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chedylan 2 12:22 Thu Feb 2
players ratings city

randolph - 5 err he went the right way for the penalty? couldnt do a thing about the other goals

Byram - 4 got done a few times, poor control at times, looked out of depth

fonte - 5 looks like a 35 yr old james tomkins. why did we sell the younger one again?

reid - 6 best of the back, looks better on the right to me.

cresswell - 3 stupid pass cost a goal, fluffs a one on one to redeem. don't remember any crosses

obiang 3 - worst performance ive seen from him. another stupid pass resulting in a goal. was second to everything.

noble 5 - the usual base level noble performance against a mobile midfield

lanzini 4 - i actually had to check he was in the lineup after 15mins into the game. not involved enough, too many tricks instead of pass t a player in space. not good deadballs.

Antonio - 6 our only attacking outlet for most the game,

ferghouli - 4 . 2 steps forward 3 back. from the first minute got knocked off the ball, a few hopeful crosses. his control of the ball from a byram throw in could feature in the nect 'message to the board' youtube video

carroll - 6 actually did alright with little support. Was also our best defender.

the rest...sorry i fucked off to bed 5 mins after the 4th goal. perhaps you can fill me in, and if the others got better :)

bilic - 3. is this an improvement on the 5 -0 drubbing? can we expect a goaless draw in 3 or 4 seasons?
OK let down by yet more individual errors, but how many times have we given the ball away in stupid places and conceded as a result so far this season? bilic needs to stop this complacency.

that aside the team was set up exactly as before, sitting back and trying to catch them on the break. Didn't work last time did it? We just let them play their game again and they punished us...again.

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chedylan 2 7:17 Thu Feb 2
Re: players ratings city
Randolph was blamless for the goals imo but he didnt make a save either. So yes a neutral 5.

Northern Sold 5:59 Thu Feb 2
Re: players ratings city
jimbo2. 3:12 Thu Feb 2

Jimbo... so if I go once.... and think it's a cesspit am I allowed to come on here and call it a cesspit.... or have I got to give it 5-10 years??

kips 5:49 Thu Feb 2
Re: players ratings city
Difficult to rate Randolph. Tried saving 1 pen and 3 shots all night. All almost impossible from what I recall. Do not recall, however, him having to save another shot of note.
4 shots- 4 goals ?

sand iron 3:13 Thu Feb 2
Re: players ratings city

I'm as gutted as you mate, sick as a pig. I went along & tried not getting carried away with the romance of the old stadium, I was willing to give it a chance, I went there open minded & tried to look for pluses. Iv give it a go but that's me done after this year, saying that with a heavy heart after 36 years.

Despise the owners for what they've done, crime of the fucking century, cunts!

jimbo2. 3:12 Thu Feb 2
Re: players ratings city
Northern, so you have obviously given it a fair chance & not jumped to any conclusions, based upon personal experience!
It's not a perfect football ground, based upon my actual experience, but it is a massive step forward forward in many ways. Too many of you made your minds up in advance that you were going to hate it, no matter what. I welcome your comments on this forum on many things, but you have become completely obsessed in the view that it's a cesspit. I look forward to the old Northern poster returning eventually, who was far more interesting & varied than the current one. How long will that take, 5 years, maybe 10 years or even never?

Northern Sold 3:03 Thu Feb 2
Re: players ratings city
Good for you Rivs.... we'll speak in 20 years time and see how things are at the Cesspit... If I'm still alive that is... enjoy it fella...

Rivs 3:00 Thu Feb 2
Re: players ratings city
Long enough, at least 20 years as a season ticket holder, but then again I support the club and not a stadium

sand iron 2:59 Thu Feb 2
Re: players ratings city

I was at both games, the atmosphere was decent as far as that stadium goes, but that's the best it's going to get & they'll be few & far between.

Their's a big difference between an atmosphere where the fans are singing, to an intimidating one like we used to get at Upton Park. Opposition players used to find it hard to play there, we've heard numerous ex professionals saying how intimidating it was.

Seen many times over the years when the team were playing bad & the crowd helped get em over the line. As I said you'll never see that kind of atmosphere again, stands are just so far from the pitch the opposition won't fear playing there. In fact from what iv seen so far it's very much the opposite, teams will enjoy playing there.

