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Q: Manuel Pellegrini
a. A great signing for the Club and maybe the change of direction we all need
b. It will only be a great signing if the Board back him with decent funds
c. This is West Ham so it will only end in farce
d. I'm not sure about this one, I'll wait until SKY is back to hear what Gary Neville thinks, then I'll voice my opinion

Keep dreaming 6:50 Sat Jan 7
From the Boardroom - David Sullivan

We haven't lost any key or influential players since last season, so we are all currently struggling to understand why the team is under-performing at this moment in time.


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Hermit Road 7:36 Wed Jan 11
Re: From the Boardroom - David Sullivan

ChesterRd 12:32 Wed Jan 11
Re: From the Boardroom - David Sullivan

J.Riddle 7:21 Wed Jan 11
Re: From the Boardroom - David Sullivan
Sullivan is 68 next month. Sullivan will be 71 and Gold 83 when the LLDC clause ceases and they are free to sell without sharing a percentage with the LLDC, let's hope they will see sense and sell the club on for a Billion or so by then?

Willtell 12:39 Wed Jan 11
Re: From the Boardroom - David Sullivan
That's only true Chester Road if you believe that Sullivan & Gold selected the players for BFS & Bilic. I don't.

I think it's bollocks to think that the managers have allowed them to select players for them. Surely you've noticed we couldn't attract Bacca or Lacazette and even Batshuayi who picked Chelsea. That's because we are WH and perpetual midfield or relegation candidates and until we break that old image it will always be the case.

The new stadium will make a difference over the next few years....

ChesterRd 12:32 Wed Jan 11
Re: From the Boardroom - David Sullivan
Being successful in the sex industry does not mean you are automatically successful in professional sport especially when you are trying to run a football club in the same way you would a knicker factory.

It wont work and it's why whilst they may be good at lining their own pockets by increasing the value of the club through continually cutting operating costs they have a far less impressive record building and improving a football team over a sustained period. They have a record of relegation that few other owners can match and you cannot get a clearer picture then their failure to build from last season.

Of course they have spent more than any previous owners, they have also received far more income from various sources than previous owners.

High net spend can be interpreted in several ways and should not automatically be assumed to be a worthy achievement. If you continually buy a large percentage of bog standard players and you will not be selling those players for any significant amount of money.

They do spend money but their lack of judgement means much is wasted. There will always be exceptions but buy cheap buy twice tends to prevail in the long run.

Sullivan is 67 and not shown any ability to move with the times. He appears to be using the same negotiation skills as he did 20 years ago. The game has moved on, he hasn't.

Willtell 12:09 Wed Jan 11
Re: From the Boardroom - David Sullivan
So you keep saying Sir Alf. But the fact is that G&S are spending more than any previous owners trying to raise our whole squad. We are the 5th highest nett spenders on transfers over the last 5 years and that is not something that can be argued against.

Bilic was everyone's choice and popular before recent days so most fans have difficulty blaming him so turn to the board. I just don't get how that can be, when we outspend Liverpool and Tottenham.

The reason our squad is slightly better than shit is because of 4 years of BFS and 2 of Bilic's choices. Our academy was shit for years yet most turned their venom on the owners when they got rid of Alan Carr but who can deny signs of improvement coming through?

I agree the owners are classless but telling self-made multi-millionaires that they are clueless is just pure bollocks. Let's see what happens over the next few weeks....

Sir Alf 11:13 Wed Jan 11
Re: From the Boardroom - David Sullivan
Multiple factors at play as always.

I think Willtell is probably (I'm not certain but assuming) that Bilic sets out what he wants in terms of positions to fill or strengthen. So the right back not being recruited is highly likely the manager's fault.

Who we get for the position is more questionable since it could well be limited by Sullivan on price and wages. But players identified is primarily manager, Henry and Sullivan agreeing. Sometimes the manager puts forward a name (e.g. Tore) and they agree and sometimes Henry and sometimes Sullivan throws in a punt (Lanzini, Paulista, Calleri? - he likes a cheap South American on try before u buy? ).

Then there is the overarching lack of coherent investment strategy where we end up with players who we cannot sell for decent money (Tomkins the exception) and those we can get money for we need desperately.

We are 10 years behind having only come up from the Championship 4 or so seasons ago. We've spent most our money just trying to get a squad strong enough to stay in the bleedin league and that still isn't a certainty.

That said, we need more Fernandes type investments at the low end of the budget. Players who are young,, developing and able to play an active role in the first team now and likely to have a sell on price if they do develop well.

It seems to me that we are in the 1970s or 80s still before the Sky/money era. Sullivan and Gold recruiting for a good first 11 and not a good 24 striong squad. To do that you need to pay good money to those that might sit on the bench a lot.

There is no quick fix with our current owners who have not got or will not risk the level of investment to bridge the gap. But it would be a start if we could start investing for the long term. Drop the hyperbole about Champions League and "challenging the top 4" and let the fans know its a longer term set of aims that will take 5 - 10 years and that all investment will be about younger, longer term prospects. Don't go chasing 29 year olds at 40 million etc..

Trouble is with Gold in his late 70s and Sullivan late 60s, they are wanting to see results sooner than later too ironically and trying to "scatter gun" investment on punts/budget players and if we're lucky one marquee a season to somehow take a short cut? It wont work and their talk raises expectations and hence frustrations?

