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Q: Manuel Pellegrini
a. A great signing for the Club and maybe the change of direction we all need
b. It will only be a great signing if the Board back him with decent funds
c. This is West Ham so it will only end in farce
d. I'm not sure about this one, I'll wait until SKY is back to hear what Gary Neville thinks, then I'll voice my opinion

Texas Iron 7:49 Fri Feb 3
Mancini Next...???

Journo Speculation...or just watching his old team...???

Has the profile...experience and Success to impress The Owners...

Would he be happy with only 50million to spend in the summer...???

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Texas Iron 9:46 Sat Feb 4
Re: Mancini Next...???
Mourinho always wanted to be picked by Ferguson...

Moyes...I always thought it was a poor choice by Ferguson ...

Every interview so see Motes looks constipated...haha

goose 9:41 Sat Feb 4
Re: Mancini Next...???
No Fergie picked Moyes.

Scraper 4:59 Sat Feb 4
Re: Mancini Next...???
Ferguson picked Mourinho, make no mistake.

geoffpikey 8:57 Fri Feb 3
Re: Mancini Next...???
Reply Scraper 7:56 Fri Feb 3

"Ideally, Bilic should pick his own successor."

You serious? That's a wonderfully romantic/WHU idea, but Bilic is most likely to pick someone who sees the players as he does. Who will thus make the same mistakes.

Or it will be someone who feels pressure from being "Bilic's man" and not make any hard decisions at all.

Ferguson was very keen on Moyes, wasn't he? That went well, didn't it.

grasshopper 8:50 Fri Feb 3
Re: Mancini Next...???
Relegation next year again is it?

. . 8:49 Fri Feb 3
Re: Mancini Next...???
Has anyone mentioned he was at the Arsenal game the day before ?

I feel there is more chance he will be the new Arsenal Manager than the next West Ham Manager.

After all I would imagine that Arsenal would have a bigger budget than us and a better starting off point. Would think that it would be easier to get Arsenal to win a title than it would to get us into Europe

Sir Alf 8:45 Fri Feb 3
Re: Mancini Next...???
Well we were not alone. All the old gits I sit with were wondering why he had not gone for 5 in there after the 0-5 drubbing and the need to stifle City's build up. It may not have affected the result but may have made it feel like a game and not a training ground routine of "Piggy in the middle"?

Naive at best. Its the lack of tactical adjustment or time it takes that suggests Bilic is either too slow to realise, just not tactically astute enough, listens too much to his assistant or is insane (repeating a failed approach and expecting a different outcome) :-)

Texas Iron 8:39 Fri Feb 3
Re: Mancini Next...???
Sir Alf...
I said the same about 442 on the match thread as soon as the line up was posted...

Bilic got it wrong...and didn't change it...

No problem with 451 at home against the TOP teams with quality players...

Sir Alf 8:28 Fri Feb 3
Re: Mancini Next...???
goose 8:23 Fri Feb 3

I thought they were impressed with his tenure at Chelsea but yes this Portugese fella might be another Grant but his track record at poorer clubs is decent.

For now, lets see how Slav shapes up . Did worry that he did not see the need to play 5 in midfield against City. Carroll and Antonio were starved of service as our 4 (2 if you count Noble and Ferghouli) could not cope with City's 4 and overlapping full backs.

Sir Alf 8:23 Fri Feb 3
Re: Mancini Next...???
Eerie Descent 8:17 Fri Feb 3

Hmmmm... seems to have been successful at multiple clubs and in different leagues. We would be better to poach him IMHO.

goose 8:23 Fri Feb 3
Re: Mancini Next...???
Alf, sounds a lot like the reasons we chose Avram Grant...... that went ok didn't it?

Eerie Descent 8:17 Fri Feb 3
Re: Mancini Next...???
The Hull manager is Portuguese, and has a very impressive track record.

Scraper 8:14 Fri Feb 3
Re: Mancini Next...???

Eggbert Nobacon 5:33 Fri Feb 3

You can't believe who would let him?

I am of course referring to Fan Power.

Sir Alf 8:03 Fri Feb 3
Re: Mancini Next...???
I have got an eye on this fella at Hull. Early days but there are signs he is "getting a tune" out of the weakest squad in the Prem after only a few weeks. It might be the "manager bounce" thing but he seems to be held in high regard in Europe. Mind you he's a frog I think? Maybe not a good fit for that reason? ;-)

He does fit the "Make a purse out of a sows ear" remit at West Ham though.

Scraper 7:56 Fri Feb 3
Re: Mancini Next...???

Ideally, Bilic should pick his own successor.

Spandex Sidney 7:24 Fri Feb 3
Re: Mancini Next...???
I wonder if Arsenal would consider him? Proven title and cup winner, they probably would.

But still some people here think he's not good enough for us. Probably the same people who said in the summer that Walcott and Oxlade Chamberlain weren't good enough for us

Spandex Sidney 7:21 Fri Feb 3
Re: Mancini Next...???
Funny he also went to see Watford, especially as they change managers every season. Didn't he take over from Materazzi at Inter? Maybe there is something in this.

*dons foil hat

goose 6:13 Fri Feb 3
Re: Mancini Next...???
saw a quote from Mancini saying he was impressed by the noise at the london stadium.............
someones after a job!!

bet he loves iconic floodlights.

kylay 6:09 Fri Feb 3
Re: Mancini Next...???
Grant did it every year he managed in the premier league, and half of the years Mancini did it in Serie A were during the match-fixing years.

It's fine and well if you rate the man. I understand the arguments that he is a good manager. I don't rate him, and don't think he would do well with West Ham. I think we need someone who can do more with less as opposed to simply manage egos. It's just an opinion.

, 6:05 Fri Feb 3
Re: Mancini Next...???
Don't rubbish Avram because neither of Mancini or Bilic have got a team to the Afcon final.

Lee Trundle 5:57 Fri Feb 3
Re: Mancini Next...???
Yeah, in places like Israel and Serbia. A massive difference compared to constantly doing in the Premier League and Seire A.

This record isn't a record of a charlatan:


You only have to speak to any Man City fan to see how highly they regard him.

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