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Sniper 2:14 Fri Jan 6
Finally got round to watching the first episode of the new series last night. Is it me or has it totally lost its way? Just a load of smug pompous writing now it's popular - I thought the last series setting up everything with Mary was bad enough, but really didn't enjoy it much at all

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kirok1 12:34 Sat Jan 21
Re: Sherlock
Read the books after seeing Basil Rathbone so often on BBC 2 as a kid. Loved them.
Have watched every version I have ever been able to find. Some are crap, some joyously so - I even like Without A Clue - and some are excellent.
I still enjoy this version but it did suffer badly from Mrs Watson. Badly.
That said, some don't like Mycroft and I find him rather good. But then I liked Charles Grey playing him opposite Jeremy Brett, who was consistently excellent, even with his health problems toward the end.
I do find some elements of the new version a little pretentious but it's still a hell of a lot better than more fucking costume drama from the likes of Austen or Bronte.

LeroysBoots 11:30 Fri Jan 20
Re: Sherlock
Fucking terrible

Nurse Ratched 7:09 Wed Jan 18
Re: Sherlock
Ont. Speaking of which, how's my Green Card plan coming along?

Fivey - the introduction of a female partner(s) to male buddy plots almost always makes a series descend into a soap. No-one gives a fuck about 'feeeeelings'. Give us ACTION!

Worst Case Ontario 7:03 Wed Jan 18
Re: Sherlock

Nurse Ratched 6:51 Wed Jan 18

Good times usually end with the introduction of a wife.


Fivetide 7:02 Wed Jan 18
Re: Sherlock
plankton 11:50 Wed Jan 18

I advise that you NEVER watch Penelope Pitstop and The Ant Hill Mob.

Fivetide 7:00 Wed Jan 18
Re: Sherlock
I've always liked the books when I was young, read them many times, and as a result will pretty much watch/listen to any adaptation of Sherlock Holmes if it's on - even the comedy Radio 4 ones from a few years back. I think some of the episodes of this latest incarnation were actually excellent, but I definitely think that the best stuff is always focused solely on Holmes, Watson, client and baddies. There were good reasons why extraneous characters like Watson's wife, Mrs Hudson, his bloody parents etc... were rarely mentioned in the books, if at all.

I'm not sure whether it's because the wife character is in the later episodes that they aren't as good, or because the storylines were running dry and reaching too far. Or both of these things. But as Nurse said, that's when things started falling apart. (IMHOOC)

Nurse Ratched 6:51 Wed Jan 18
Re: Sherlock
Just going by your descriptions on this thread, it sounds rubbish.

It plummeted downhill with the introduction of Watson's wife.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 6:48 Wed Jan 18
Re: Sherlock
plankton 11:50 Wed Jan 18

"How the fuck did Watson get out anyway? Poof, and there he was, problem solved"

To be fair, I assumed that Eurus pressed the 'stop filling the well with water button' in the same way that she started his drowning with the 'start filling the well with water button'

Swiss. 12:42 Wed Jan 18
Re: Sherlock

I agree Jonathan Creek had gone a bit in that direction. The Xmas episode was OK. the 3 in 2014 were up their own ass.

Tomshardware 11:58 Wed Jan 18
Re: Sherlock
The first few series of Jonathan Creek were superb, great plots but entertaining and easy to follow.

plankton 11:50 Wed Jan 18
Re: Sherlock
"How the fuck did Watson get out anyway? Poof, and there he was, problem solved"

He couldn't have got out, the water was rising so fast over the course of the last ten minutes that by the time Sherlock had stopped cuddling his sister, then rung the police, waited till the divers came with underwater cutting gear and so on, plus rigging something to get down there - well, Watson would have been under three feet of water. Just plain silly. And why was Mycroft not done away with? He's the first person I would have though Eurus (what a cack geeky name) would have killed.

In fact, you have it spot on tnb, every episode since Sherlock's death has been riddled with strangeness and sleight of writer's hand to keep the plot moving long while avoiding any explanation of the bodies. And I bloody cringe every time those words appear from his sodding 'mind palace' that he can swipe around like a Rubik's cube to solve a problem. There's no talent in making that a mechanism to entrance the audience with one's cleverness.

Bah fucking humbug again. Glad it wasn't just me.....

COOL HAND LUKE 12:27 Tue Jan 17
Re: Sherlock

Sniper 12:17 Tue Jan 17

Sniper 12:17 Tue Jan 17
Re: Sherlock

It's so 'clever' thatbas a viewer you can't really join in either - it's fun seeing how sherlocks deductions work but you do need to be capable of trying to think it through yourself as well

COOL HAND LUKE 11:10 Tue Jan 17
Re: Sherlock
Yup, emperor's new clothes...

Trying too hard to make it 'clever' and failing imo.

You don't want to be swotting your mental nuts off at that time of night...

Dare I say it, I'd far rather watch the stuff coming out of the USA these days: Breaking Bad, Fargo, Homeland, etc. they seem to have a more accessible formula for this type of stuff.

Sven Roeder 10:56 Tue Jan 17
Re: Sherlock
Watched a bit of the first series and thought it too much in love with itself.
Self indulgent twaddle


Sniper 10:40 Tue Jan 17
Re: Sherlock
Didn't watch the Jonathan creek Christmas one his year - though I think they can have a bit more leeway given how many episodes there are. There's 13 Sherlocks and they've already run out of ideas!

Trevor B 8:57 Tue Jan 17
Re: Sherlock

kirok1 8:37 Tue Jan 17
Re: Sherlock
Trevor B - nothing beats the coonskin cap one with the inflating bulletproof vest for jumping the shark - and I still watched it again the other week!

Trevor B 3:43 Tue Jan 17
Re: Sherlock
That was the moment for a Jonathan creek type reveal - with simple but effective storytelling - you mean like the Christmas special? possibly one of the worst JCs ever made.

Sniper 12:57 Tue Jan 17
Re: Sherlock


Spot on. Even the episode with the reveal of how he faked his death went stupidly post modern with its self referential piss takingnof the fans who came up with their own ideas being parodied in it - so much so, that when the real trick was revealed it was underwhelming and a bit pompous. That was the moment for a Jonathan creek type reveal - with simple but effective storytelling

If they can strip it back a bit to what the first couple of series were it would be fine - focus on the actual mystery with clues etc instead of practically every episode revealing that Sherlock was either in on it or knew everything all along. Shownhis desuctions more with less focus on his brother, less crappy pointless dialogue and more actual stuff going on. Otherwise there's no tension.

And they shouldn't have killed moriarty

But thank god they killed Mary

Even Guy Ritchie is truer in his depictions.

stomper 12:48 Tue Jan 17
Re: Sherlock
I liked it until last night. It reminded me of the mystery writer (I cant remember the name) who always chose her perp at random at the end - making it impossible to work out what was going on. To many Deus ex machina to be workable

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