Darby_ 9:27 Wed Jan 11
Re: From the Boardroom - David Sullivan
Most people wanted Bilic as manager so they're trying to deflect blame onto the Davids because they don't want to admit that they might have been wrong.

Willtell 9:24 Wed Jan 11
Re: From the Boardroom - David Sullivan
Do most fans seriously think that it is our board's failing that we didn't sign a RB or rather we signed Arbeloa, already had Byram and Bilic wanted Antonio to play there. It is the manager that says to teh board what he wants and he sits with the board and Tony Henry regularly to discuss available players.

I actually get the impression that Arbeloa was forced on Bilic as DS didn't want Antonio in the RB spot. Is that why Bilic fell out with Arbeloa?

Bilic has repeatedly spoken highly of Zaza and Tore in spite of their poor showings and I really think that's because he wanted them.

For sure DS interferes by having his say but I really think the problem is with Bilic as much as I'm obviously pushing a bolder uphill...

Lertie Button 8:51 Wed Jan 11
Re: From the Boardroom - David Sullivan
Arbeloa was a last minute panic buy, Byram is still unproven, the other fella is unproven and usually injured and we still have no cover for Cresswell.
Small wonder Cresswell plays the way he does when he knows he is totally unchallenged and will be for the foreseeable future.
If your place is guaranteed you end up playing like you don't give a fuck, it's human nature.

Alex V 3:08 Wed Jan 11
Re: From the Boardroom - David Sullivan
>>> Arbeloa's complete ineptness to perform at RB also caused an issue!

Well I think he was a complete punt signed on reputation and little else at the end of the window. Plenty to criticise there, and clearly some poor planning. But he is a right-back, and to be fair to him I think he's barely had a chance to show us what he can do. In fact am I right he's only started one league game and as a left back not a right back! I haven't seen enough to judge him.

, 7:16 Tue Jan 10
Re: From the Boardroom - David Sullivan
To call the husk that was Song last season, the unmotivated Moses and the inept Valencia "key and influential" players as Infidel alleges is manifest nonsense.

Bernie 7:14 Tue Jan 10
Re: From the Boardroom - David Sullivan
Arbeloa's complete ineptness to perform at RB also caused an issue!

Alex V 6:55 Tue Jan 10
Re: From the Boardroom - David Sullivan
I think that's a bit unfair - when the window closed we had 4 full backs. Left-back hasn't been a problem, but Byram's injury and Arbeloa's disagreements with Bilic caused an issue.

Lertie Button 6:47 Tue Jan 10
Re: From the Boardroom - David Sullivan
All the window dressing will not disguise the fact we started the season with only one full back of proven premiership quality.
Arsenal had 7 and Spurs 5, why are we fucking arrogant and stupid

jimbo2. 12:45 Tue Jan 10
Re: From the Boardroom - David Sullivan
As DG has just left hospital, I think we can excuse him missing a few WH games!

Pedro 10:39 Mon Jan 9
Re: From the Boardroom - David Sullivan
Listened for 2 and half mins and got bored.

"Want to share my feelings; these are my feelings; it's a message to the board; to confirm they are my feelings...." Never quite got to what the feelings were. Shame as would have liked to know.

North Bank 10:36 Mon Jan 9
Re: From the Boardroom - David Sullivan
So Gold has acknowledged a YouTube rant from a soppy cunt who rarely goes to games, I initially welcomed these two after years of goons like Brown and Eggy fucking up the Club, but the reality is they have no real idea how to run a successful football club and the annoying part of it all is that Sullivan thinks he's the best man in the entire World to run us

Johnson 10:21 Mon Jan 9
Re: From the Boardroom - David Sullivan
Gold and Sullivan have already shat all over our heritage, so it doesn't matter what some Arab or Red Bull do now.

grasshopper 10:09 Mon Jan 9
Re: From the Boardroom - David Sullivan

This is especially for the owner lovers out there

CARTERS 2:09 Mon Jan 9
Re: From the Boardroom - David Sullivan
Evening COFFEE,
Happy new year.
Well they are two muppets aren't they?
Gold & Sullivan

Infidel 2:07 Mon Jan 9
Re: From the Boardroom - David Sullivan
It is a reasonable question he poses.

He is wrong in one respect though: we did in fact lose some influential players : Song, Moses, Valencia.

Whilst it is true that none of these three were what you could call 1st XI players last season, they all played their part when called on to do so.

Valencia may have been poor in his last few games in a West Ham shirt but for a while last season he looked excellent, even scoring a sumptious free kick as good as any of Payet's.

What you need from the players just outside the starting XI is that they can step in and perform at a very high level when needed. All of those three did. But what has happened this season is that the second tier has lost some quality and added some very poor - you could even say dire - replacements who have not been able to step up when called on.

To put it another way, Tore, Zaza, Feghouli and Nordveidt have taken up the pegs in the changing room vacated by the likes of Moses, Valencia and Song.

These players have weakened the side immeasurably. At this level you cannot afford to field players who are so far off the quality threshold of the Premier League. You will get punished.

I don't much care who signed these players but I lay the blame for picking them squarely at the feet of Bilic. In every case where he has fielded them there have been better options available. The Academy youngsters are better than them, for a start.

This isn't good enough. That new stadium won't be full much longer unless the team starts performing. The players are there in my opinion - this is a very good squad - but we need to stop fielding players who clearly need to drop down a division.

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