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Gavros 6:36 Sat Feb 4
Will BFS walk?
I wouldnt be surprised given he wants to protect his 'never been relegated' tag.

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terry-h 8:53 Mon Feb 6
Re: Will BFS walk?
If it goes right down to the wire for Palace,Allardyce will have to do a 'West Ham' to survive. Their final game of the season is at Old Trafford. Should be entertaining.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 7:17 Mon Feb 6
Re: Will BFS walk?
White Pony 10:20 Sat Feb 4

'He says his players are SCARED. Scared of visiting the toilet after the gaffer, probably.'

Probably the best post on here.

Of course he won't walk - he'll wait to be sacked in order to get the best pay-off possible. He's a greedy conceited bastard, but never doubt that his greed is the stronger of the two.

Willtell 7:10 Mon Feb 6
Re: Will BFS walk?
goose 12:07 Sun Feb 5

"Willtell 10:20 Sun Feb 5
How is Stanislas struggling?"

Well they mentioned in commentary that he had been dropped by Bournemouth for the Everton game. Perhaps he will be back next game but he is a marginal PL player.

He left WH went to Burnley for 3 years when in the Championship. He was offered another contract but took a free to Bournemouth then also in Championship and went up to PL in 2015.

He played just over half Bournmouth's league games and most this season but as I said, was dropped. He is a decent enough Championship/occasional PL player. I never want to put our youngsters down but he isn't on our wanted list by a long chalk....

Chigwell 7:01 Mon Feb 6
Re: Will BFS walk?
Why all this vitriol about Sam? Sure, none of us liked his style of play and most were happy to see him go, but he deserves some credit for accepting the challenge of managing teams at a low ebb, and bringing them back to something competitive. He also, did not make a huge fuss about losing his West Ham contract.

franksfat&slow&wank 6:31 Mon Feb 6
Re: Will BFS walk?
I hope this wanker takes them down, cunt of a man

ajc123 12:58 Sun Feb 5
Re: Will BFS walk?
Cool Hand Luke. That last sentence applied to him when he was 18 breaking in to the Preston Bolton under 5s as the overage player!

Joey Nutmeg 12:22 Sun Feb 5
Re: Will BFS walk?
Willtell - Stanislas is having a decent season to be fair

COOL HAND LUKE 12:17 Sun Feb 5
Re: Will BFS walk?
I reckon he just needs the money. He invests heavily in property, especially Dubai and such. He maybe committed himself on the back of the England role and wasn't expecting to lose that income.

So, pride aside, Palace results won't hurt him, as long as he's paid.
An identical situation to his last season at UP, really...

If he keeps them up - big bonus. If he fails, there'll be some sort of pay-off, no doubt.

He's like an old, knackered player, getting himself one last juicy contract, knowing he doesn't justify it, and knowing he is unlikely to see it out.

goose 12:07 Sun Feb 5
Re: Will BFS walk?

Willtell 10:20 Sun Feb 5
Re: Will BFS walk?

How is Stanislas struggling?

defjam 12:03 Sun Feb 5
Re: Will BFS walk?
Hopefully someone will do a clip of the smug arrogant cunt walking on and dancing with the mascot then his face at the end of the game.

norwich hammer 11:58 Sun Feb 5
Re: Will BFS walk?
Never,the fat c#*t

Sven Roeder 11:14 Sun Feb 5
Re: Will BFS walk?
All his media MATES are keeping quiet at the moment as he drags them down.
Meanwhile Marco Silva has quietly transformed Hull with a bunch of cast offs. Snodgrass and Livermore sold, Mason with a fractured skull, Curtis Davis injured and lost Michael Dawson in the warm up yesterday. No problems!

Keep dreaming 11:11 Sun Feb 5
Re: Will BFS walk?
Ajc, hahaha

Private Dancer 11:10 Sun Feb 5
Re: Will BFS walk?
He's indirectly blaming the players and the previous regime still, he used the term 'what I saw' so in other words he's passing judgement on others and making it still sound like he's on the outside looking in instead of looking at himself, even though he's been there a while now...same old BFS. He said that the team was basically shit, but Alan Pardew who was a guest pundit on Bein Sports watched the game and thought Palace played ok, but it was Allardyce playing 3 at the back that fucked it up..

He should just retire to Spain with all his millions and spare us the pain of looking at the cunt every week..

Did anyone see him dancing with the mascot before the game yesterday? That didn't look good at all, and I don't just mean his dancing....

ajc123 11:07 Sun Feb 5
Re: Will BFS walk?
Fat man 'I'm using all the tools at my disposal to turn it around' - Food, corruption, fraud, bullshit.

His next after match interview with the BBC


ajc123 11:00 Sun Feb 5
Re: Will BFS walk?

'So why did you lose?'

'To me it looks like fear blah blah blah humbug humbug humbug sausage and mash knickers knackers knockers ..... we're 9th in the league in terms of away results (hahahah that keeps you up you stat murdering monkey'

Fear of playing fucking football....

Westham67 10:47 Sun Feb 5
Re: Will BFS walk?
Why should he walk its not his fault ,so he says

Willtell 10:20 Sun Feb 5
Re: Will BFS walk?
Tomkins looked as though he had a mare of a game. Hopefully it works out for him but seeing the look on his face when he was sold suggests his heart is not at Palace...

I have to say though that I was excited when I first saw him coming through as a kid. Him and Stanislas are the only ones that took my eye. Shame really that they are both struggling at PL level.

Blackythebanktramp 12:07 Sun Feb 5
Re: Will BFS walk?
it was a big win today- when you look anyone from 12th down can go- starting to go into coupon boosting season- I think sam has lost the passion for it after his England debacle

Mad Dog 11:58 Sat Feb 4
Re: Will BFS walk?
really really want palace to go. purely to dispel the myth.

loving the fact that they are currently worse off than when he joined them.

he'll probably fluke his fat arse out of it though

Full Claret Jacket 11:48 Sat Feb 4
Re: Will BFS walk?
Some people will still say we should have kept Tomkins.

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