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COOL HAND LUKE 9:20 Sat Jan 21
GQ Magazine - February 2017

Can't link this as the issue isn't official online until Feb 1st, but the mag is in the shops already...

"The Sorry Return of Football Violence"

Need you ask, YES, of COURSE it's all about West Ham United and the OS.

Didn't have the chance to read in detail, as my 4 year old was dragging me around the library, but it doesn't look very complimentary...

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geoffpikey 6:29 Sun Jan 22
Re: GQ Magazine - February 2017
He also wrote that, if it weren't for the "armoured" coach windows, it's "very probable" a Man U player would have died.


For a start, I imagine ALL coaches have reinforced glass BY LAW... for crashes. He made it read like it was a special WHU-proof warzone coach or something.

Lily Hammer 4:17 Sun Jan 22
Re: GQ Magazine - February 2017
Not bad, actually, until talking about the coach bottling. He suggests that the atmosphere on the Barking Road/Green Street junction was already "volatile" before the Man U coach turned up.

That is absolute bollocks.

It was all smiles and laughter between fans, passers by and police. Carnival atmosphere, in the drizzling rain, no hint of nastiness, until the coach rocked up late, squeezing through the crowd that had built up, and even then, it was a tiny minority who threw bottles. The older heads told them to turn it dwn, and they did....only later did the tension come back when the riot police cleared the streets and some pubs during the match.

Northern Sold 3:42 Sun Jan 22
Re: GQ Magazine - February 2017
Decent well put together I thought... no real surprises... things that had been discussed to death on here but normal |Joe Bloggs might not know... one thing that caught my eye was Goldo's comments in 2012 regarding the OS?? Never seen that before

geoffpikey 3:13 Sun Jan 22
Re: GQ Magazine - February 2017
Can read it at


Gloucester Iron 11:13 Sun Jan 22
Re: GQ Magazine - February 2017
Written by a Manc and patronising as fuck. Don't waste your time bothering with it...

Pop Robson 10:30 Sun Jan 22
Re: GQ Magazine - February 2017
That'll help sell the extra 9,000 capacity, younger generation need an outlet and music don't seem to be giving them much to follow

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