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ivan 12:04 Mon Feb 20
Wine tasting
I do love a glass of wine , so much so that ive decided to go on some kind of wine tasting trip.
Spain or France seems favorite
Can anyone recommend any trips or companies that run these excursions. Or any tips in general as Im completely new to this.Thanks in advance.

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DocMarten 10:01 Mon Feb 20
Re: Wine tasting
Have a look and see if you have a Majestic Wine not far away. They often do wine tasting evenings. Clearly, you may have to leave the car at home!

Depending upon your finances, a wine club is a great idea.

It's a fascinating subject wthi so many parts.

Fun read : Grape Expectations - about a couple who stepped away from the rat race to rescue a small vineyard in the Bordeaux region.

Read and learn and you'll soon be comfortable with a lot of what's on a wine list. If your not, never be afraid to ask for help.

Good luck mate.

Willtell 4:16 Mon Feb 20
Re: Wine tasting
SecondOpinion 3:38
Ha ha! Blue Nun was everyone's first wine. It was a cheap slightly sweet white that is probably vinegar by now. I doubt that it would store well...

Council Scum 3:58 Mon Feb 20
Re: Wine tasting
The best wines come from Kent and Sussex, go to Chapel Down in Kent

defjam 3:53 Mon Feb 20
Re: Wine tasting
Not a wine drinker, hardly drink alcohol but i did a wine tasting tour in the Barossa Valley, OZ

SecondOpinion 3:38 Mon Feb 20
Re: Wine tasting
I still have an unopened bottle of BLUE NUN from the 80's.

Great vintage

ivan 1:41 Mon Feb 20
Re: Wine tasting
Lovely Fake ,thanks

Fake 1:35 Mon Feb 20
Re: Wine tasting
Google to find out when the various UK wine fairs are this year. Register for ones you may want to go to, make up a pub/restaurant name et voila, sample all you want for free.

There will be plenty of small producers wanting to talk through their wines with you. The London wine fair is in May I believe.

By the way, if you like Rioja, try Navarra wines

ivan 1:23 Mon Feb 20
Re: Wine tasting
Cheers Hasan , i'm thinking why not try one of these UK ones

ivan 1:22 Mon Feb 20
Re: Wine tasting
I really enjoy Rioja so may well go to that region but really open to trying anything.
May well go to Bordeaux also

Hasans Fish Bar RIP 1:22 Mon Feb 20
Re: Wine tasting
Did the tour at Denbie's out near Dorking. About £10 I think. Tasting at the end. Theres a restaurant there too if you want to make a day of it. Beautiful countryside round there too and only 1/2 hour or so from London

BRANDED 1:14 Mon Feb 20
Re: Wine tasting
I would recommend going to a couple of wine tasting events in the UK covering a variety of wines to get to grips with what you like. Every country makes thousands of wines with a huge broad variety of flavours.

Do you know any of the wines you've tasted and where they came from that you particularly liked?

eastend joker 1:01 Mon Feb 20
Re: Wine tasting
very hard to beat a good South African Pinotage , also very fond of a lighter New Zealand Pinot Noir .

madeeasy 12:30 Mon Feb 20
Re: Wine tasting
Go to South Africa, bit more to get there but the exchange rate makes it favourable whilst there.

Great wineries to go to as well.

Grumpster 12:26 Mon Feb 20
Re: Wine tasting
I am that shit with wines and hate the stuff so much, that when tested at work, I couldn't tell the difference between cheap shit and the stuff for millionaires.

Lager tasting and I'm in!! ;o)

ivan 12:24 Mon Feb 20
Re: Wine tasting
Cheers JAC , ill check those out

Willtell 12:21 Mon Feb 20
Re: Wine tasting
Living close to Bordeaux Cal and Oz wines are not sold here so the only "foreign" wines are the Burgundies and other regions.

The thing is that there are so many vineyards selling good wines at a fraction of the prices in UK that who cares....


JAC 12:19 Mon Feb 20
Re: Wine tasting
Bordeaux have a fantastic wine festival for a weekend in June...Suppose to be very good.

Try Chapel Down in Kent ( deluxe package).on their website..its a great afternoon out and a couple of decent wines too.

ivan 12:18 Mon Feb 20
Re: Wine tasting
Thanks Mike ,
Black stump , ill give that a go ! i'm always up for trying new ones.

Northern Sold 12:14 Mon Feb 20
Re: Wine tasting
Cal and Oz wines for me.... got a crate of Black Stump at home at the mo... lovely gear.

Takashi Miike 12:12 Mon Feb 20
Re: Wine tasting
can be an expensive trip but France is the place


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