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Q: 2018/19 Wolves (H)
a. At last we have a win now let's make it two, Win
b. A win against 10 men and two leagues below us is fine, but this will be much harder I'll take a point, Draw
c. Who are we kidding, a win against Wimbledon and all is rosy, forget it we're getting our arses kicked in this one, Lose
d. It's at times like these when you really do miss Love Island
e. I was all over this game until I found out it's not on the box, the broadcasting companies really don't care about us hard core fans do they, I might pop off to Thorpe Park for the day instead, obviously in my WHU shirt

steveiron64 9:07 Sat Feb 11
Slaven Post Match - Class

Passionate, distraught at losing 2 points, straight down the line, respectful but blunt. No BS and wants to win every game.

Long live that ethos at West Ham.

Absolute class.

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Rossal 9:50 Tue Feb 14
Re: Slaven Post Match - Class
One was made at HT and one after the 5 mins was indicated by the ref

so 4 subs = 2 minutes.......god knows where the other 3 came from

Trevor B 9:26 Tue Feb 14
Re: Slaven Post Match - Class
Aren't refs supposed to add on 30 secs for each sub, so thats 3 minutes there.

Rossal 8:19 Tue Feb 14
Re: Slaven Post Match - Class
Yeah anyone thinking the officials had a blinder on saturday is a idiot

Also why was there 5 mins worth of stoppage time ? The game was slowed down by WBA since 25 minutes in why do they then get that time back once their 2-1 down

I can see why Bilic was aggreived and love the passion in lobbing the mic

Durham had a right pop at him in typical OTT knicker wetting Durham style. 3 min rant is on his twitter if anyones interested

Sven Roeder 12:06 Tue Feb 14
Re: Slaven Post Match - Class
Hadnt seen that choke hold on Antonio but it doesn't surprise me

I also liked the fact that the lino can see a slight nick of Antonio's boot that moves the ball 2cm and gives a throw. And then cant see that West Brom take the throw in 20 FUCKING YARDS down the touchline from where it goes out

Takashi Miike 11:55 Mon Feb 13
Re: Slaven Post Match - Class
loved it when he kept saying "yes, I love Michael Oliver. he is a great official" when really meaning "I'd love to boot him in the head"

smartkev 11:47 Mon Feb 13
Re: Slaven Post Match - Class
Who'll be in charge?

Bilic, you weirdos. Just he might have to do it from the stands.

Frankie van der Elst 9:41 Mon Feb 13
Re: Slaven Post Match - Class
To be honest the one that really bothered me was Foster's rugby tackle on Antonio!


KLM 8:59 Mon Feb 13
Re: Slaven Post Match - Class
It is an important tactic for a manager to put pressure on the ref, so well done. Hopefully more decisions will go for us like they do formourinho wenger

Far Cough 7:47 Mon Feb 13
Re: Slaven Post Match - Class
Edin Terzic?

genuine fan 7:38 Mon Feb 13
Re: Slaven Post Match - Class
IF IT.s DICKS guess it will be an offcial being sent to the stands via his boot !!!!!

tnb 6:55 Mon Feb 13
Re: Slaven Post Match - Class
I had to work Saturday so I've only seen the highlights. But my thoughs were -

First West Brom goal, foul. No, not 100% but I can see the frustration that it feels like we never get those decisions. Then again, the Reid and Antonio penalties? In the cold light of day, maybe it's not that one sided. And yes I do think those were both correctly given, but to turn the old cliche around we've also 'seen them not given'. So on those instances in a judgement call we did benefit.

Disallowed goal - right decision. Of course it would have been great if we'd got away with it, and on other occasions teams will. Just because of that or because we want it to have stood doesn't mean it wasn't actually the correct decision. Let's be honest, you can't claim to be inactive/ not interfering with play when you're impeding the keeper. Nolan used to get away with it for some reason, mind you.

Snodgrass penalty shout - dubious. We wouldn't have been happy with it given against us. I believe there was another penalty shout too (Collins?) but for some reason that wasn't included on MOTD from what I recall.

