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boltkunt 1:16 Thu Feb 9
Depression thread part two
Evening all

Thought I'd do another thread to see how everyone is going and dealing with the stuff mentioned on the last thread.

Since then I've decided at some point this year I'm going to do a fund raiser for mental health, most likely a sky dive but still considering a marathon (don't laugh for those who know me), I certainly won't be eating any protein bars like frankie....

Anyway, I've been up and down but have probably just picked myself up from rock bottom. Society and employers are still totally ignorant to it which has cost me my job last week, it was only the third episode of which I had a day off due to anxiety and panick attacks and told not to return. Gutted was an understatement...

Why are people and more so employers so ignorant still, our royal family see it as a subject which needs attention but people still turn a blind eye? Mental health is if not more important than physical illness but for those who suffer from it also suffer from discrimination especially in the work place! My employer was aware of my situation and at first very good about it but quickly changed their tune. Legally I can do fuck all due to probation period but you don't see employers sacking pregnant people, disabled people if they have a bad day?!

Anyway, good news a new job was offered today, as a very wise man once said


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Fluke 8:31 Sat Feb 11
Re: Depression thread part two
I had anxiety and depression a year or so ago, I didn't know what it was and had been battling it for 2 years. When a panic attack came on I couldn't breathe and kept feeling like I was gonna have a heart attack or stroke as my vision would go too. I started to get rid of it by losing a bit of weight, exercising and eating healthier food, which worked for the depression and feeling lethargic. But I still would get a random panic attack for no reason. Then I found an article that a lot of people with anxiety have a zinc deficiency. And to take vitamin b complex and zinc. Since I started with it I've not had 1 panic attack in over a year. Good luck everyone, was the worst couple of years of my life when all that was going on

J.Riddle 12:40 Fri Feb 10
Re: Depression thread part two
chelmsfordhammer 8:24 Fri Feb 10

This doesn't apply in many cases as companies now enrol its employees into health insurance schemes as part of their employment conditions, hence must reveal disabilities or health questions at interview.

Far East Hammer 12:04 Fri Feb 10
Re: Depression thread part two
Bolty - truly sorry to hear about your losing your job. I've been away from the UK too long to know employment law, but I am aware that a lot of protections only kick in after probation periods.

But pleased that you've got a new offer from hopefully a better place. Do well at that job and (assuming it's in the same industry as your last gaff) that can be seen as revenge on the wankers at your last place.

Also, very brave and commendable of you to post on here about what you've been going through. Few would have the balls to do that (myself included tbh)

Anyway, onward and upward!

nobby_bmu 9:43 Fri Feb 10
Re: Depression thread part two
Good luck Bolty and sorry to hear of your troubles. Life can be a big kick in the bollocks sometimes but it's how you come back fighting. At least you recognise it and clearly facing up to it which is the biggest challenge.

last year I started a 3 year course to become a counsellor. I'm at the time in my life where I need a change in career and want to give something back. It's frightening the amountt of people out there with depression issues and so many need help.

chelmsfordhammer 8:24 Fri Feb 10
Re: Depression thread part two
Joe, one other thing , at an interview youre not actually allowed to ask someone if they have a disability until they've been offered the job. So unless the disability is obvious you wouldn't know if someone had something like depression. This was made law in 2010 and protects people form the point you were making.

chelmsfordhammer 8:09 Fri Feb 10
Re: Depression thread part two
Joe royal, no , as long as you informed your employer when you went off sick. Most people don't actually go sick from their new employer until they've started work.

Westham67 6:16 Fri Feb 10
Re: Depression thread part two
Hello Banjo mate, all is good ,KLlooks like its going to happen . Although I have a interview for Vietnam job.

Whens the next Cruise

Banjo 5:41 Fri Feb 10
Re: Depression thread part two
Westham67 4:47 Fri Feb 10

Good post mate.

So pleased you are on the up and up and I hope you get the gig in Malaysia.

Up the "ammers.

Westham67 4:47 Fri Feb 10
Re: Depression thread part two
I still see a Psychiatrist every month been doing it since I was sick over a year ago.Its not as cliche as it is portrade. I just have a good chat with them and if Ive got a problem or a bit down, which hasnt happened since I was diagnosed and treated, they'll prescribe me something.

