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WHUDeano 11:00 Sun Feb 5
Away fans at the OS
Hello lads, just after a quick bit of advice...

For the WBA game a good friend of mine is coming down from Birmingham with his old man. They are both season ticket holders at West Brom and his old man is approaching 80. I think this is his dads first away game in a long time - he had a stroke, fully recovered but he has difficulty walking very far anymore.

I had a message from my pal asking for my advice. Since buying tickets they have obviously been doing some research on getting to the ground. They are now a bit worried and considering not actually coming.

Personally, I know first hand of the ridiculous walk most home fans have to do after the game. But, I've not been anywhere near the away fans so thought I'd ask on here.

My friends mum has actually said she could drive them all down if she could drop them off somewhere near to the away end, but again I've no idea...if any season ticket holders in the south end of the stadium could offer advice or opinion it'd be much appreciated. Cheers.

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WHUDeano 2:45 Mon Feb 6
Re: Away fans at the OS
Cheers for all the replies lads.

CR 1:24 Mon Feb 6
Re: Away fans at the OS
As others have said use the shuttle bus. They will definitely need to contact the club because they check for passes now as the system was abused when they started it.

Lily Hammer 12:33 Mon Feb 6
Re: Away fans at the OS
PML station can't be much of a longer walk to the away fans' entrance than it was from UP station to the away fans at Upton Park.

PML to the away section is by far the easiest treck on the day.

Lucky away fans.

Glenn Roeder 11:47 Sun Feb 5
Re: Away fans at the OS
Forgot to add, the bus stops underneath the club shop and there is a lift so the walk isn't that far to the away entrance. He will be allowed one companion to travel with him.

Glenn Roeder 11:45 Sun Feb 5
Re: Away fans at the OS
The bus service runs from the station concourse next to the Jubilee line, platform 15. I recommend calling West Ham to arrange a pass/letter so he can use it. Julie Pidgeon is the disabled supporter liaison person at WHU.

OccupyGreenStreet 11:45 Sun Feb 5
Re: Away fans at the OS
The shuttle bus goes from next to the Jubilee line platform, Stratford. Did it myself vs Bournemouth when I'd just had keyhole to clean my knee up.

PML is about 10 min walk, there's a lift up inside the Stadium Store right near to the Aways entrance.

But check with the club, they'll have the latest.

Johnson 11:40 Sun Feb 5
Re: Away fans at the OS
It's a trot and there's barriers etc. Best bet is to speak to the club about the shuttle bus.

WHUDeano 11:38 Sun Feb 5
Re: Away fans at the OS
Cheers lads - I mentioned PML to them, anyone know how far is the walk to the away end? To be honest, it's more the journey after the game that they are worried about. Are there diversions afterwards for aways?

Cheezey Bell-End 11:25 Sun Feb 5
Re: Away fans at the OS
The road that runs past PML station goes past the ground not far from the away end. There's a lift up to the concourse.

RM10 11:04 Sun Feb 5
Re: Away fans at the OS
Contact the club and ask for advice, I'm sure he can produce his ticket and get the special bus

Johnson 11:02 Sun Feb 5
Re: Away fans at the OS
There's a bus run from the station for the hard of walking etc. Dunno where though, someone on here will

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