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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

BournemouthHammer 12:04 Fri Jan 13
Interesting 365 Article
Some good valid points here:

Mails: Something is rotten inside West Ham United
Date published: Friday 13th January 2017 11:14

Something is rotten at West Ham

In light of the events of yesterday and the reaction within the game and in the media, I felt compelled to write in and offer what is a common view among rational West Ham fans regarding Payet’s moves to leave our club.

First off, Dimitri Payet is top class. The best player we’ve seen at West Ham for quite some time. A player worth the admission money alone. Capable of magic and provided us fans with countless moments we’ll never forget. He was one of the catalysts for our memorable final season at the Boylen. We adopted a chant which wrecked every other clubs fans heads. We loved him. We thought he loved us.

In the midst of all the noise surrounding him leaving, it would be remiss of us to forget all of the above. Alas, as is normal at this club of ours, it was not to last. I think every supporter knew deep down this day would come. Nothing good ever last too long at West Ham, it was ever thus.

Payet could undoubtedly have conducted himself better and there is a way to go about these things and throwing your toys out of the pram is not it. However (and this isn’t an excuse per se for his behaviour) the fault, for most of us rational fans, doesn’t lie with Payet entirely. The fault for this situation lies with three individuals.

Messers Sullivan, Gold and Brady are the architect of this current state of affairs. Without going into too much detail, these three sold Payet the same bunch of lies they sold the supporters of the club. The empty promises of ‘world-class strikers’, ‘world class players to go along with the new world class stadium’ and so on. Payet was promised all this when he signed his new contract, and we end up with Simone Zaza and Jonathan Calleri. I’m not excusing his behaviour as such but as one of the best players in Europe with limited time left in his career and only one big move left, I don’t blame him for feeling aggrieved.

The real issue at our club is the three aforementioned individuals. They sold our clubs soul to the devil. The worst stadium migration in history, possibly the worst football stadium in the country, appalling summer recruitment, generally embarrassing transfer conduct, constant undermining of the manager, making out they ‘saved’ the club while charging commercial rates of interest on all the money they’ve put into the club, attempting to renege on promises made to season ticket holders, hiring bouncers to act as security at the stadium, the list goes on and on.

The only purchased West Ham as the possibility of the Olympic Stadium and huge profit was on the horizon. Let’s have it right however, there is a gentrification attempt happening at West Ham, the club are trying to get rid of our core support by every way they can.

They are constantly looking to shift the blame and I fear that Slavan Bilic, one of the few remaining shining lights at the club, is next in line. If that happens, I for one will never set foot in that monstrosity of a stadium until those three leave our beloved club, they can keep my season ticket, and I believe a countless other season ticket holders are in the same boat (many have already chucked it in as a result of the above).

Something is rotten in the state of East London.

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Texas Iron 5:48 Fri Jan 13
Re: Interesting 365 Article
One sided piece blaming the club owners...

No mention of Payet signing a bumper 5 year deal recently...if he felt lied to he would have seen it then ...

Little condemnation of Payet's Won't Play and sham family issues

Hardly Fair and Balanced...

Maddy French Footballer manoeuvring a move...

geoffpikey 5:44 Fri Jan 13
Re: Interesting 365 Article

"They say you can't make an omelette without breaking eggs, but if you don't even have the omelette to show for it after you've broken them then what was the point?

Having said that, I never wanted an omelette in the first place. I was happy with the fried eggs at the Boleyn."

That CRACKED me up.

gank 5:05 Fri Jan 13
Re: Interesting 365 Article
Mart O - he is from Union. So he's actually African.

Similarly, if you are from Gibraltar you're not English but at least you're in the same continent!

El Scorchio 2:51 Fri Jan 13
Re: Interesting 365 Article
Side of Ham 2:16

He shouldn't have signed for us in the first place then. He's either stupid or just wanted to use us as a stepping stone. In which case he deserves what he gets.

Coffee 2:47 Fri Jan 13
Re: Interesting 365 Article

Mart O 2:39 Fri Jan 13
Re: Interesting 365 Article
How is he not French ? He most certainly is, the cunt.

Westham67 2:37 Fri Jan 13
Re: Interesting 365 Article
Northern Sold 2:28 Fri Jan 13

Northern Sold 2:28 Fri Jan 13
Re: Interesting 365 Article
Excellent piece.... agree with everything said...

