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Blunders 7:00 Sun Jan 1
Films for 2017
Top picks of films due for UK release in 2017:

Dunkirk (Chris Nolan)

Untitled Paul Thomas Anderson Fashion Project
(PTA and Daniel Day Lewis again, sign me up. Might end up being 2018 though)

Silence (new Scorsese, out today)

Star Wars episode VIII

Alien: Covenant

War for the Planet of the Apes

Blade Runner 2049

Manchester by the Sea

La La Land (I'm not usually a big musical fan but Whiplash from the same director was so good, and Emma Stone & Ryan Gosling are disgustingly talented so it might work)

The Handmaiden (Park Chan-Wook)

Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle

T2 Trainspotting (slightly concerned about this though)

The Dark Tower (Stephen King adaptation)

Baby Driver (Edgar Wright new film)

The Death of Stalin (Armando Iannucci)

Happy End (Michael Haneke's new film, if it comes out this year)

You Were Never Really Here (Lynne Ramsay new film)

Toni Erdmann (critical darling on the festival circuit in 2016)

Elle (Paul Verhoeven + Isabelle Huppert)

The Zookeeper's Wife

How to Talk to Girls at Parties

Ghost In The Shell (seems to be blasphemous for fans of the anime but might be fun)


Spiderman: Homecoming
The Lego Batman Movie
Justice League
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
Wonder Woman
Logan (Wolverine)

And even though it's TV, a special mention to the new series of TWIN PEAKS. Which I can't wait for.

NOT looking forward to: yet another Transformers film, yet another Pirates of the Caribbean film, the Emoji Movie (yes, seriously), Power Rangers, Baywatch....

You cunts?

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FruityBoots. 12:12 Fri Dec 15
Re: Films for 2017
The Last Jedi spoiler alert, Ade Edmondson is in it!

Hammers1993 11:06 Thu Dec 14
Re: Films for 2017
The Last Jedi for me is the most missed opportunity film I have seen.

When you consider Carrie Fischer died recently they of all people should know that when you have somebody around you make the most of them.

Not going to ruin anything but potential spoilers-ish... don't read below if haven't seen......




Don't expect any answers from TFA to be answered and for a lot of things to just be thrown away and characters not utilised, with a lot of cop outs.

Also, should of been called Star Wars: Buying Time

Sniper 8:34 Thu Dec 14
Re: Films for 2017
I hope you don't mean daisy Ridley is sagging a bit in the middle?

RBshorty 8:32 Thu Dec 14
Re: Films for 2017
The Last Jedi.

Moves the saga along very nicely. Sags a bit in the middle. And a couple of good twists and turns. Roll on Christmas 2019.

No spoilers here.

DukeofDevo 12:54 Thu Dec 14
Re: Films for 2017
Saw Stronger at the weekend a good jingoistic watch True story based on events following the Boston marathon bombing.

JG for an Oscar they say.

Swiss. 10:56 Wed Dec 13
Re: Films for 2017
Saw Blade Runner rcently. Not impressed. 6/10 and too long. When I think back to the first one I know appreciate what a great film it is and how the presence of Sean Young and Rutger Hauer steal it really from Ford.

zico 3:50 Wed Dec 13
Re: Films for 2017
Watched "Life" on Sky tonight and good god I ended up winding forward. Bloody awful movie, so tediously slow and boring and it looks like they were trying to be clever with the camera work rather than making a decent plot and film. Surprised Gyllenhaal and Reynolds put their names to this one. Dreadful.

chim chim cha boo 8:04 Mon Nov 27
Re: Films for 2017
Gavros 7:09 Mon Nov 27

I wondered who'd be the first to say that!

I can't even go to the fucking cinema any more without it becoming a pantomime! Last week was a particularly good week for stories and besides that one there's also the black tramp I kicked up the arse after he screamed in my face 'I fucking hate white people- what are you going to do about it?' and drunkenly telling a random stranger at my pal's dad's memorial about another pal (who was standing next to me) about him writing his ex-racing car (a 911 Turbo) off in Camden High St and putting it on its roof while pissed. I said to the old boy 'so what do you do?' and he said 'for 20 years I was the Metropolitan Police's North-London area commander'.


