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Q: 2017/18 Brighton (h)
a. If e can stop being the masters of our own downfall we should take 3 points, win
b. We seem too flaky at the moment and don't expect an easy game, draw
c. We can't put teams away and have a soft underbelly, lose
d. Did you know that Eurovision 1974 was held in Brighton and launched ABBA onto the world stage with Waterloo
e. I love Friday Night Football, it gives me the chance to show everyone down the local just how big a West Ham nut I am, hat, scarf, shirt, you name it I'll be wearing it

Ace of Spades 6:46 Tue Jan 17
Boro Away x3 Required

My dad's in need to 3 tickets (if possible) for boro away this weekend.

If anyone has any, can you drop me a reply here.



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Ace of Spades 7:42 Wed Jan 18
Re: Boro Away x3 Required
Sound mate, he'll have them. You got a phone number he can contact you on? He'll organise it with you. If whomail works, I've sent you his number.

Russell1966 4:33 Wed Jan 18
Re: Boro Away x3 Required
You can't upgrade unfortunately and no missing the game because of work.
Can post them up to him by special delivery if it helps.

Ace of Spades 10:32 Wed Jan 18
Re: Boro Away x3 Required
Hi mate,

Yes, hes interested. Do you know if he can upgrade the kids ticket to an Adult?

Will you be at the game as he lives up in Lincolnshire?



Russell1966 7:37 Wed Jan 18
Re: Boro Away x3 Required
Got 2 Adults and a kids ticket if it helps.

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