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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

steveiron64 11:54 Tue Feb 7
RIP The Os?
Bottom two of the Football league, beaten tonight by Morecambe in front of 2660.

A dying club?

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terry-h 3:06 Wed Feb 15
Re: RIP The Os?
In the good old days pre that arsehole Hearn, West Ham did a bit of magnificent business when we acquired Alan Sealey in part exchange for veteran Dave Dunmore.

No need to remind anyone what Sealey did in 1965 is there?

mashed in maryland 2:30 Wed Feb 15
Re: RIP The Os?
Rumours of one of their players spitting into the home end last night.

simon.s 2:25 Wed Feb 15
Re: RIP The Os?
Won a couple of tickets to their game on Saturday. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing. Taking an old boy I know who's a fan.

Northern Sold 1:58 Wed Feb 15
Re: RIP The Os?
dbis... we played against Waltham Forest FC Vets in the FA County Cup last season.... 75% Turks

pdbis 1:53 Wed Feb 15
Re: RIP The Os?
Should reform as FC Waltham Forest.

Crassus 12:21 Thu Feb 9
Re: RIP The Os?
If the Italian did make his money in Naples shifting waste then buyers of the future flats ought think twice if he elects to install an under soil heating system - fuck me what they have put in the surrounding countryside around Naples is bloody horrifying, obviously having made an offer the local councillors cant refuse

davese16 12:19 Thu Feb 9
Re: RIP The Os?
when i was a kid ,if we didnt fo to west ham away games we would go to the orient,their vocal support was a mixture of west ham/arsenal/yids the o's were our 2nd team,remember going down to pompey for a cup game,hope they survive,but having them as a feeder club could be usefull to both clubs.

Spandex Sidney 11:56 Wed Feb 8
Re: RIP The Os?
ornchurch ammer 10:33 Wed Feb 8

Counts for nothing because if they go bust you have an empty, decaying football ground, a blight on the local landscape.

Local authority would want it developed to get the money in and improve the area and a non existent football club doesn't have fans to object anymore.

In this case, counts for nothing. Hearn is laughing all the way to the bank, the Italian gets a slice and 400 yuppie flats go up.

Badhabit 11:34 Wed Feb 8
Re: RIP The Os?

Spandex Sidney 10:11 Wed Feb 8
Hearn wants it to go bust so it sits there, falling down ...
Sydney .... I've long suspected there is some deal between Hearn and Bechetti the new owner of the club. He paid £7m for the club and Hearn kept the ground. The mismanagement since has been too bad to be true. Bechetti's background is in waste recycling in Naples (an activity and a city notorious for dodginess). What is right next to their ground?

ornchurch ammer 10:33 Wed Feb 8
Re: RIP The Os?
Counts for nothing; why do they exist then?

Spandex Sidney 10:11 Wed Feb 8
Re: RIP The Os?
An ACV counts for nothing. Hearn wants it to go bust so it sits there, falling down and then 1can flog it to Galliard (who then immediately flog to Barratts!)

pdbis 10:07 Wed Feb 8
Re: RIP The Os?
Have they gone bust yet?

stomper 4:17 Wed Feb 8
Re: RIP The Os?
Couldnt we loan 'em some youth's. Let em share our training ground and take them under our wing as a developing team? If not why not?

Dan M 4:13 Wed Feb 8
Re: RIP The Os?
I know two Orient fans. Both are also Tottenham fans. A small sample admittedly but enough to make me lean toward "fuck 'em".

wanstead_hammer 2:49 Wed Feb 8
Re: RIP The Os?
Wouldn't like to see them fold.
They're me old mans team (he's 86) and he used to take me over there as a saucepan in the 70's. (I always found me way home though!). I played there in a final once as well.
Used to have decent crowds but have still kept the 'hardcore' 4,000 in recent years.
Hope they stay up. (They've got David Webb's son in as manager now).

And Hearns just a slippery, greedy cunt.
And his smarmy son.

Saul Bollox 2:09 Wed Feb 8
Re: RIP The Os?
They have a higher average attendance this season than last. May be West Ham fans disgruntled by the OS going there instead.

joyo 1:44 Wed Feb 8
Re: RIP The Os?
Yeah we took away all their hordes of loyal fans!
Our move didn't kill them off Hearn did and uses the OS as an excuse

SDKFZ 222 1:38 Wed Feb 8
Re: RIP The Os?
In the early 70's I would always go over there with a few O's supporting mates if I couldn't get to a West Ham away match. I even went to the 1978 FA Cup semi-final at Stamford Bridge. I stopped going eventually due to a combination of finances, and some anti-West Ham sentiment creeping in over there.

It would be a shame to see them go totally out of business but relegation to the National League would be Karma for all Hearn's nonsense a couple of years ago.

dealcanvey 1:01 Wed Feb 8
Re: RIP The Os?
Is it our move to the OS that has helped kill them off? Hearn did predict it.

ornchurch ammer 12:57 Wed Feb 8
Re: RIP The Os?
As I said though a group of their supporters has at least had the balls to make it difficult for Hearn to do anything with the ground by taking out an ACV.

None of our lot had the idea to try that to stop our move. Too late now.

tnb 12:49 Wed Feb 8
Re: RIP The Os?
If Hearn really had severad all ties then I'd be sad to see them go out of business or even move. Back in my Dad's generation if they couldn't make an away game and Orient were at home him and his mates would go to there instead - he also had a trial for them once but that's another story. I've been over there a few times including for Shilton's thousandth game. Until the OS nonsense I never really saw them as a rival, in the same way I don't with D and R. But unfortunately while Hearn is still involved I'd be laughing my head off if it all went wrong, and if he screws them over to make a profit after all his talk of protecting the club I'd do the same and be thinking well that's what the club deserves for getting involved with such an odious man.

Still, as others have said they do get decent crowds considering their current state - nowhere near enough to fill even a corner of the OS obviously, that was always a joke, but still fair play to them. Compared with Milwall who couldn't get 7,500 fans to an FA cup game against a Premiership side where they were also supposed to be celebrating their victory over the planners, the Orient seem to have a fairly decent group of fans. As for Millwall, for all the talk of being the heart of the local community that we've been supposed to swallow durung all the CPO coverage, it seems more that the local community doesn't really give a shit about them.

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