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Florin 2:58 Fri Dec 23
West Brom have put in a bid of £13m for him. Surely we should be all over this?

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flyingV 2:42 Tue Dec 27
Re: Schneiderlin
southwoodford 12:32 Tue Dec 27
Re: Schneiderlin

Just out of interest, who do you propose we get in to provide competition to the bloke who was recently voted the 17th best player in the world?

Sven Roeder 12:38 Tue Dec 27
Re: Schneiderlin
I wouldn't mind getting hold of Sigurdesen at some point.
Should have got him when he went to Swansea

southwoodford 12:32 Tue Dec 27
Re: Schneiderlin
What we need is a creative midfielder as competition for Payet who in my opinion we have seen the best of. If he goes at the end of the season as seems likely it would be nice to have bedded in his replacement.

franksfat&slow&wank 11:28 Mon Dec 26
Re: Schneiderlin
Sign him up

Sir Alf 3:23 Sun Dec 25
Re: Schneiderlin
We do need a right back and striker but central midfielder is as important if anyone has seen us play recently.

Buying a right back edges to the top of the list and then a striker and midfielder.

grasshopper 8:11 Fri Dec 23
Re: Schneiderlin
Spot on swindow, can you add gold and sullivan to the out list too?

swindon hammer 8:10 Fri Dec 23
Re: Schneiderlin
I like Schneiderlin and if we went for him I would be happy as he is better than Noble & Obiang.

That being said the top priority must be a Right Back and a Striker.

Iorfa, Defoe & then Schneiderlin would be excellent signings for us and a pacy winger if Fegouhli really is on his way out.

IN: Defoe, Iorfa, Schneiderlin, Winger

OUT: Zaza, Calleri, Tore, Fegouhli, Arbeloa, Fletcher (Loan).

Realistically though I expect all those I listed as OUT to leave and only Debouchy/Jenkinson and another unproven striker to come in.

grasshopper 8:06 Fri Dec 23
Re: Schneiderlin
Tnb i think you will find many players even in our reserves who are better than noble. Bilic made a huge mistake making him captain, we play most games with 10 men because of that decision

daveyg 8:04 Fri Dec 23
Re: Schneiderlin
I don't know what the fuss is about ,he had a crap season last year. Haven't we had enough of that. Nordveit came with the same attributes as Schneiderlin and hasn't hit the ground running.Even Antonio took 7or 8 games to come into his own

tnb 8:03 Fri Dec 23
Re: Schneiderlin

Well it's time he had proper competition to try and prove that either way.

grasshopper 7:56 Fri Dec 23
Re: Schneiderlin
Noble should not be anywhere near the first team squad

tnb 7:53 Fri Dec 23
Re: Schneiderlin

Ogbonna (or new CB?)
New RB

Kouyate (either at the back or in a midfield 3)
Noble/ Obiang (straight battle)

Lanzini/ Antonio/ Ayew (ditto)

New Striker

If we went into the second half of the season with that team I'd be well happy, assuming the other new additions are more Cresswell and Antonio and less Masuaku and Tore.

Competition for or amongst the favourites may seem painful but it is also a sign of progres.

collyrob 7:41 Fri Dec 23
Re: Schneiderlin
Hey guys, here's a whacky idea, maybe we can sign an RB a striker and a midfielder, crazy I know.

tnb 7:28 Fri Dec 23
Re: Schneiderlin
He's an outstanding player. Maybe not quite good enough for Man Utd but he would improve almost any team outside the top 6. A proper defensive midfielder - how long have we been crying out for one of them? I know it's not seen as a priority position in the same way as a right back or striker is for us, but in terms of getting the most out of the other players currently at the club it ought to be considered one. The fact is that quality players improve a side, regardless of position.

After8 6:56 Fri Dec 23
Re: Schneiderlin
13 million in the current market is good value.

Sven Roeder 6:55 Fri Dec 23
Re: Schneiderlin
Do we have the dosh?

Depends whether this new level stuff was BOLLOCKS or not I suppose.

To be honest I am expecting a loaned right back and our traditional S American striker (goals not included).

steveiron64 6:50 Fri Dec 23
Re: Schneiderlin
Yes! Was about to start a thread saying the same, Florin. 27 yrs old, solid defender and great with set pieces at the right end of the park.

13 Brentford Rd 6:48 Fri Dec 23
Re: Schneiderlin
I wonder if the spivs will manage to avoid actually buying a decent RB and a Striker once again.
More loans and 6m punts on overseas players I reckon.

We should be buying players like Shneiderlin when they become available on top of the players we've needed for years if we are ever going to take that step up that the move was promised along with the move.
Truth is they can't and won't put their money where their big mouths are.

Joe C 6:41 Fri Dec 23
Re: Schneiderlin
But do we have the dosh? RB and a striker are much, much higher priority

Sven Roeder 6:34 Fri Dec 23
Re: Schneiderlin
How about a bit of multi tasking?
We need all three.
With Byram injured we have no right back
With Sahko injured and Zaza banished we are balancing a multimillion pound business on the fitness of Andy Carroll
Our midfield is being walked through week after week and we need to BOLSTER it

I am sure we have enough fax machine capacity to do three transfers in an afternoon

, 6:28 Fri Dec 23
Re: Schneiderlin
Sven players for the back and front of the team are more needed than players for the middle right now.

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