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d. It's at times like these when you really do miss Love Island
e. I was all over this game until I found out it's not on the box, the broadcasting companies really don't care about us hard core fans do they, I might pop off to Thorpe Park for the day instead, obviously in my WHU shirt

Percy Dalton 5:30 Mon Feb 13
Overcrowding in prison's
Prisons are full to bursting point.
Authorities are looking for a solution.
Here I've got one.
Hang the murderers, nonces and terrorist's. Problem solved.

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Infidel 4:43 Tue Feb 14
Re: Overcrowding in prison's
Marine Le Pen's 144 promises in her election manifesto are, as you would expect, largely bonkers, but there is a pledge to build 40,000 more prison places and lock up every delinquent on the streets of France's cities, which I have to say is an excellent idea.

cornish 4:37 Tue Feb 14
Re: Overcrowding in prison's
That wasn't a fuckup that was a railroad job poor sod,but he was up to no good if he wasn't there thieving it wouldn't have happened .

Grumpster 4:37 Tue Feb 14
Re: Overcrowding in prison's
Well the thing is 13br, it's sort of true as there is a huge percentage of immigrants currently serving in our jails.

Agree with the original post though, the death penalty should be brought back.

mallard 4:21 Tue Feb 14
Re: Overcrowding in prison's
You can't bring back the death penalty due to fuck up's like Derek Bentley

13 Brentford Rd 4:18 Tue Feb 14
Re: Overcrowding in prison's
Once again like housing and health care overcrowding is blamed on everything but the obvious unspeakable fact that there are too many people here.

Mike Oxsaw 4:13 Tue Feb 14
Re: Overcrowding in prison's
riosleftsock 3:53 Tue Feb 14

You'll have the Union of Pikeys at your billy goat by suggesting that.

riosleftsock 3:53 Tue Feb 14
Re: Overcrowding in prison's
How about rounding up a few thousand of the less risky offenders and taking them round the country repairing the fucking potholes everywhere

Westside 3:48 Tue Feb 14
Re: Overcrowding in prison's
I presume the overcrowding in prisons, is in some way linked to a funding issue?

Why not introduce a prison service lottery? The public buys a ticket for the annual number of suicides in the prison system. Proceeds (after paying out winnings) go to the prison service to use as they see fit.

Only problem I can see is unlike the national lottery,where there are many millions of winning numbers possible, the winning number will be in the 200 - 300 range, causing a lot of shared jackpots.

Perhaps the "bonus ball" could be guess the number of murders in jails in a year?

Mike Oxsaw 2:58 Tue Feb 14
Re: Overcrowding in prison's
Every cell of a lifer should have a cabinet within which is a suicide pill. No pressure whatsoever - apart from the occasional reminder that it's still there - on the internee/prisoner, but no social niceties, either.

The occasional check - say at meal times (which should be basic and unappetising sustenance as opposed to what could remotely be described as "a meal").

Cause of death reported in every case as "suicide". Hose down the cell, re-stock the cabinet and "next, please".

franksfat&slow&wank 2:48 Tue Feb 14
Re: Overcrowding in prison's
Ian Huntley should have been tortured to death, torture for a few weeks and then kill the cunt off

franksfat&slow&wank 2:46 Tue Feb 14
Re: Overcrowding in prison's
riosleftsock 10:40 Mon Feb 13
Re: Overcrowding in prison's
In some respects the scandis have the right idea.

Instead of prison being a release from all of your social duties, they have a lot of weekend sentences. In other words you are sentenced for the normal tariff but still have to go to work and provide your family and pay taxes but you are banged up every night and at weekends.
like that idea

madeeasy 2:35 Tue Feb 14
Re: Overcrowding in prison's

whilst i agree, what crimes do you think should be imposed for the death penalty?

GingerHammer 2:33 Tue Feb 14
Re: Overcrowding in prison's
Forget prisons to reform people, it needs to be a punishment so severe that you'd think 3 times about doing anything to get imprisoned and if you did, you'd never want to risk going back.

Reoffend rates are so high because the people who commit the first offence are obviously prone to crime in the first place. Hardly surprising they commit more offences is it?

As someone else said make a bit of space by deporting. Also bring back the death penalty for the worst offences.

Still need more space? Build more prisons and fund the Police properly to ensure we fill them up too.

madeeasy 1:23 Tue Feb 14
Re: Overcrowding in prison's
Percy, there wa sone guy who was a bus driver in south london who watched old people after he dropped them off late and then went in and mugged them.

He got 8 years and did 4. All i know is that he got a shit time inside, he wasnt a friend of mine at all, and even in open nick when he went to get his washing from the machine people had gone in and cut his clothes up or wrote over his clothes in permnent pen.

the bloke was a grade one cunt. no matter how long he had gone down for he would always still be a grade one cunt.

prison doesn't work for reform in so many cases.

Percy Dalton 12:55 Tue Feb 14
Re: Overcrowding in prison's
The animal that raped the 81 year old woman if and when caught will get a prison sentence funded by the tax payer.
A twelve foot drop from the scaffold might not deter other evil crimes but it will be one less that we don't have to provide for.

madeeasy 12:47 Tue Feb 14
Re: Overcrowding in prison's

The other problem that we have is the deportation centres. There are many people tied up in these centres that are outside of the prison statistics, indeed prisons have been closed as prisons, Hockley in Essex for instance and is now a deportation centre. Still basically a prison but classified as different for statistics.

The people in htese centres can be there for up to 3 years whilst the "paperwork" gets sorted.

The whole system is fucked.

Needs someone to come in there and run it properly and not take all the liberal bullshit that dogs nearly every governmental department.

Need doers not talkers.

Westside 12:44 Tue Feb 14
Re: Overcrowding in prison's
How many imprisoned foreigners can we get rid of by sending them back to their home country?

The number of foreign nationals in our prisons is now 12%.Of those, 42% are from EU nations. I assume they could be deported without any fears of them being tortured, executed etc.

Westham67 7:50 Tue Feb 14
Re: Overcrowding in prison's
Artical about him in The Nation about a week ago. An Aussie bird got gang raped and murdered in a prison riot Duterte said he wished they had waited so he could have had a go. To many people's, including the womans family, disgust

,He's a Typical future Generalissimo with his populist rhetoric he's a candidate for junta leader for the Philippines

chevy chase 6:48 Tue Feb 14
Re: Overcrowding in prison's

Spandex Sidney 12:38 Tue Feb 14
Re: Overcrowding in prison's
The problem is prison isn't a punishment anymore. It's not an easy option but it's free board, food and social activities for your sentance. We are looking after these people while elderly people are NOT being looked after because councils have no money.

Tag them, make them work, pay their own way and community work in their free time. For any in prison, it should be harsh and uncompromising. No TVs, Xboxes, basic food and plain water and nothing but books for entertainment and 50 hours of graft a week for something useful for society. If they step out of line, they get a beating.

See how many of them want to go back then.

, 12:33 Tue Feb 14
Re: Overcrowding in prison's
Percy, the proportion of the prison population that fall into the "murderer, nonce, terrorist category is small enough to make little or no difference to easing the overcrowding problem by carrying out death sentences.

You need to come up with a better thought out solution.

I"ll wait patiently for a substantive answer.

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