec 24
Re: Defoe £6m
Pedro LOVES making stuff up, odd poster.

AKA ERNIE 12:04 Sat Dec 24
Re: Defoe £6m
He did it verbally in th changing room at ft

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