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Hammer and Pickle 12:33 Sat Jan 28
...is there a better media institution anywhere in the world?


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Pub Bigot 10:28 Tue Jan 31
Re: The BBC
I'm an atheist right-winger, Nurse. I'm conflicted about the NHS and hate the BBC with a passion if that helps.

Nurse Ratched 10:24 Tue Jan 31
Re: The BBC
The BBC and the NHS. Worshipped liked religion by atheist leftwingers.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 10:22 Tue Jan 31
Re: The BBC
And yes, Rios, our universities are exactly the same.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 10:21 Tue Jan 31
Re: The BBC
Lertie Button 8:25 Tue Jan 31

Both organisations riddled with socialists and run for the benefit of staff and management rather than customers.

Both organisations whose many faults are camouflaged by past glories.

Both organisations who were once the best in the world, are now nowhere near but now not only still pretend they are the best but try to close down any criticism of them.

wansteadman 10:10 Tue Jan 31
Re: The BBC
If the BBC is so good give people the option wether to pay for it or not. That's when you'll see how good people think it is.
I used to love the channel but apart from the very rare occasion I could easily do without it

PwoperNaughtyButNot 8:48 Tue Jan 31
Re: The BBC
Bring on the wall!!!

You paid for that.

Lertie Button 8:25 Tue Jan 31
Re: The BBC
Few things this country can be proud of these days and The BBC and NHS, for all their faults, are two of them.
Anyone who disagrees should fuck off, read their Daily Mails and fantasise about the 1950s

peroni 11:23 Mon Jan 30
Re: The BBC
Well this a far better example of a wildlife clip, so I'd say there is, yes:


riosleftsock 11:19 Mon Jan 30
Re: The BBC
I also love the bbc, I just want to smash it to pieces and start again as its full of cunts with a few xceptions.

Hammer and Pickle 11:17 Mon Jan 30
Re: The BBC
I am a BBC loving liberal so there CHALK FARM

riosleftsock 11:15 Mon Jan 30
Re: The BBC
They need a massive clear-out from middle-management upwards.

Like a lot of our education establishments too.

Breeding grounds for the worst types of liberal drips.

Sir Alf 11:12 Mon Jan 30
Re: The BBC
As mentioned, make it a paid for option and scrap the TV licence and spend the money on the NHS by making it part of the direct tax we pay.

Mike Oxsaw 2:41 Mon Jan 30
Re: The BBC
Once the nation is all fibred up, there will be no need for a (state) mass media, free-to-air organisation; it can just nestle in with the thousands of other channels that broadband can deliver.

Infidel 1:00 Mon Jan 30
Re: The BBC
The BBC is a disgusting state-funded socialist propaganda machine that has no place in a modern democracy.

It should be closed down - or better still, sold to Rupert Murdoch.

Hasans Fish Bar RIP 12:34 Mon Jan 30
Re: The BBC
Is it? Fucking hell

Absolutely spot on about Planet Earth mate. Outstanding

That spy in the wild is pretty good too, but David Tennents smug brogue gets on my tits

Northern Sold 12:28 Mon Jan 30
Re: The BBC
Hasan... Grand National is on ITV now.............

............... they got indoor bowls.............and the boat race

Hasans Fish Bar RIP 12:26 Mon Jan 30
Re: The BBC
Dumbing down of programmes like BBC breakfast etc has fucked me off in recent years, as has the brexit slant to pretty much EVERY news item. Maybe its my age or changing politics with age that I find programmes like Question Time excruciatingly difficult to watch, it just doesn't even try to look balanced. Weirdly though I find the daily politics eminently watchable .

Its a shame that the BBC has lost its clout in the sporting arena with the BTs and SKYs around. Their coverage was always top notch. They don't even have the 'shit' darts anymore. Its the grand national, Wimbledon and Clare fucking Balding. Oh, and the boat race of course.

PC has been mentioned. Comedy panel shows having to have one bird on etc takes the piss to be honest.

Because it tries to pander to everyone I can't help thinking the BBC is spreading itself (and its money) too thinly. Is there really a need for BBC Alba BBC Asian network or anything Welsh.

That said, having lived abroad you come back to!realise that whatever they do or whatever the slant or leaning, they do do it well in comparison.

Trying to shoehorn romesh rangaranathan into every fucking programme doesn't endear me to them either

Northern Sold 12:20 Mon Jan 30
Re: The BBC
Planet EARTH 2...

.... that is all...

Roby 11:56 Sun Jan 29
Re: The BBC
Their football coverage is still of a very high standard but apart from that I don't watch any of their shit output.

Mickey Rat 11:51 Sun Jan 29
Re: The BBC
Sometimes the political correctness annoys me but compared to all the other global news outlets it's streets ahead I've got mates abroad including in the US to listen to it to hear the truth.
As with the NHS it's not perfect but both are World class and we don't have many institutions/companies left these days that we can say that about

Sven Roeder 11:41 Sun Jan 29
Re: The BBC
That is Big

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