Throw in - I think that's a vanishingly slight touch by Antonio and I would be very surprised if the lino or ref could claim to have seen that at the time. So the right decision as it happens but I can completely see why Bilic was angry in real time. MOTD didn't show the discrepancy between where it was taken and where the ball went out, but I've heard it was blatant and I give Bilic the benefit of the doubt that he wouldn't have gone racing up the touchline to confront the lino if that wasn't the case. Still, I completely agree with andy that however bad a decision is against you you still have to do your job - and if we'd cleared the corner (or not given it away, which didn't seem too difficult) then the throw in decision would have been irrelevant. I don't like the idea of going back one or two passages of play and saying 'but if...' and I can't change that just because it hurt us this time. A parallel that comes to mind is being at Wembley prior to the Euros for England v Holland when Stones thought an offside should have been given and then just let the attacker (Wijnaldum?) ghost past him. If a decision has been made, you get on with your job and ensure that the bad decision doesn't have any consequences. Then argue afterwards if you want. We seemed to lose our composure thereafter.

That said, for me the equaliser was a clear foul on Randolph and given how protected keepers are these days I reckon that gets given as such 9 times out of 10 if not more. MOTD didn't even give it any consideration but they're not going to change my mind on that. The fact we also had players in his way (Fernandes in particular I think it was) doesn't change that.

So it's probably not 'every decision went against us' and it's definitely not 'every decision was actually right'. The truth is somewhere inbetween. But I can understand Bilic's reaction. That said, it was a bit daft especially knowing Jurkevic had already been sent off - if he'd kept his cool for another couple of minutes then we wouldn't be wondering who the hell is going to take charge next game. Then again, being the bigger man is great in hindsight, and I still love the man and his passion.

Talking of which, who DOES take charge next game- any ideas? Westley??????!

andyd12345 6:24 Mon Feb 13
Re: Slaven Post Match - Class
Russ - take your C&B specs off mate.

It wasn't clearly a foul for the first goal - it was very much 50/50.
Our goal wasn't incorrectly ruled offside. Antonio was well offside and for some reason decided to barge into the keeper once it dropped to Feghouli
Throw in wasn't incorrectly awarded - as per the MOTD slow mo it clearly clipped Antonio
Throw in may have been taken too far up the pitch, agreed. Although from the throw in we conceded a corner, which we didn't defend properly, which let them score. Enough time and motion passed since the throw in to give us the opportunity not to concede.
As for foul at the corner - possibly yes possibly no. Subjective, and you can argue it either way

Overall we have the right to feel a bit aggrieved because 2 X 50/50 decisions went against us. But hardly makes it the worst officiating of the season.

Russ of the BML 5:56 Mon Feb 13
Slaven Post Match - Class
Their first goal a clear foul.
Our goal incorrectly ruled out for off-side.
Throw in incorrectly given to them which lead to the corner.
Thrown in taken 20 yards further up the pitch to where ball went out.
Their second goal from the corner a foul.

All Bilic's fault the useless cunt.

andyd12345 5:47 Mon Feb 13
Re: Slaven Post Match - Class
Prancer, you stalking little bitch. Isn't there some ladyboy you should be wanking off somewhere? Stop replying to every post I make with your inane drivel. You are one of the most boring, pointless little tosses on here who never offers any kind of opinion

Now fuck off back to your hovel you pathetic cretin.

Private Dancer 4:32 Mon Feb 13
Re: Slaven Post Match - Class

andyd12345 11:00 Mon Feb 13
Re: Slaven Post Match - Class

''Personally I think Bilic has shown himself up a bit''

The only person that has shown himself up recently is YOU, with your pathetic, outrageous attack on Bilic last week on here. I'm stunned that you still have the audacity to post on here, you absolute fucking CUNT.

Private Dancer 4:25 Mon Feb 13
Re: Slaven Post Match - Class
Oooohhh, look how honest we all are. Bottom line is those calls could have easily gone our way. End of fucking story.

Lowestoft Hammer 4:23 Mon Feb 13
Re: Slaven Post Match - Class
, 11:58 Sun Feb 12
Bilic boiled over at the end of the game and clearly what upsets him more than anything else is our inability to defend a Stoke corner

Bit harsh of Bilic expecting us to defend a Stoke corner when we're playing West Brom.

Eddie B 3:54 Mon Feb 13
Re: Slaven Post Match - Class
99 broken furry microphones

Stepney.Ammer 3:51 Mon Feb 13
Re: Slaven Post Match - Class
Sorry, and also what the opening post says

Stepney.Ammer 3:50 Mon Feb 13
Re: Slaven Post Match - Class
What Johnson, Chim, and 62 Hammer have said...the bloke is proper West Ham for me and I hope he is our manager for years to come.

Devonshire Cream Tea 3:42 Mon Feb 13
Re: Slaven Post Match - Class
I didn't know it hit Antonio, thought it was our throw.

Well its just one of those games we didn't get the decisions. Against other teams maybe take it on the chin but against Pulis just winds everyone up it seems

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