I'm still officialy in recovery so Im taking 2 anti Psychotics, Psychosis was caused by neurosyphillis, I take them at night so I'm not monged out during the day , plus ive been on them for over a year so very little affect apart from the chemistry in my Brain.

Difficult to come off of them just like anti depressants. I passed a medical yesterday and it opens the door for job in Malaysia , i'll still be on the anti psychotics for a while yet.. If people look down on you or persecute you for having depression just them to fuck there self

J.Riddle 2:54 Fri Feb 10
Re: Depression thread part two
Thanks Alf, I knew someone 30+ years ago diagnosed with MS and I was shocked because he was in his late 20s, always remember him saying the first signs were pins and needles in his hand(s).

Alfs 2:48 Fri Feb 10
Re: Depression thread part two
Riddle, coincidentally I had that too recently. The doctor assured me that it wasn't linked.

Alfs 2:46 Fri Feb 10
Re: Depression thread part two

Only two episodes in my life. Both in my eye, which vison deteriated by about 40%, then corrected itself within weeks.

I get tired sometimes, but don't we all. And the depression. To be honest, I wish I was never diagnosed with it as now it's on my medical records I can no longer get life insurance or a mortgage.

J.Riddle 2:44 Fri Feb 10
Re: Depression thread part two
Alfs, apologies insensitive just googled it. I was aware of MS just never knew of mild MS. Had some tingling in the fingers ulnar nerve problems so got me thinking.

gank 2:35 Fri Feb 10
Re: Depression thread part two
Works instead of Office

J.Riddle 2:22 Fri Feb 10
Re: Depression thread part two
Alfs, sorry to hear that, but pleased you've pulled through the worst, if you don't mind me asking, what symptoms do you get with mild MS?

Alfs 2:18 Fri Feb 10
Re: Depression thread part two
I've suffered for depression for over a decade, but the meds seem to work for me, as in, I take them and no longer feel depressed.

I still feel sadness and disappointment, so the meds don't numb me from that, but I no longer have that haze that made me want to cop out of life.

My own depression seems to be a by-product of MS that I've had very, very, mildly for twenty odd years.. Because of it, I get Viagra free on the NHS, so with those and my Seroxat, I now get far more ups than downs.

Texas Iron 1:17 Fri Feb 10
Re: Depression thread part two

You have told me to Fuck Off many times...and for no reason...

Seeing as I'm not a vindictive person I will not kick you while you are down...

Best wishes for a speedy recovery...and hope you get a new job soon...

J.Riddle 12:22 Fri Feb 10
Re: Depression thread part two
As an employer over the years for what it's worth I think Chelmsford gives accurate advice. I have always requested an application form be filled out at interview and signed. One of the questions being "Do you currently or have you ever suffered from any serious illnesses or take any prescribed medication, if so please state dates from and until and medication required. Along with GP details and next of kin in case of emergencies. This could be something common as Asthma, or more complicated as Epilepsy.

If the employer is notified it would be a bit rich to complain later, but if the employer is not notified then unfair to make a claim. Similar to undisclosed accidents/claims or points on your driving license to an insurer.

Crassus 12:01 Fri Feb 10
Re: Depression thread part two
Good luck fella, keep with it

I have first hand knowledge of this through an employee of ours and have seen how a good employer can help - they are out there

No need to go into details beyond that they were as bad as it gets, overdosing on site etc

Our mob, commercially brutal, closed ranks for the lad and have helped him immeasurably

I wish you well and hope that you can find a similar working environment that provides the foundation for a broader better health

Best wishes and if all seems lost, it is not, there is a listening ear and helpful hand there somewhere, just make sure you know where it is before you need it is my advice.

joe royal 11:25 Thu Feb 9
Re: Depression thread part two

chelmsfordhammer 8:28 Thu Feb 9
Re: Depression thread part two

as long as you informed your employer as soon as you fell ill.

Would you mention this at interview stage? I'm sure I would not.

Q to bolts - did you mention it at interview stage or after you got the job?

White Pony 10:20 Thu Feb 9
Re: Depression thread part two
Chin up, son.

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