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eastend joker 2:56 Sun Jan 1
ITV racing
im not really warming to this .

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Lertie Button 6:30 Fri Jan 6
Re: ITV racing
Of the under 30s who bet on line only 13% bet on horse racing.
It has been a long time since the country stopped for the Derby, how many from a cross section of the population even know when the Derby is.
That said the difference between say watching a Premiership game live and on tv is minimal these days get back iven how far you are from the action, your seated, the lack of atmosphere inside the ground. Whereas watching racing live is so much better than on tv, even an afternoon spent at a point to point is great value.

Northern Sold 4:06 Fri Jan 6
Re: ITV racing
It was actually more than I thought....

`He was cheered continuously from three furlongs out by the sell-out 32,000 crowd`.


joey5000 3:36 Fri Jan 6
Re: ITV racing
I had Mizbah at 8/1 to start off my bet yesterday at Meydan, followed by some short priced losers.

NS: 'I went to his last race at Ascot and you can guarantee the majority of the 2530k' I was there and I don't think there was quite that many people there...

Aalborg Hammer 3:11 Fri Jan 6
Re: ITV racing
FLORENCIO 4.30 at Kempton I'm reliably told is a good 'un

Grumpster 1:00 Fri Jan 6
Re: ITV racing
Meydan yesterday too.

Crowley is going to absolutely clean up for the Arabs and i really don't know how dobbs manages to get any good rides for big stables.

He's terrible and his agent should be knighted, as he must have some serious gift of the gab.

Northern Sold 12:33 Fri Jan 6
Re: ITV racing
Fair play that Grumps... yeah I don't find myself watching the low grade racing so much and I suppose I'm bit of a racing snob by just putting myself out watching the graded and listed stuff... used to drive my missus mad setting the alarm clock in the morning to watch Black caviar on ATR's or staying up late watching some Gr1 race from the US....

Grumpster 12:06 Fri Jan 6
Re: ITV racing
Watched it all at wolves yesterday as was off work and check out the ride by Parkes in the 5.00 on Born to Finish.

Absolute stunner.

Grumpster 12:04 Fri Jan 6
Re: ITV racing
A lot more to gamble on nowadays and easier to do so, though I find it highly unlikely there aren't others like me out there who just enjoy watching the races without betting on them.

I love animals and horses are right up there, so I enjoy watching the majestic beats doing what they do best.

I also like to moan and revel in jockeys rides in equal measure and find when not having wedge on anything, I watch all of it more closely instead of just staring at the horse I want to win.

Northern Sold 11:53 Fri Jan 6
Re: ITV racing
Not necessary so Lertie... still a lot of public interest in the horses and jockeys... I know people put themselves out if Frankie is riding up the road ... if you have a big name horse (Kauto/Denman/Dessie etc) people would flock to the track to see them run... Frankel fever was superb as well... I went to his last race at Ascot and you can guarantee the majority of the 2530k that was there that day had come to see him. Same out in the US with Zenyatta, American Pharoah and now with Cal Chrome... if there is a good one out there then people will come to see them...

Lertie Button 8:41 Fri Jan 6
Re: ITV racing
Tv racing is a relic from the days before the races could be shown in bookies, aside from major races it's all about gambling.
It will always be a great day out but in my lifetime I've seem the interest and awareness of racing among the general public diminish to the extent only the National has any impact

Northern Sold 3:49 Thu Jan 5
5k... nope but they have a just as good replacement on the filly stakes....


Oh... she's the one on the RIGHT....

tanman 2:47 Thu Jan 5
I have to say, I would have to be very very bored to watch racing without having a bet on it. Maybe if it was top quality stuff like Royal Ascot, Cheltenham or Aintree festival. It is very short sighted of any TV director to think that the majority to not watch it to have a bet and cheer on their selection. I thought it was ok as a first effort but no better than the C4 offering. I actually liked to perfectly fine with Francome and Tommo etc, although I would have replaced Big Mac with GC. I agree with another poster though, a caption saying '9/4, this means if you put £4 on and it wins you get £9 back was laughable. Most viewers want betting and analysis centric content with the odd bit of lighter stuff thrown.

joey5000 2:28 Thu Jan 5
I wasn't even aware it has gone over to ITV as I watch racing on RUK or ATR...

Has Emma gone over?

Any Old Iron 12:54 Thu Jan 5
Sold - You're right, sadly a couple were destroyed at this same fence where 6 or 7 all came a cropper at once. I think a third horse died in another race. You don't really hear about this kind of carnage unless it occurs in the National.

One slightly sick aspect of the afternoon happened in a four horse race. There were two no-hopers at around 40-1 and the others were evens and 5/4 respectively. First to fall was the odds on, and when the evens came to grief it brought the biggest cheer of the day, leaving the outsiders to battle it out. Can't say I was impressed at thousands of race fans cheering a fallen horse.

Northern Sold 12:36 Thu Jan 5
Now he is one funny fucker... loves riding Cheltenham as well...

Takashi Miike 12:13 Thu Jan 5
it was good seeing Davey Russell over here the other day. I wish Nicholls took him on full time

Northern Sold 12:09 Thu Jan 5
Old Iron.... yeah read about that... couple of horses died didn't they?? Sounded horrendous....

Any Old Iron 12:01 Thu Jan 5
It just smacks of desperation. They're trying way too hard. In this day and age with so much else to watch people who don't care about racing aren't going to watch because just ITV are employing a few gimmicks to try an draw in some extra punters. It's just not going to happen. If anything they'll just piss off race fans and lose viewers.

By the way, on Boxing day I went to Wincanton and saw a race with 11 starters, none of which finished. One fence wiped out most of them, and there was just one horse left and he turned it in with nearly a lap left. Needless to say, everyone got their dough back.
First time I've seen a no result.

Northern Sold 11:42 Wed Jan 4
Re: ITV racing
I far more enjoy listening to trainers and owners who have far more interesting things to say than a football manager or player.... granted Jockey's ... especially Mr Non Personailty Ryan Moore can be boring as you like...

Grumpster 11:37 Wed Jan 4
Re: ITV racing
I've never actually given a shit what anyone says, so generally switch channels until the races anyway.

If you're having a dabble though, i guess you do want to know what they think.

Northern Sold 11:30 Wed Jan 4
Re: ITV racing
There is no one with a better knowledge of WORLD racing than Cunningham he is in a league of his own.... not sure re Chapman... he knows his onions... I just feel he's wasted in the betting ring... he should be asking the questions... that's his forte.... agree regarding Lord Snooty (Nick Luck).... best front man on TV for me... he'll be snapped up by the Yanks they love him over there

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