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Leonard Hatred 8:47 Sun Feb 12
Purchasing a bulldog
Talk to me.

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Billy Go Wings 8:25 Tue Feb 14
Re: Purchasing a bulldog

You'll get conflicting views on spading your bitch, I've got a Rottweiler bitch 18mths, she's had her first two seasons, wasn't an issue, just don't take out in company, the general consensus I got was don't spay until fully grown, it can stunt their growth as doing early they aren't fully developed, certainly Rotty bitches I've seen on the small side were all spayed early.

Regarding mouthing it's their way of playing and if you really look into it it's important they learn bite inhibition, what level is ok and what's not, many will say teeth on flesh is an absolute no, but then how will they learn what's the right level of pressure. You can if you want to stop it put some mustard/chily sauce/Tabasco/cider vinegar on your hand, they'll soon stop, or let them play with you with their mouth and the minute it gets too strong, you stop, some people suggest pretending it hurts by yelping, turn your back and stop playing, they'll soon work it out.
Rotty's have one of the strongest bites in the canine world, she's on a raw diet (highly recommend) and crunches through uncooked bones like we eat crisps so could really do damage to me but when we play she has learnt the right amount of pressure that's acceptable, but that's up to you, as I say for total avoidance put that sauce on your hand, you can also put on objects to stop her biting them. Cider vinegar the best as not so messy

nerd 5:41 Tue Feb 14
Re: Purchasing a bulldog
Be prepared for big vet bills. Lovely but so many health issues . I like the old English bulldog the American breed based on the original bear baiting dogs, more active a lot healthier and very friendly. I like working terrier's hard as nails with the attitude , loving and fun.

JOHNNY V 5:03 Tue Feb 14
Re: Purchasing a bulldog
Any Old Iron, we did consult a vet and they said before her first season, but have had many people tell us the same as Northern Sold that we should wait until after.

Thanks for the info NS, we only ever put her in the crate if it has gone on for a long period of time, however she does love it in there so I don't think she see's that as any kind of punishment which is probably half the problem. It sounds normal behavior anyhow, just wanted to check.

SecondOpinion 4:55 Tue Feb 14
Re: Purchasing a bulldog
Has Leonard bought this fucking dog or not????

Claret Badger 4:53 Tue Feb 14
Re: Purchasing a bulldog
My corgi and basset hounds have helped me decide these are the only two breeds for me

bassets sound like absolute monsters - if you cant see them (and fart like a docker after a heavy Guinness and ruby session - literally strips the walls with their stench)

Corgis are fucking ace - if you can find a breeder
loyal, resourceful and great watchdogs

Council Scum 3:15 Tue Feb 14
Re: Purchasing a bulldog
Dogs mouth, especially at that age, I'd not worry about it V

Any Old Iron 2:06 Tue Feb 14
Re: Purchasing a bulldog
Can only back up what others have said, and I'd advise anyone considering getting a Bulldog to forget it.
Their breathing problems can be chronic. A few years back I knew of a lady that had a top drawer pedigree Bulldog that was reserve best of breed at Crufts.
One day he didn't seem to be on form so she took him to the vets. The vet put him on the table to take a look and the dog keeled over and snuffed it. That was a 4 year old dog worth £5,000

Jonny V. How about consulting a vet.

Northern Sold 1:54 Tue Feb 14
Re: Purchasing a bulldog
Pretty sure you normally wait until they have a at least one season before they allow a spay??

Regarding mouthing... dog is still very young at 24 weeks old... it's how they explore... we just ignored our one...our one found out that a squeaky toy was much more preferable to mouthing a hand after a short while... I wouldn't necessary shove her in a crate for punishment for that... Crate should be a place they want to go rather than be put in if they are naughty...

mallard 1:52 Tue Feb 14
Re: Purchasing a bulldog
It's the breathing problems that put me off - too many years of breeding the runts of the litter

JOHNNY V 1:40 Tue Feb 14
Re: Purchasing a bulldog
Thought I would take advantage of this thread, I have recently bought a girl cocker spaniel who is lovely and has been a delight. This is our first ever dog and I have been given contradicting advice on the age we should have her spayed. She is currently 24 weeks old.
Also despite her being house trained, off lead, weekly training sessions and generally fitted in with the family day to day procedure (2 young kids and misses is a child minder) she does have a tendency for mouthing, mostly family and never aggressively, is this common and how long should it go on for, she gets told off and put in her crate when it happens but doesn't seem to be making much of a difference.
Appreciate any advice if anyone else has owned this breed.

Northern Sold 1:28 Tue Feb 14
Re: Purchasing a bulldog
Sw a couple of British Bulldogs in La Jolla in San Diego about 3 or 4 years ago... one slipped on the rocks and ended up dropping a couple of feet into the Pacific... wasn't deep so no real problem ... well apart from the dog was like an up turned turtle... the owner had to wade in and rescue the daft sod...

Council Scum 1:08 Tue Feb 14
Re: Purchasing a bulldog
Wouldn't touch a bulldog until health is at the forefront of the breed not show type. That poor dog has been ruined over the years.

Get a Dorset old thyme bulldog if you want a bulldog. True to the original form

Northern Sold 3:02 Tue Feb 14
Re: Purchasing a bulldog
BGW....my 2nd fav breed of hound... love them... especially as they now have waggy tails

Northern Sold 3:00 Tue Feb 14
Re: Purchasing a bulldog
Any Old Iron 12:49 Tue Feb 14
Re: Purchasing a bulldog
Get many tame birds in you garden do you Sold?

Yeah.... escaped Budgies...

Billy Go Wings 2:54 Tue Feb 14
Re: Purchasing a bulldog
I've Got a Rottweiler, highly recommend, very clever dog, was house trained in a week or two, great temperament, very chilled and fantastic with humans, loves kids to bits, loves affection. Proper working dog, will exercise you into the ground, needs stimulation. Got a natural guarding instinct so will let you know if anyone is near the house but follows your lead once they've told you someone is there, ours will sound like she wants to kill you but once we've accepted you she's like putty in your hands.

Any Old Iron 12:49 Tue Feb 14
Re: Purchasing a bulldog
Get many tame birds in you garden do you Sold?

zebthecat 8:59 Mon Feb 13
Re: Purchasing a bulldog
Thiis what they used to look like:

I feel sorry for the inbred dogs we have today

wurzel 8:43 Mon Feb 13
Re: Purchasing a bulldog
All Bulldogs are delivered by caesarian section because their heads are too big.
They look nothing like the original breed from about100 years ago when it was bred for non vanity purposes,shame really.

Shit machines

Nurse Ratched 6:02 Mon Feb 13
Re: Purchasing a bulldog

Attacks rain? Tries to bite it??

Gavros 4:55 Mon Feb 13
Re: Purchasing a bulldog
Everything I know about bulldogs I got from the Beatles song "Hey bulldog"

Northern Sold 4:53 Mon Feb 13
Re: Purchasing a bulldog
Anything in our back garden is fair game to our dog.... he's almost run through the closed patio doors to get at a cat that was sitting watching the wild birds eat a few suet balls... and don't get him started on the Fox that gets up on our flat roof and looks in through the sky light... he's also head butted the bird feeder full pelt when a couple of ring tailed doves were having their wicked way on it.... he's gonna have a heart attack one of these days...

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