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Q: Manuel Pellegrini
a. A great signing for the Club and maybe the change of direction we all need
b. It will only be a great signing if the Board back him with decent funds
c. This is West Ham so it will only end in farce
d. I'm not sure about this one, I'll wait until SKY is back to hear what Gary Neville thinks, then I'll voice my opinion

Raymond Duck 5:48 Fri Jan 6
£3m bid rejected by Hull, according to Sky

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13 Brentford Rd 7:46 Mon Oct 9
Re: Snodgrass
Playing at his level in The Championship!

Never understood why we signed him!
For me it shows just how fucking clueless the club is!

Mex Martillo 7:37 Mon Oct 9
Re: Snodgrass
Scored a good goal last night and came close to a 2nd to win the game.
He was a good impact sub to change the game.

master 7:27 Sun Sep 10
Re: Snodgrass
He did create a very good chance. But his first touch was awful. Wasnt overly impressed to be honest. But was a tough game to come into. Doesnt look match fit yet

Needs to get fit before he features again. He looked dead after 5 minutes.

He was absolutely abysmal, didn't do a single thing right.

I'm devastated that we signed him. We didn't need him, I don't want him, he offers another 'option' that just prevents building a settled side who understand each other. Pointless pointless pointless.

Looked so unfit, think he lost the ball every time he had it. Hourihane was having an off day, but I still don't understand why Snodgrass replaced him on set pieces.

Not a good debut.

From villatalk.com forum

Bloke is unfit. As are all of our players. Due to the training. Overseen by a manager and set of coaches who don't know what they're doing.

CrowleyHammer 1:34 Sun Jan 8
Re: Snodgrass
But can he bring the ball down with his head/chest and do something while marked by 2 defenders with another west ham player not within 20 yards of him?

Far Cough 1:31 Sun Jan 8
Re: Snodgrass
Just had a quick Youtube look at this Hogan bloke, seems like he's two footed, which is always an asset for a striker

gph 1:29 Sun Jan 8
Re: Snodgrass
I think that any marginal improvement Snodgrass would make could be amply covered by getting our current players to play just a little bit better.

Almost without exception, they are playing below their own standards.

Sir Alf 1:24 Sun Jan 8
Re: Snodgrass
Snodgrass another short term fix, no resale value but would be better than Feghouli based on current form?

But this is bargain basement stuff.

Alex your opinion is that Schneiderlin and Hernandez will not improve us and stay well away? Have to respectfully disagree but its all hypothetical, our owners are not in that market. That is Waitrose we are shopping in Iceland :-(

Athletico Easthamico 7:33 Sat Jan 7
Re: Snodgrass
Yeah, look at "very good" players but they aren't coming.

Baggins 7:30 Sat Jan 7
Re: Snodgrass

I've seen plenty of Hull games on the box this season and he's no better than what we already have. If we are intent on improving the side we should be looking at much better players than fucking Snodgrass.

Athletico Easthamico 7:26 Sat Jan 7
Re: Snodgrass
He played us off the fucking park.

grasshopper 7:25 Sat Jan 7
Re: Snodgrass
I am happy to be a mong, snodgrass is rubbish. I would give feghouli away for free, also noble and nordveit. January sale it should be or closing down sale

Athletico Easthamico 7:19 Sat Jan 7
Re: Snodgrass
People turning their noses up at Snodgrass are mongs.

Lertie Button 5:26 Sat Jan 7
Re: Snodgrass
I'm sure Liverpool make more from merchandising in a week than we do in a year.

They are a big club and we aren't, they have won multiple titles and European trophies and we haven't.

We are like a chav family who win the lottery and move into a big house and all our furniture is in one room and we don't know how to buy quality and we don't have the class to even be served in the shops we would like to shop in.

And nothing will ever buy us class not while we are owned by a clown in a military outfit who has a conviction for running whores.

Vexed 5:22 Sat Jan 7
Re: Snodgrass
Sell Fegs for 12m, get Snodgrass in for cheap = nice profit for Sullivan. The embarrassing little cunt.

Alex V 5:16 Sat Jan 7
Re: Snodgrass
I think on this occasion Hull revealed the bid, not us.

Lertie Button 5:15 Sat Jan 7
Re: Snodgrass
Why are we so indiscreet regarding transfer targets.

Can only think they are not serious bids

Baggins 2:32 Sat Jan 7
Re: Snodgrass
Snodgrass.......really? We can't think of anyone better than Snodgrass?

Dear oh dear.

Alex V 2:23 Sat Jan 7
Re: Snodgrass
>>> A real statement of intent would be Schneiderlin, Hogan, Hernandez, Snodgrass, a right back. Price = 80 million + wages.

You might spend that £80m on those players and end up barely improving the first 11 at all. Very possibly a recipe for disaster. I don't think we should buy any of those players.

SteveJacko 1:22 Sat Jan 7
Re: Snodgrass
From Lacazette to Snodgrass. All in 6 months work, only at West Ham...

Northern Sold 1:12 Sat Jan 7
Re: Snodgrass
Brucie.... the way he is playing of course he'd improve us... him and Harry Maguire I thought were brilliant against us a few weeks back... he's obviously their main player at the mo... and we go in with a £3m bid.... it would be like CFC coming in and offering £5m for Antonio

penners28 1:10 Sat Jan 7
Re: Snodgrass
Just imagine the players we'd be going for if we stayed at UP and the club had died?

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