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Q: Manuel Pellegrini
a. A great signing for the Club and maybe the change of direction we all need
b. It will only be a great signing if the Board back him with decent funds
c. This is West Ham so it will only end in farce
d. I'm not sure about this one, I'll wait until SKY is back to hear what Gary Neville thinks, then I'll voice my opinion

LeroysBoots 2:03 Fri Jan 13
Personal Responsibility
A question for the good folk of WHO

When did we stop taking personal responsibility in this country ?

The snow for example, the powers that be at Heathrow decided in their infinite wisdom that they would cancel a whole series of flights hours before anything arrived, and when the "blizzard" arrived it was nothing that would have any impact.

What happened to people just accepting things as they are ?

My partner is Austrian and she laughs at the way the state pampers everyone here.

In Austria if an old lady walks across the road and slips on the ice that is her fault, not the council's for not gritting the road.

There is NEVER any inclination to sue, it's about personal responsibility

We have become a nation of mollycoddled useless twats

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Worst Case Ontario 5:31 Sat Jan 14
Re: Personal Responsibility
I think it started in America because they have such a relatively small social safety net; their ethos has often been that no one is responsible for another.

For example, that old gran that slipped and fell because the council didn't salt the road, in the US she may be without private insurance and so has no choice but to sue. Elsewhere, where there is publicly-funded health care, unemployment insurance, etc., the damages suffered by Gran are mitigated by those programs.

Trouble is, other people only look at the headlines in the news that say, "Gran awarded $1 million" and begin to think, "Me too!"

Yarmouth 1:21 Sat Jan 14
Re: Personal Responsibility
Bang on Leroy, bang on

Mike Oxsaw 12:33 Sat Jan 14
Re: Personal Responsibility
LeroysBoots 11:08 Sat Jan 14

And I'm also of the mind that the reason immigration has been allowed to swamp the country with dross is that the local "working classes" were getting too smart, too aware, too educated and needed replacing with a traditionally more compliant layer in society.

Too many consumers questioning why they buy things could bring the whole house of cards crashing down and those with the most to lose will lose the most.

Sir Alf 11:58 Sat Jan 14
Re: Personal Responsibility
Rise of consumerism and neoliberal economics to making the elite rich at the top of society much richer than ever before in history has also happened in parallel.

Plasma TVs, Reality TV and Celebrity = opium of the masses :-(

LeroysBoots 11:08 Sat Jan 14
Re: Personal Responsibility
Agree with that also Mike

Some of the underclasses I see about stagger me...what have we become as a nation ?

Mike Oxsaw 10:49 Sat Jan 14
Re: Personal Responsibility
Is it state "pampering" though?

I see all this "advice" as a symptom of the break up of the traditional family life over the last generation.

Most statements, seem to me, to be about what one would pick up from parents, uncles, aunts, elder siblings, peers & neighbours simply by living amongst them.

More than a handful of people have severed that connection by getting on their bikes and looking for work.

Overlay that with a generation of kids who were adamant that "looking cool" was far better than studying at school and you have vast swathes of people who really don't have a scooby about the realities of life.

Willtell 10:23 Sat Jan 14
Re: Personal Responsibility
Couldn't agree more LB. I just posted this on another thread...

Willtell 10:20 Sat Jan 14
Re: Where Do The Board Go Next ?
Spoken like a true socialist norwich....

Why do so many Brits still think they are "entitled"? West Ham has never had money to spend in my lifetime except in the last few years....

LeroysBoots 10:17 Sat Jan 14
Re: Personal Responsibility
Oh how I missed your wit JAFKD !

JustAFatKevinDavies 10:12 Sat Jan 14
Re: Personal Responsibility
Boots, im going to take personal responsibility for hunting you down, laying a turd out accross the laces of my trainers, and volleying you round the chops you square bollocked cunt

LeroysBoots 9:52 Sat Jan 14
Re: Personal Responsibility
Because you numpty its the tip of the iceberg

The examples I gave were just tgat...examples

The nanny state we have now is ridiculous

"Please take care when walking on slippery pavements".... fuck me never thought of that

"Carry a bottle of water on the tube in the summer"....oh thanks!

"If you see a suspect package report it to the police"....I was actually thinking of taking it home !

Society in the UK is riddled with in your face instructions together with more subtle persuasions.

Click here for tickets !

cholo 9:17 Sat Jan 14
Re: Personal Responsibility
We pay through various taxes for the council to (for example) to keep streets and pavements, open and as safe as can be reasonably expected. I don't think that's too much to ask do you? I'm not sure why you shouldn't expect compensation if an organisation doesn't fulfil health and safety obligations expected of it.

So they closed Heathrow due to possible dangerous weather conditions? Why can't you just accept that as the way it is?

Eerie Descent 9:17 Sat Jan 14
Re: Personal Responsibility

ManorParkHammer 9:06 Sat Jan 14
Re: Personal Responsibility
All of that just to say you have bird.

defjam 4:45 Fri Jan 13
Re: Personal Responsibility
Fivetide 4:35 *Hides sleeve*

claypole 4:41 Fri Jan 13
Re: Personal Responsibility
I would love a payout never had one though.

Gavros 4:38 Fri Jan 13
Re: Personal Responsibility
indeed. social media has given voices to the sort of people that never should have had one.

folkestone iron 4:37 Fri Jan 13
Re: Personal Responsibility
we are going to be a national which doesn't take personal responsibility as the current ruling age were those brought up when the state provided for everything

Fivetide 4:35 Fri Jan 13
Re: Personal Responsibility
I like Facebook because it is a comprehensive, foolproof register of complete wankers.

If you're lucky its members even have tattooed sleeves so you can easily spot them offline too.

On The Ball 4:26 Fri Jan 13
Re: Personal Responsibility
We started aping America some years ago. It was a slippery slope after that.

defjam 4:15 Fri Jan 13
Re: Personal Responsibility
The problem is that most people are cunts.

If people get weather warnings and it's not as severe as forecast you get these hilarious memes depicting various scenes such as a white plastic chair on it's back.

If no warning is given then people complain there was no warning.

Social media has given a voice to the thick and most twatish (Yes that is a word) of the general population.

Mike Oxsaw 4:10 Fri Jan 13
Re: Personal Responsibility
I am not responsible for this reply.

I may, however, be accountable.

So, sue me.

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