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Q: 2017/18 Everton (h)
a. I fancy us to win this one and for Moyes to have the last laugh, Win
b. A bit like Thursday two teams seeing out the season and with ywo defence minded managers this will be a borefest, Draw
c. BFS will once again silence us and respect all three points, Lose
d, It didn't take long for the owners to start undermining the manager once we were safe and now Brady is digging out the fans in her column, while their PR cronies test the water over a new manager, we really have to rid ourselves of these clowns, ev
e. We're safe and as you know I'm the biggest West Ham fan going but I might give this one a miss as I need to get a new BBQ and they're on offer at B&Q, I'll still wear my replica shirt mind, as I bleed claret & blue

Stranded 11:35 Sun Feb 12
Need something new to watch, so thought it was time for another of these. A couple to get things going.

Milius (2013) Feature length documentary about the man who gave us everything from “Feel lucky, punk?” to “I Love the smell of napalm in the morning” and much more besides. Scorsese, Coppola, Spielberg et al line up to pay tribute.


Youth Terror, the View From Behind the Gun (1978) ABC News documentary about youth crime in New York. One for fans of ’80 Blocks from Tiffany’s” etc.


And before anyone says it: Couple of clips from the 1977/78 Thames series “This Sporting Land” Sadly, the second one’s silent stock footage, but you can’t have everything. Anyone on here spot themseves?


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Takashi Miike 3:36 Fri May 18
Re: Documentaries
good ones jve watched recently.....

WILD WILD COUNTRY - About a cult
FLINT TOWN - About the struggles of the police force in Flint, Michigan
MY FRIEND ROCKEFELLER - About a german bloke who makes a new life in america but does so by committing crimes under a different name
EVIL GENIUS - About a bank robbery gone wrong, and the various characters involved in the plot
THE RACHEL DIVIDE - About the social justice/civil rights advocate Rachel Dolizal who found fame in america claiming that she is black when born white

Eddie B 12:36 Mon May 14
Re: Documentaries
God yeah.

Also just downloaded Whicker's War too. Great documentary that.

Northern Sold 12:30 Mon May 14
Re: Documentaries
I got that on VHS somewhere Eddie... brutal that

BRANDED 10:21 Mon May 14
Re: Documentaries
JFK that assumes Syria was a civilised country while the tyrant was still in control?

Eddie B 9:59 Mon May 14
Re: Documentaries
All four episodes of Hell in the Pacific are on YouTube. Superb series of the pacific war.

Sydney_Iron 8:47 Sun May 13
Re: Documentaries
That madness on the M6 is one of the most bizarre things I have seen! Fucking mental beyond comprehension??

Thanks for posting that up, far anyone who missed it.


jfk 7:40 Sun May 13
Re: Documentaries
Syria:The Worlds War
Shown on BBC 2 lately available on the iplayer .Its hard to believe how a once civilised country has been flattened through conflict that's still going on now the world has sat back and done fuck all.Assad(Syrias tyrant)has been backed by Russia Its made me think twice about Syrian refugees coming here .I feel desperately sorry for the families that arn't fortunate enough to get out of the place.

collyrob 12:23 Sun May 13
Re: Documentaries
Watched the first episode of Evil Genius on Netflix and it has me gripped by the bollocks. 5/5 so far.

normannomates 4:09 Mon Apr 23
Re: Documentaries
some great suggestions here..cheers fellas

normannomates 4:01 Mon Apr 23
Re: Documentaries
LEMMY from MOTORHEAD documentary..dont have to love metal either...just a good watch
...top geezer..RIP

normannomates 3:48 Mon Apr 23
Re: Documentaries


normannomates 3:44 Mon Apr 23
Re: Documentaries
cheers seconds

ill check it out

for those interested...bbc iplayer archine has some good stuff
watched a 1987 doc on the eaely days of kiss and tim westwood esquire..good watch

factory seconds 3:26 Mon Apr 23
Re: Documentaries
american movie:


have it on the desktop of my computer and find myself clicking on it every six months and often as not end up watching the whole thing.

normannomates 2:06 Mon Apr 23
Re: Documentaries
agree soldo..

very moving stuff.

tells both sides...inpartially..thats the great thing...lets the viewer think for themselves...rare thing

Northern Sold 9:51 Sat Apr 21
Re: Documentaries
Chigwell.... Just an amazing Piece made by the BBC ....easily best doc series seen in years....some of it shocked me to the core...

jfk 7:49 Sat Apr 21
Re: Documentaries
chim chim cha boo 5:44 Tue Dec 12

jfk 7:40 Sat Apr 21
Re: Documentaries
Available on Netflix.Be prepared.

jfk 7:25 Sat Apr 21
Re: Documentaries
I think chim mentioned it on here Storyville- Last men of Aleppo I think it was nominated for an Oscar.
I watched it on his reccommendation with my eldest.Deffinately not one for the faint hearted.
Its hard to believe there are poor,unfortunate people in a so called civilised world surviving like they are,it's a brutal insight into a city that's been flattened through constant bombing via jet fighter planes for one reason or another that I can't begin or want to understand.
The endings absolutely gut wrenching.

Chigwell 5:32 Sat Apr 21
Re: Documentaries
Life and Death Row - the most captivating documentary series I have seen. Surprisingly it was first screened on BBC3 which is normally for the brain dead.

Gavros 11:51 Fri Apr 20
Re: Documentaries
Madness on the M6...fucking mental....looked it up online and theres all sorts of conspiracy theory shit about it.

Swiss. 1:39 Tue Apr 10
Re: Documentaries

Definately gonna check out The Defiant Ones. Thanks for the tip. Not sure how that flew under the radar.

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