Side of Ham 2:24 Fri Jan 13
Re: Interesting 365 Article

Side of Ham 2:23 Fri Jan 13
Re: Interesting 365 Article
Gentile and your talking old school football bollocks.

The game has changed and it's all geared towards footballers being able to behave like cunts because many of them don't have one iota of loyalty to any club when he knows he can get the very same elsewhere and feel happier or be at a bigger club.

It's not a contract it's sweeter for staying on, especially for clubs of West Ham's ilk where there are plenty of other clubs in better competitions and status.

costahammer 2:22 Fri Jan 13
Re: Interesting 365 Article
what a load of old bollox

master 2:22 Fri Jan 13
Re: Interesting 365 Article
didn't play like*

master 2:21 Fri Jan 13
Re: Interesting 365 Article
Cabaye did pal. And he played like he can't be arsed and acted the c**t.

I'm off to the gym. The others on this thread are doing a more than adequate job of proving you are wrong so I'll leave it to them. Keep up the good work chaps.

Gentile 2:17 Fri Jan 13
Re: Interesting 365 Article
This isn't an interesting article.

It's a pile of steaming wet hot shit.

Payet has done the one thing you just don't ever do, refuse to play for the club that pays your wages. I could not care less what those three incompetent thieves may or may not have promised the fat little French cunt. That article is almost apologetic for his behaviour so good riddance if you are not coming again, bye cunt.

Payet will forever now be hated by West Ham fans, what a waste of everything wonderful he did for us. What an idiot the man is.

The sooner we sell him the better.

Side of Ham 2:16 Fri Jan 13
Re: Interesting 365 Article
But he didn't thats why you have to focus on why he taken this route out.

Look at the France squad for the Euro's then look at their stand out players or the 1st team and lastly look at the squads they went back to after the tournament.

Who went back to the weakest squad?

master 2:14 Fri Jan 13
Re: Interesting 365 Article
no, it's not up to me to get used to people behaving poorly.

I don't care how much a rich important person earns. it gives him no right at all, in any walk of life, whether football, business or just in public situations, to act like an bell-end.

it's for them to learn what it takes to be a decent human being. the situation may be driven by external factors, but the decision is entirely his. therefore the blame is not on the external factors, its on him.

you sound like a liberal.

the house of freaks 2:13 Fri Jan 13
Re: Interesting 365 Article
Bang on Gank. Plus the fact Payet is not world class. He showed world class form for 24 months - his last season at Marseilles and last season with us. If he was world class:

1. He wouldn't have been playing for Marseilles
2. He would have been picked regularly for the french national team who have been relatively shite for 8 years
3. He wouldn't have come to us

El Scorchio 2:08 Fri Jan 13
Re: Interesting 365 Article
' it's irrelevant how they go about leaving what is relevant is why they want to leave'

completely disagree. If Payet had come out and said publiclly that he was sorry and really wanted to go back to France but he'd give his all until the end of the season or in the meantime, he'd have a great more respect and probably the vast majority of folk on his side and aiming their frustration at the board rather than the split we have now and the vitriol toward him. In fact, if he cared about the club at all he could have cited that he loves playing for us but feels let down by what he feels was promised to him. Then he wins and we win as the board are likely shamed into responding or reacting.

As it is, he's said nothing and then just announced he won't play for us any more until he gets a move. Absolute classless, spineless weasel.

Side of Ham 2:02 Fri Jan 13
Re: Interesting 365 Article
Then get used to this type of behaviour master from a foreign import with some great skill who stands out, and don't whine on and on about how they should behave when they leave it's irrelevant how they go about leaving what is relevant is why they want to leave, and it will be the same thing it's always been.......lack of financial ambition when investing into the squad, they thought (the owners) they could flabbergast them with the new stadium, but when buying players who already are at the top end of the pay scale they don't give a fuck about that. Hence why Man City & Chelsea when first making their attempt to step up paid well over the top to have certain calibre players in their ranks.

J.Riddle 2:02 Fri Jan 13
Re: Interesting 365 Article
Not shit Sherlock, he is as much French as you are Swiss.

Swiss. 1:59 Fri Jan 13
Re: Interesting 365 Article
Payet is not French

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