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Al Jolson 5:34 Wed Jan 4
Vegas Shows
Is it best to pre-book tickets to popular shows or just get them out there?

Pondering whether to get tickets now for KÀ BY CIRQUE DU SOLEIL as Vegas.com say thy offer a 40% discount or pick tickets up out there from the booths?

All advice welcome

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Frankiegoes2Southend 12:09 Fri Jan 6
Re: Vegas Shows
Would Echo the comments re Love at the Mirage. Not a huge fan of the Cirque du Soleil shows but Love really works. Always use the Smartervegas website for bookings.

Also the Absinthe Show in the tent at Caesars is great. Part variety show part hugely inappropriate, coarse comedy. Really good.

madeeasy 11:13 Thu Jan 5
Re: Vegas Shows
stoneman 7:29 Wed Jan 4

only thing i would say is to get seats in the second tier but near the front of the second tier. thank me later

Al Jolson 11:12 Thu Jan 5
Re: Vegas Shows
Thanks all

Britney Spears is a must

Son of Anarchy 12:26 Thu Jan 5
Re: Vegas Shows
Jolson ya fat cunt, pop me a whomail and ill point you in the right fucking direction

DukeofDevo 11:10 Wed Jan 4
Re: Vegas Shows
Try and take in one of the 'tribute' legends shows always good entertainment

David L 7:35 Wed Jan 4
Re: Vegas Shows
I've seen nearly all the CdS shows.in LV and Ka is definitely the best with Love not far behind. Order yr tickets in advance and pick them up fm the theatre box office earlier in the day. Dont risk the booths. From what I recall they're not that great anyway.

stoneman 7:29 Wed Jan 4
Re: Vegas Shows
Love by Cirque du Soleil

Stunning show at the Mirage, highly recommend it.

Northern Sold 6:35 Wed Jan 4
Re: Vegas Shows
Frankie sorted us out Jabberwockyz in the MGM Grand.... abso' superb it was... my daughter still talks about it.

pass the dutchy 6:28 Wed Jan 4
Re: Vegas Shows
I always pre book using vegas.com but beware that you have to pick tickets up on an allocated day for some shows.

Ka for me is the best cirque show in vegas. Bloody amazing moving stage for vertical action.

Best show for me is absinthe as it's funny as fuck.

The Wynn show is excellent. La reve it's stunning.

The other show at the Wynn is excellent if you like musicals.

Fucking love vegas.

Jim79 5:42 Wed Jan 4
Re: Vegas Shows
Who lives in Vegas???


Steven P 5:36 Wed Jan 4
Re: Vegas Shows
Get that fat bloke who keeps banging on about living out there to go get them for you.

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