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charleyfarley 8:49 Tue Dec 27
Bob Bradley - tin tack

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Sven Roeder 11:13 Sat Dec 31
Re: Bob Bradley - tin tack
Either Clement or Rowett would be a decent choice but it's all about Swansea finding a couple of defenders.
With Llorente , Montero & Sigurdssen they have enough goal threat if they can stop leaking so many goals.

eusebiovic 10:58 Sat Dec 31
Re: Bob Bradley - tin tack
Paul Clement did alright at Derby...but he had a run of games here they dropped out of the top 6 but it's so close in that division that a couple of good wins gets you back in...

However, the board totally lost their nerve and sacked him rather harshly - not unlike Rowett at Brum

Guy Gibsons Dog 6:32 Fri Dec 30
Re: Bob Bradley - tin tack
Surprised they have not tried to pick up Osian Roberts, he is the guy that has really developed the Welsh squad over the last 10 or so years


Florin 5:17 Fri Dec 30
Re: Bob Bradley - tin tack
FFS spent quite a bit!!

Florin 5:16 Fri Dec 30
Re: Bob Bradley - tin tack
Derby were fifth when they sacked him. Would be a huge gamble to get him in at Swansea. I'm sure he sent quite a bit as well

Biggie Biggs 3:57 Fri Dec 30
Re: Bob Bradley - tin tack
Paul Clement didn't pull up any trees at Derby did he

Sven Roeder 3:51 Fri Dec 30
Re: Bob Bradley - tin tack
Swansea supposedly down to Gary Rowett or Paul Clement.
Funny how it's a Welsh team that is picking from two promising young English managers.

Mart O 5:21 Thu Dec 29
Re: Bob Bradley - tin tack
Oh and as for the CL, the group games are fucking tedious. Who watches that shit ?

You might argue that a real super league would work better but I reckon people could swiftly get bored. Truth is that the PL has the big bucks and, if anything, imho, in purely financial terms, it's undervalued.

Mart O 5:15 Thu Dec 29
Re: Bob Bradley - tin tack
In the French league, they publish each club's annual budget (well, they used to). Things have gone a little sideways recently with new money arriving at PSG and Monaco, Lyon building their own stadium, etc, but historically the league table matches budget pretty unerringly.

I can't believe that Southampton won't eventually go the way of Swansea if they keep selling their best players.

It's a tougher gig than it looks buying football players. Crassus and I were talking with envy over the summer about Lyon selling Umtiti to Barca for a fortune and buying Nkoulou for peanuts. The latter has played 5 times for Lyon this season and was recently selected by L'Equipe in their 11 biggest deceptions of the season so far...

Crassus 11:11 Thu Dec 29
Re: Bob Bradley - tin tack
This CL thing, I was of the uninformed view that it was as buoyant as ever but apparently not

Fella on the radio a few months back was explaining the situation and the stats were fascinating

It's death is unlikely to be sudden, but the decline is definitely there

Anyway, I need to get my arse in gear, good chat Alf, take care

Sir Alf 11:07 Thu Dec 29
Re: Bob Bradley - tin tack
Crassus the CL dying, in its current form, is indeed hope for all the other non-CL clubs but I suspect that EUFA will just reinvent it in a way that in the end does not "level the playing field". :-(

As you can guess, I read a lot of Winnie the Pooh books as a kid and was particularly enamoured with the outlook of his friend Eeyore :-) That donkey had a realistic outlook on life ;-)

Crassus 11:03 Thu Dec 29
Re: Bob Bradley - tin tack

Mate, doubtless you are correct and my unnatural optimism is nothing beyond mere hope

I'll tell you this as fact though, the tv money is a huge potential game changer, bigger than anything in decades and the CL is dying

I had better qualify that CL point. Attendances are down and continue to fall, the tv audience is evaporating and general interest in the qualification phase eclipsed by domestic games upon a pan European scale. Sure, the later stages attract interest but as a tournament it is failing to the point that any thought of a European Super League has stalled,

A conundrum for EUFA, revamp it and the EL and run the risk of a breakaway, keep it as it is and risk further declining interest.

Alex Bunbury 10:56 Thu Dec 29
Re: Bob Bradley - tin tack
Other than Leicester during the last 30 odd years I can't think of one team that has one the league without having the extra financial muscle.

