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Tomshardware 1:26 Thu Jan 19
Jose Fonte

Another defender.

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eusebiovic 9:35 Mon Mar 13
Re: Jose Fonte
He has the turning circle of an elephant with chronic hemorrhoids...

Johnson 9:17 Mon Mar 13
Re: Jose Fonte
Fegs IS shit to be fair Baggins.

Baggins 9:14 Mon Mar 13
Re: Jose Fonte
This place cracks me up when we lose. Saturday was an awful result, really bad, but perspective goes right out of the window.

Fonte is shit
Noble is shit
Randolph is shit
Cresswell is shit
Byram is shit
Ayew is shit
Fegs is shit
Kouyate is shit
Carroll is shit

.........so I assume we are bottom of the league then?

Rossal 8:28 Mon Mar 13
Re: Jose Fonte
Whatever Collins lacks in ability he makes up for in hunger and desire

Awful signing from us

Trevor B 7:45 Mon Mar 13
Re: Jose Fonte

we didn't have much cover though, only reid and collins. burke is injured (and out on loan) and oxford was also injured at the time.

Hermit Road 7:28 Mon Mar 13
Re: Jose Fonte
More than any other signing, this one shows how badly run our club is. To give a player his age, a contract this long, for a position we have this much cover in, is madness. It's as if we are utterly determined to avoid giving talented youngsters any chance at all of getting games.

fraser 2:01 Mon Mar 13
Re: Jose Fonte
Maybe he just thought Collins wasn't enough as we keep getting injuries and having spent the money on Fonte, feels he needs to pick him ahead of him.

Think we definitely needed another body back there, if we had injuries and were left short people would have been moaning about that

defjam 1:59 Mon Mar 13
Re: Jose Fonte
To be honest we could have just saved £8M and played Collins who is just as shit.

Trevor B 1:56 Mon Mar 13
Re: Jose Fonte

Defoe didn't want to hand in a transfer request because he can leave on a free in the summer when they get relegated. Sunderland didn't want to sell.

We didn't sell Tomkins to buy Fonte, he was a panic buy as cover for Ogbonna, not sure why Bilic doesn't seem to trust Collins this season though. Perhaps he's carrying an injury, who knows?

Trevor B 1:54 Mon Mar 13
Re: Jose Fonte
because with only 4 foreign players allowed per team they are obviously going to be crying out for centre backs? lol

fraser 1:53 Mon Mar 13
Re: Jose Fonte
Crassus, I said earlier on I thought he was decent, and I was wrong.

Some seem pleased to be proved right.

Crassus 1:26 Mon Mar 13
Re: Jose Fonte

Ludicrous purchase and one for China in the summer, hopefully

claret on my shirt 1:24 Mon Mar 13
Re: Jose Fonte
Let's be honest he's been poor, slow and made many misatkes, Oxford or Burke would have done as well as he has and would of got the experience they both need at this level

Crassus 1:22 Mon Mar 13
Re: Jose Fonte

Bollox - we are right now because we were right then. Unlike the know fuck alls who said he was a good buy and now can't accept the fact when it is blatantly obvious.

But not to worry, we gave the bloke a contract until he is near 37, that's THIRTY FUCKING SEVEN, so there will be plenty of time for us deniers to be proven wrong.

Son of Anarchy 1:11 Mon Mar 13
Re: Jose Fonte
My issue is and its not with Fonte hinself is why but him for 8 million but not buy jermain defoe?

Also why sell Tomkins for 10 and buy him 8 when collins is a great veteran centre back who everyone loves?

Fucking mess as fucking usual, Southampton laughing their heads off

fraser 12:56 Mon Mar 13
Re: Jose Fonte
Isn't sad how some on here are being smug because they predicted he'd be shit.

They'd rather be right than have him be a success

Sir Alf 6:22 Sun Mar 12
Re: Jose Fonte
He is a decent player and good enough for the squad but we need younger longer term. Oxford and Burke were the hope but do not seem to be in Bilics plans? Back to Fonte, yesterday had a nightmare. 1 goal down to him and a pen (albeit generously given) and like the rest of the team looked slow, caught in possession, hoofing it. At least at 33 he can use age for his lack of pace I suppose.

Alex V 4:23 Sun Mar 12
Re: Jose Fonte
I think I'm right he's the 4th most expensive player ever signed at age 33 or older (and two of the three above him are keepers!).

chedylan 2 4:23 Sun Mar 12
Re: Jose Fonte
Tomkins wasn't the answer as a rightback, but he was alot better playing there than.Antonio,nordvelt, kouyate.

In that respect we have weakened

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 2:46 Sun Mar 12
Re: Jose Fonte
Just to keep a little perspective, Tomkins had slipped down to number four in the pecking order for centre-back and clearly wasn't the answer at right back as all the 'we haven't had a right-back for two years' posts prove.

13 Brentford Rd 2:22 Sun Mar 12
Re: Jose Fonte
......just don't get why when we have clearly needed the RB and striker farce fixed for 2 years we signed another CB and winger who do not appear so far to have improved us?

Our utterly clueless owners sold a "proven british / prem player" in Tonka, then after our summer business predictably was a disaster suddenly announce that our latest in the hoof policy is to sign er "proven british / prem players"
It makes even less sense considering NONE of the 3 CBs they kept as back up are deemed good enough even when there is an injury so Koyoute is stuck there instead.

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