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Q: Manuel Pellegrini
a. A great signing for the Club and maybe the change of direction we all need
b. It will only be a great signing if the Board back him with decent funds
c. This is West Ham so it will only end in farce
d. I'm not sure about this one, I'll wait until SKY is back to hear what Gary Neville thinks, then I'll voice my opinion

gph 12:31 Sun Jan 15
Fuck me, WBA looked like Tottenham reserves, with strict instructions to lose to boost the first team's confidence.

Right down to the reverse-Tottenham kit

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Mike Oxsaw 1:49 Sun Jan 15
Re: MotD
Lertie Button 4:17 Sun Jan 15

He made that room while those who should have been guarding him were ball-watching.

That ball, I must admit, arrived on a silver platter, with clear delivery instructions attached.

Sir Alf 12:49 Sun Jan 15
Re: MotD
It was a Deli Ali "wankfest" again. He is a good technical player but as is usually the case the media going overboard about him. He is a player like Lampard IMO, benefits from being part of a very good team with great players around him. I suspect he will never do it for his country either. Put him in a struggling outfit and he would go missing IMO. The truly great players can perform in any team including the national side. We have not had one of them for a long long while.

Matter of time until they are stark naked, "spread eagled" across the MOTD studios wanking furiously as they describe Delli Ali's latest goal or pass. ;-)

bertie 12:30 Sun Jan 15
Re: MotD
If you watch the start of the match they always have a line on a certain player or scenario, you can guarantee that player will have an impact on the game or that scenario will occur.

Along the lines of "X hasn't scored for y games and will be looking to reverse that trend today' against a West Ham defence that has been weak against set pieces".

fivestar 12:29 Sun Jan 15
Re: MotD
Gank wank proving yet again that he knows fuck all
Dozy useless cunt

gank 12:19 Sun Jan 15
Re: MotD
I can't imagine that they do that. Perhaps they are just more clever than you credit them?

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 12:01 Sun Jan 15
Re: MotD
excuse me, 'between the end of the match and transmission'

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 12:00 Sun Jan 15
Re: MotD
gank 11:54 Sun Jan 15

'I would also point out that on MotD, the commentary takes place 'live' throughout the entire match,'

No it doesn't. They commentate on the match and then dub in bits between the end of the match to fit the agenda of the analysis and to generally make themselves look clever.

gank 11:54 Sun Jan 15
Re: MotD
I'm quite surprised at the number of West Ham supporters on this site that don't bother watching anything to do with the other teams in our division. Although it does explain the blinkered, ill-informed view of many on here when it comes to transfers, tactics and generally having enough knowledge to discuss our competition.

I would also point out that on MotD, the commentary takes place 'live' throughout the entire match, it isn't a commentary on the highlights, so of course Antonio's 3 assists were mentioned and because that part wasn't in the highlights they put it in one of those yellow feature-boxes to tell everyone.

Finally, that wasn't a MotD interviewer, it's a company employed by Premier League Broadcasting as you can tell by the lion logo on the microphone rather than a BBC one. Or do we think that, regardless of which TV channel or radio station you're using, all the questions asked are the same?

Feed Me Chicken 10:52 Sun Jan 15
Re: MotD
Sven Roeder 12:59 Sun Jan 15
Re: MotD
Might have been better than Rooney's shinned in volley v Man City 'but that was in a bigger game'


Did they actually say that?

Creamed themselves over Mkhitaryan's (offside) goal the other day against................SUNDERLAND

Tomshardware 10:52 Sun Jan 15
Re: MotD
SurfaceAgentX2Zero 10:43 Sun Jan 15

Lineker posted good things about Taylor on his Twitter.

JGW1 10:45 Sun Jan 15
Re: MotD

di_kezio 10:09 Sun Jan 15

Same here

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 10:43 Sun Jan 15
Re: MotD
Lineker too small to find something nice or even neutral about Graham Taylor?

Ian Wright showed him the way.

di_kezio 10:09 Sun Jan 15
Re: MotD
This is the closest I come to watching other teams. I have no interest in watching Super Sunday top of the tables clashes, for example. Have the same feeling about watching England. Don't see how anyone can suddenly switch to supporting Spurs and Chelsea players just because they're in an England shirt. I watch England hoping for a loss and a possible leg break.

Lertie Button 4:17 Sun Jan 15
Re: MotD
Re the Caroll wonder goal, he had a fuck of a lot of room, would not be happy to concede that one

gph 3:59 Sun Jan 15
Re: MotD
I don't have a great interest in anyone but the Hammers, but that's precisely why I do watch MotD.

Can't be arsed to watch whole matches not involving us (not even the FA Cup Final nowadays), but I do like to know what our rivals are up to. Because it impacts on us.

Motd's ideal for that

Saul Bollox 3:53 Sun Jan 15
Re: MotD
I record it every week, wait till it's finished and fast forward to the West Ham game and then wipe it. Don't really have much interest in anybody but the Hammers

J.Riddle 1:56 Sun Jan 15
Re: MotD
Judas has a relegation clause, so will jump ship when they go down, saves him having to get sent off multiple times.

normannomates 1:52 Sun Jan 15
Re: MotD
That cunt Lineker not about?..what a coincidence.

Fucking cretin.

Graham Taylor hundred times the man of this cunt

Alfs 1:43 Sun Jan 15
Re: MotD
Cheers, lowlife. Time for another pint then!

lowlife 1:39 Sun Jan 15
Re: MotD
4th on.

Alfs 1:38 Sun Jan 15
Re: MotD
Where are WH in the running order? Iplayer goes back 2 hours but I want to catch us and am wondering what time I need to be home by?

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