Sir Alf 10:54 Thu Dec 29
Re: Bob Bradley - tin tack
Crassus 10:45 Thu Dec 29

I wish I had your more optimistic outlook and really do hope you are right. I have lower expectations and at this point just want to spend the rest of my years watching West Ham not worrying about the threat of being relegated every other year and watching a few home grown youngsters coming through. I miss that.

Crassus 10:45 Thu Dec 29
Re: Bob Bradley - tin tack

Interesting analysis that, so here is the counter argument

The 20 PL teams ere now by virtue of the tv money, the richest in Europe barring the odd obvious exception.

So given that a team can only play 11 , and that any club can effectively outbid Europe for those players, expect an increasing levelling out. Sure, the biggest will remain so but they only need buy a couple of pups and sustain a couple of key injuries to be vulnerable in any season.

Also. looking back there was always the 'big four' now the 'big six' and for years the league with rare exception
was dominated by teams having their period, it is a fallacy that it has become less competitive.

This year, after a disastrous window, the best we can hope for is that 7th position. Who knows thereafter but if the club for once got it right, like Newcastle, there is no reason why we could not join a 'big eight'.

Hermit Road 10:19 Thu Dec 29
Re: Bob Bradley - tin tack
I'm not saying money doesn't matter at all, but they're not short of a few bob having collected the tv money for a few years. It's hard to fault the model though, when the previous model was extremely successful, and it was only when they changed the model that things started to go awry.

Sir Alf 10:10 Thu Dec 29
Re: Bob Bradley - tin tack
Mart O 9:38 Thu Dec 29

Absolutely mate.

The odd exception (Leicester) and for a few years clubs like Southampton will defy the odds but look at the top 6 and they are the richest clubs and normal service has been restored.

The Premiership this season reflects reality. There are 2 leagues. The top 6 "A League" and the rest in the "B League". Everton have new financial muscle and will try to expand the "A League" to 7 but IMO it will be a tall order and they will be fighting with Spurs just to keep up.

We will never win the league with our current owners. It is highly unlikely that we will ever get in the top 4 either. Not their fault, simply reality. Spurs have arguably done the best with the least money but will slip away a little I think once their stadium costs hit.

The media "big up" the top 6 and keep the whole cartel going as the brand is what matters since they like many others have a vested interest in keeping the top 4 - 6 clubs there because most of the money, they all feed on, now comes from foreign TV subscriptions and rights.

14 clubs in the Premiership are there to make up the numbers. Only a drop in attendances might make the Premiership think about leveling the playing field but currently most games are sold out and attendances are better than ever. I suppose even world wide TV audiences would be put off by empty stadiums? Maybe not? Over time, the top 4 or so teams will gain more and more worldwide fans and their grip on the league will tighten as their revenues grow from merchanising and their brands.

Logically, it would seem a European Super League is inevitable? Arguably we already have it via the back door with the Champions League as that grows? But again, until fans of the other clubs stop turning up in the same numbers nothing will change.

I suppose that we might win a cup but we have even struggled to do that in 40 years and it too will get harder as the gap between the rich 4 - 6 teams widens and they can assemble squads of 24 top quality players that win everything.

In my lifetime, the Premiership has been a paradigm for society itself with the gap between the elite / rich and the rest widening to levels unseen since the Victorian age.

Oh well, Happy New Year ;-)

Mart O 9:38 Thu Dec 29
Re: Bob Bradley - tin tack
Which only goes to prove., money is the only truth in football now, over time...

Hermit Road 9:30 Thu Dec 29
Re: Bob Bradley - tin tack
To be fair though, their model was excellent until they sold up and changed it.

Mart O 9:03 Thu Dec 29
Re: Bob Bradley - tin tack
Not so long ago, there were a fair few talking about Swansea's 'model', Southampton style. Just goes to show, money is the only truth in football, over time.

My best mate is Derby, remember watching Rowett play for them a few times. He was hard as nails, good player. Giggs ? Don't make me laugh.

Private Dancer 6:11 Thu Dec 29
Re: Bob Bradley - tin tack
He must be wondering what the fuck has happened to him. Treated unfairly imo. I've listened to this bloke and I think he has something about him, definitely not a mug. As said, Swansea dropped a clanger sacking the Monk. Hope the Welsh cunts go down, have outstayed their welcome now.

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