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Stranded 11:35 Sun Feb 12
Need something new to watch, so thought it was time for another of these. A couple to get things going.

Milius (2013) Feature length documentary about the man who gave us everything from “Feel lucky, punk?” to “I Love the smell of napalm in the morning” and much more besides. Scorsese, Coppola, Spielberg et al line up to pay tribute.


Youth Terror, the View From Behind the Gun (1978) ABC News documentary about youth crime in New York. One for fans of ’80 Blocks from Tiffany’s” etc.


And before anyone says it: Couple of clips from the 1977/78 Thames series “This Sporting Land” Sadly, the second one’s silent stock footage, but you can’t have everything. Anyone on here spot themseves?


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zico 6:33 Sat Jan 13
Re: Documentaries
Sold,,, yep a man years ahead of his time. Must admit I had absolutely no idea what work went in to animation and yet this all started in the 20/30s. Incredible, and I must also confess even at my age get me drenched on Splash Mountain in 30 degree heat and I am a happy man!!!

Northern Sold 4:18 Sat Jan 13
Re: Documentaries
zico... the Disney doc is brilliant... absolute visionary...

BRANDED 12:47 Sat Jan 13
Re: Documentaries
The Spider's Web: Britain's Second Empire

On Amazon at the mo

zico 12:33 Sat Jan 13
Re: Documentaries
Dug up this thread to mention two I stumbled across on BBC4 on Demand and Sky Arts this week for those who like to get away from the depressions of real life for a couple of hours.

The first is a two part documentary about the life and career of Walt Disney. A quite incredible visionary with staggering determination and desire where most would have given up after 5 minutes. Not the biggest favourite with his staff at times but it's fascinating to see how it all came about running from the humble beginnings of short animation to Snow White which is quite mind blowing when you see the intricate work that went into creating the first ever animated feature film all the way to his vision of the theme parks in California and Florida. I can't even draw a stick man so to see how it took over 2500000 intricate drawings to make Snow White is incredible.

The second is a doc about the careers, lives and friendships of Laurel and Hardy. A genuinely fascinating look at how they actually met (did you know Stan Laurel was Charlie Chaplin's understudy?!) and how their careers went up and down all the way through to their later years. Some of the stuff still genuinely cracks me up. Some of the programme is a bit strange because a fair bit is in German due to their massive following in Europe but it has subtitles which is great for deaf gits like me!! A good watch.

Takashi Miike 7:04 Fri Dec 29
Re: Documentaries
also started watching a new doc series on Netflix called THE TOYS THAT MADE US. each episode covers a specific popular toy from the last forty to fifty years with the first episode covering The Star Wars franchise. very interesting for people of a certain age who had these toys when they first came out, also interesting hearing the deals Kenner did with Lucas at the time. really good to hear he lost a lot of money, unsurprisingly he refused to take part in the documentary which is very good

Takashi Miike 6:59 Fri Dec 29
Re: Documentaries
*David Crowley*

Takashi Miike 6:58 Fri Dec 29
Re: Documentaries
watched a new one called A GRAY STATE. if you're on the conspiracy/reality theory spectrum you'll have been aware of the film trailer Gray State. this doc is about the life and subsequent mysterious death of its young director Bryan Crowley, who was found shot dead in his home along with the bodies of his wife and young daughter. very sad film but interesting if you were aware of the youtube videos he put out

Jose+ 9:35 Fri Dec 22
Re: Documentaries
Icarus - sports doping documentary.

Fascinating from two points of view, the insight into the procedures behind doping and evading positive results and then how the focus of the documentary changes as the state-sponsored scandal begins to break worldwide.

sanfrancis-co-uk 4:22 Fri Dec 22
Re: Documentaries
Haven't seen to many responses to this but if you like music docs watch the defiant ones.

Northern Sold 3:26 Fri Dec 22
Re: Documentaries
The Eighties .... CNN 8 parter produced by Tom Hanks & Gary Goetzman currently being shown on Sky Arts... brilliantly put together... the stuff on Reagan and the Cold War is top notch...


Westham67 2:40 Fri Dec 22
Re: Documentaries
Not yet but will be next one on Netflix

Has decent reviews

Nurse Ratched 1:58 Fri Dec 22
Re: Documentaries
Anybody here watch Wormwood?

Westham67 1:50 Fri Dec 22
Re: Documentaries
The American Civil war on Netflix 9 1 hour installments, made before the days of the shallow History channels 1 hour attempt to educate Americans on their own history. More of a "The World at War" style

Swiss. 10:41 Thu Dec 21
Re: Documentaries
Cocaine Cowboys

Amazing how Miami transformed to an crappy elderly retirement town to a billion dollar city.

The money these people were making was insane.

normannomates 3:36 Thu Dec 21
Re: Documentaries
I would demand every politician serves on the front line..dose of reality..


Go fuck yourselves

normannomates 3:30 Thu Dec 21
Re: Documentaries
The Americans are worse than us for exploiting the poor.

normannomates 2:10 Thu Dec 21
Re: Documentaries
Ken Burns played against us for many yrs

The Stoat 1:43 Tue Dec 19
Re: Documentaries
What's this got to do with WEST HAM?

Northern Sold 12:00 Tue Dec 19
Re: Documentaries
I hate Christian laetner part of the 30/30 series.... story of the most HATED and still most HATED college basketball ever.... loved it

normannomates 5:34 Tue Dec 19
Re: Documentaries
Ken Burns The Vietnam War

Watch and learn...

Takashi Miike 3:19 Sun Dec 17
Re: Documentaries
just watched shearer's excellent bbc dementia documentary. really interesting programme but at times sad, especially when he goes to meet his old boss chris nicholl

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