Gavros 7:09 Mon Nov 27
Re: Films for 2017
Great excuse, Chim.

Alfs 7:04 Mon Nov 27
Re: Films for 2017
Chim - that tale merits a scene in a movie of its own.

chim chim cha boo 5:54 Mon Nov 27
Re: Films for 2017
My eyesight has gone of a cliff lately and I can't really read without glasses but I'm still at that stage when I sometimes go out without them. NEVER AGAIN.

Last weekend I went to see The Florida Project at the Odeon Shaftsbury Avenue. The missus threw the tickets into my hand while she went off to the toilet.

I couldn't read the ticket so I look around and there's an entrance that says 'The Florida Project' and 'Call me by your name'. She comes back and I lead her through the door into the cinema, the place is mobbed so we have to sit right at the front.

We sat through a ton of adverts and trailers then the classified name comes on the screen and it's the wrong fucking film. It's Call Me By Your Name- a film I know absolutely nothing about.

I whisper 'it's the wrong fucking film' and she goes 'you fucking nob'. Looks at her watch and says 'well the film we came to see started 15 minutes ago- what shall we do'?

'It's a bit embarrassing to leg it out. Let's just watch this one'.


Nice if you want to watch 30-something blokes french-kissing 17 year-old boys when you're about five feet from a massive screen. Almost as bad though was the fucking pretentious bollocks that went on in the brief periods between either swimming or bumming.

Long talks about 'this is what the Chopin piece would have sounded like if it had been written by Debussy' (of course the kid is a piano virtuoso) 'ha ha- then why are you playing it like Shumann then!' (audience laughs) 'fancy a bum'?


Private Dancer 4:10 Mon Nov 27
Re: Films for 2017
I watched Dirty Grandpa with De Niro and Zak Effron or whatever his fucking name is. Is it shit? Yes, of course it is, but if you fancy a good laugh and an old fashioned yarn/romp then it fits the bill, some real funny stuff and a few smoking hot chicks on view.

PS: Always admired how De Niro went from gangster to comedy.

Swiss. 11:58 Mon Nov 27
Re: Films for 2017
I watched American Assasin. More of the same of this action genre. Yawn.

And I hate Keaton.

Alfs 5:35 Mon Nov 27
Re: Films for 2017
Just watched Shot Caller on IsaacHock's recommendation. Not bad, but not great. I didn't really buy the central premise. Worth a watch if there's nothing better to do. 6.5/10

IsaacHock 11:34 Sat Nov 25
Re: Films for 2017
I haven't heard Shot Caller get any kind of mention on here, but have just watched it and it is pretty good. Given the premise - Successful city type gets put into maximum security US prison, it manages to avoid a lot of cliches and is thoroughly enthralling for its length.


jfk 4:15 Fri Nov 24
Re: Films for 2017
Good film on Netflix Mudbound.
Set in The Alabama cotton fields in the forties.

DukeofDevo 1:41 Fri Nov 24
Re: Films for 2017
Saw it tonight it's alrightMicheal Keaton puts in a reasonable turn but it's CIA assassin going round the world action action etc save the world.

Swiss. 4:39 Thu Nov 23
Re: Films for 2017
Has anyone seen American Assassin ? Is it worth watching?

Swiss. 4:38 Thu Nov 23
Re: Films for 2017
I thought American Made was a bit crap. I mean it's not Blow is it?

Gavros 1:24 Thu Nov 23
Re: Films for 2017
Blade Runner 2049.

Well shot but an hour and a half too long and to be frank the whole human/ android thing has been done better elsewhere. Ex machina, Her. Even fucking AI

Hammers1993 4:16 Wed Nov 22
Re: Films for 2017
Saw American Made last night.

True story about the guy who was drug running for Pablo Escobar whilst working at the same time for the CIA.

Same director as The Bourne Identity.

Enjoyable watch. 7/10.

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