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Q: 2022/23 You are the Chairman what do you do with Moyes?
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d. I've just got my new Orange & White 3rd Kit with Moyesinho on the back, I can't wait to wear it down to the supermarket, they call me Mr West Ham around here

Steven P 3:12 Wed Jan 4
2017 Fitness Thread
These used to be huge on here with Alex the Iron and Buster amongst others offering advice.

So anyone trying a new regime this year?

As said on the dry January thread. Giving up the booze for atleast a month. Found a copy of that Insanity that I have started just to get me back into things but will slowly switch to crossfit and swimming with some running chucked in. Would love to do the marathon in 2018 for a charity but don't think my knees would hold up! Although got plenty of time to train!

So are the fitness gurus still around? (haven't seen them).

Any fatties trying to be skinnies in 2017?

NS/gank/Vexed - chuck in your witty crazy posts please.

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Pub Bigot 2:33 Wed Jan 11
Re: 2017 Fitness Thread
I'm starting tomorrow.

A) Because I'm fat and it's lost its charm now.
B) Every fucker keeps dying of hear attacks and my blood pressure is at hypertension stage 1 and I don't want to go out like that.

LJC 2:13 Wed Jan 11
Re: 2017 Fitness Thread
Quick medical question for me:- So started running towards the end of last year and afterwards I had a non painful lump on the side of my knee about the size of half an egg. Went to the doctors and they said its just fluid and nothing they can do. Still get it now but it is starting to be painful and running down my leg. Got to admit my stretching isn't great but any ideas on what this is? A way around it?

LJC 2:11 Wed Jan 11
Re: 2017 Fitness Thread
Sorry just seen you mention that... I have been told that is the way to go.

Maybe chuck in some spin classes. As far as I see it, aslong as you are doing more than what you were doing and eating less rubbish then you will lose weight.

LJC 2:10 Wed Jan 11
Re: 2017 Fitness Thread
Im no expert by any means but it is 80% diet and 20% exercise. Make sure you eat clean. A short term weight loss seems to be stop eating bread - well has worked for a few people I know. Obviously, its just cutting out the rubbish, fast food, chocolate, processed rubbish and of course alcohol.

I was always told that this was a good starting point for weights https://stronglifts.com/5x5/

deanjcrawford 3:09 Wed Jan 11
Re: 2017 Fitness Thread
I hurt my shoulder last October so just said fuck it, do whatever i want and get back into it in the new year. Fuck me, i'm the heaviest i've ever been! Indulged way too much. I'm guessing it's getting older that doesn't help the rapid weight gain. Anyway, need to get back on it asap. Quit smoking and started meal prepping. Started doing full body work outs 3 times a week. (Bench, squats, deadlift, Bent over rows, standing military press and assisted pull ups)

Any advice on what a fat bloke should do when he hopes to lose weight quickly? i like the 3x10 rep routine i'm doing (despite getting a little bored and it's only been two weeks) but i've heard that a 5x5 routine like stronglifts will make you look better? I think i'd ideally prefer a split routine, but no one in my gym can speak English so fuck knows how to go about starting one of those or what one to do.

Anyway, good luck to those getting back in shape. I remember the old thread and had lots of good advice, but i wasn't so fat then so don't remember half of it!

Hasans Fish Bar RIP 4:42 Tue Jan 10
Re: 2017 Fitness Thread
It's called Rush Fitness, small cheap chain in Uxbridge., Southend and Aylesbury. I can't even make out the make of machine as the logo on them is illegible (looks like ntexa or something but Google doesn't show anything). Going to ask tonight what the make is really and go from there. Cheers

LJC 4:08 Tue Jan 10
Re: 2017 Fitness Thread
What gym you at and what machines?

Hasans Fish Bar RIP 3:40 Tue Jan 10
Re: 2017 Fitness Thread
Thanks for that. When I put that up I was hoping for advice, so thanks. There's so much guff on the web its hard what to go with. The problem I have with the shorter bursts on a running machine is that I would spend most of my time fucking about with the buttons. None of the staff seem to know if or how to programme your own routine. I wanted to try 'fartlek' and one of the ones I wanted to do alternated between your 5k pace, 10k pace and your 1/2 marathon paces with 'rest' in between. But i think that's impossible on the shit machines they have

J.Riddle 3:32 Tue Jan 10
Re: 2017 Fitness Thread
CrowleyHammer 2:48 Tue Jan 10

Was using standard plug in headphones to listen to phone radio with a lead and found the lead bouncing around getting snagged irritating, so ordered some wireless Bluetooth headphones and felt free no lead, like a ball and chain taken off.

Then it started going tits up, losing fm radio signal, jumping tracks absolute crap, can't remember make. Looks on line for a solution and came across a study that said wireless headphones radiation fry your brains like holding a mobile phone to your head constantly and danger of cancer tumour, gone back to the wired ones.

goose 3:32 Tue Jan 10
Re: 2017 Fitness Thread
Hasan i'd say you need to make the 'sprints' more extreme and shorter bursts. in reality 20secs is the most anyone can flat out sprint for so i'd do 20secs at 18-20kph then 40sec rest (or longer) or slow jog.

Hasans Fish Bar RIP 3:27 Tue Jan 10
Re: 2017 Fitness Thread
Recently got into interval running at the gym. Found running at constant speed 14kph for an hour really dull. Mixing it up a bit by doing minute intervals at 16kph and 10kph. Apparently good for building up stamina and burns more calories. No.idea if that's true though

tanman 3:17 Tue Jan 10
Re: 2017 Fitness Thread
Westham67, if you are doing sit ups or cruches how many to you do as part of each 'set'? and how many sets? I have been doing a 40 minutes run and get back and do a quick 30 sit ups before a shower and then to work, I know I need to do more though.

CrowleyHammer 2:48 Tue Jan 10
Re: 2017 Fitness Thread
Any recommendations for a good set of headphones for running?

LJC 2:29 Tue Jan 10
Re: 2017 Fitness Thread
Just been challenged to do the Hever Castle Olympic Triathlon in September. Used to swim at a good level 6 mornings a week growing up and have done a triathlon before but nothing for years and these guys all done it last year and are very fit. I am going to get smashed aint I?

Steven P 12:40 Mon Jan 9
Re: 2017 Fitness Thread
Hahaha don't worry about NS, goose. He is one the "whacky" ones that has to be seen to go against the grain! One of the ones where is cool to hate Christmas etc. Slag off stuff that people enjoy.

goose 12:31 Mon Jan 9
Re: 2017 Fitness Thread
theres only so many times you can come onto the thread and say "went to the gym this morning".

its more about help/advice so jan will always be the peak.

Northern Sold 12:23 Mon Jan 9
Re: 2017 Fitness Thread
Really mashed... so why was it not resurrected then... ??

Answer... because it DIED and everyone went on a kebab and Curry session...

LJC 12:12 Mon Jan 9
Re: 2017 Fitness Thread
Stupid question alert - what stretches were you doing?

goose 12:11 Mon Jan 9
Re: 2017 Fitness Thread
not unlike some posters on here NS!!

mashed in maryland 12:06 Mon Jan 9
Re: 2017 Fitness Thread
The last fitness thread went on for a couple of years Soldo, so wouldn't be too cynical.

Northern Sold 12:04 Mon Jan 9
Re: 2017 Fitness Thread
This thread will be DEAD by mid Feb.... 100%

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