Northern Sold 2:58 Thu Feb 2
Re: players ratings city
I went for nigh on 40 years rivs... 20 years STH....yourself??

Rivs 2:57 Thu Feb 2
Re: players ratings city
you didn't go over UP so why should we expect anything different

Northern Sold 2:54 Thu Feb 2
Re: players ratings city
Jimbo.... how many times do you think I have been?? I give you a fucking clue me ol China....

It rhymes with BILL.... I said from day one I would not go there... not to watch us play in it... even if I did go there to watch us play I'd be banned with half hour.... if you LOVE the place you are welcome to it... but all I see and hear (from plenty Of MATES) is that it's a fucking massive abortion... I'm fucking GUTTED we have moved to that CESSPIT

zico 2:49 Thu Feb 2
Re: players ratings city
Think you are being generous to Noble. Loved the guy over the years but his legs have gone. We have a lot of players that look decent when we are on the front foot but when chasing quick players they just don't have the speed, fitness, agility and stamina.

What concerned me last night is that Antonio had this "why should I bother" look on his face and even he started to half heartedly close down. Seemed to me like he thought if others aren't doing it why should I.

scott_d 2:43 Thu Feb 2
Re: players ratings city
sand iron,

I don't recall the atmosphere for the games against Chelsea or Crystal Palace being that shit.

jimbo2. 2:43 Thu Feb 2
Re: players ratings city
Northern, your constant slating if the stadium is very tedious, could you not change the record for once? You also didn't answer my question re how many times you have been there. What happened to the far more interesting poster that you used to be?

Northern Sold 2:40 Thu Feb 2
Re: players ratings city
So Toure has grown since last season then?? Don't remember Lanzini being that bothered LAST season??


1964 2:39 Thu Feb 2
Re: players ratings city
We've moved to a new ground with different surroundings, different atmosphere etc. Of course it's going to affect the team and probably some results.

They will grow into it, they have to!

It's the first season FFS - give it 2 or 3 seasons before we blame the stadium entirely.

clarky 2:38 Thu Feb 2
Re: players ratings city
If you think where we play will magically make our players better and their players worse there's no helping you Stewie me old fruit!

Poplar Iron 2:36 Thu Feb 2
Re: players ratings city
Watched Lanzini come face to face with Toure in the midfield...stopped, looked up at his towering presence and literally shit a brick and fumbled the ball out of play...it was like Anthony Joshua coming face to face with Tom Daley...!

sand iron 2:34 Thu Feb 2
Re: players ratings city
The stadium is awful for football, worst stadium in the premier league for atmosphere by far. Dont get me wrong theirs numerous factors for the team going backwards this year, but the stadium is the biggest one.

As Sold said those teams very rarely stuck 4-5 by us in donkeys years at Upton Park, even when we were at our worst, but the goals we've leaked this season at home (if you can call it home) are ridiculous. Those of you that can't see the stadium being a factor are kidding yourself's.

There will never ever be an intimidating atmosphere in that shit hole, just can't happen. It's a gut wrenching shame that we will never experience that famous West Ham atmosphere ever again.

stewie griffin 2:27 Thu Feb 2
Re: players ratings city

clarky 1:59 Thu Feb 2
Re: players ratings city

Yeah they would've tonked us at Upton Park as well


23rd January 2016 - West Ham United 2-2 Manchester City

West Ham United have conceded 4 or more goals on four occasions at the London Stadium in 17 games.

West Ham United conceded 4 or more goals on four occasions in the last 95 games at Upton Park

Or if you prefer...

West Ham United have conceded 4 or more goals in three of 12 premier league games at London Stadium - the same as in the last 106 at Upton Park

The only thing that's dull is the 'oh it used to happen at UP' brigade. That, I'm afraid, is demonstrably, and very obviously, complete bollocks. The facts are there.

To put a bit of perspective around the above - we have conceded 4 goals in league games as many times in the cesspit as we did in the last FIVE AND A HALF YEARS of premier league football at UP.

People can stick their fingers in their ears as much as they wish - but it's blindingly obvious its a fucking huge problem.

Northern Sold 2:27 Thu Feb 2
Re: players ratings city
Jimbo... it's built on radio active sludge... where the fuck you been for the past 4 or 5 years... you could not get anymore Cesspit'y than being built on radioactive sludge...

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