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Q: 2018/19 Wolves (H)
a. At last we have a win now let's make it two, Win
b. A win against 10 men and two leagues below us is fine, but this will be much harder I'll take a point, Draw
c. Who are we kidding, a win against Wimbledon and all is rosy, forget it we're getting our arses kicked in this one, Lose
d. It's at times like these when you really do miss Love Island
e. I was all over this game until I found out it's not on the box, the broadcasting companies really don't care about us hard core fans do they, I might pop off to Thorpe Park for the day instead, obviously in my WHU shirt

TeVaz 7:24 Wed Feb 22
Just scored a stunner !

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Texas Iron 11:11 Sun Feb 26
Re: Zaza

Surfinglizard 10:59 Sun Feb 26
Re: Zaza
Who cares?

Mex Martillo 10:43 Sun Feb 26
Re: Zaza
Sven, did you see Barcas result beat Atletico 2-1, and now Real Madrid losing 2-0
Looking good...

fraser 12:42 Fri Feb 24
Re: Zaza
Wils 12:48 Thu Feb 23

This can't be true, I was told he didn't squander any chances........

Wils 12:48 Thu Feb 23
Re: Zaza
My theory is it's widely known Juventus stopped him being sold to other Italian clubs:


And he Father/agent said he didn't choose West Ham:


If you watch some of his dire attempts it's plausible that he played badly on purpose to get sold back to Italy to circumvent Juventus refusing to sell him to an Italian club, even though he ended up in Spain.

There were a couple of times where Payet laid the ball at his feet in front of goal and it looks like he panics as he doesn't want to score. He was playing too bad for it to be true.

Italian hammer 12:35 Thu Feb 23
Re: Zaza
Wrong player at the wrong time.
The exact opposite of Payet.
Zaza at West Ham was at his first experience in a club who bought him to play an important part and not being a second fiddle as he was at Juventus or with Italy.
There was too much pressure and he let himself down too easily, plus BiliÁ didn't sort otu the best way to employ him.
Bat he has quality, he's not a great player but a good one.
It's not a rarity that a good player has a bad season in a new club.

Dr Moose 10:30 Thu Feb 23
Re: Zaza
Irish Hammer 9:23 Thu Feb 23

More a case of he couldn't hack it in the Prem so needs to make excuses for being shit.

Rossal 9:31 Thu Feb 23
Re: Zaza
Irish Hammer 9:23 Thu Feb 23

Could he have not made himself fitter then ? Just a thought.....he is basically saying he knew the issue and done fuck all about it to improve himself on the pitch

Trevor B 9:29 Thu Feb 23
Re: Zaza
Ah, that must've been why he looked so lazy and chased down fuck all haha

Irish Hammer 9:23 Thu Feb 23
Re: Zaza
In an interview after he left us he said he really struggled with the lack of fitness from the training levels at the club

He was used to being far fitter, training twice a day etc and found his game went to shit without it.

TWe 9:13 Thu Feb 23
Re: Zaza
There's something very odd about his time here. There's no way he's that bad a player. Don't like the idea of the loan to buy option we keep using as it puts players under pressure straight away and gives them no time to settle.

Rossal 9:02 Thu Feb 23
Re: Zaza
He was shit for us.....one of the worst signings we've ever had in terms of what we got for the fee involved

Goes somewhere else and starts to notch a few

Typical West Ham

Ronald_antly 8:56 Thu Feb 23
Re: Zaza
Do wanna send some LINKS my way, frasier?

fraser 12:52 Thu Feb 23
Re: Zaza

Ronald_antly 12:20 Thu Feb 23

So I came in pissed and watched a game and got it wrong, I said so at the time.

Doesn't change the fact that he missed a fair few chances as well as continually making the wrong decisions when breaking with the ball.

If you can't remember him having decent chances you should look closer to home for memory problems.

Any Old Iron 12:44 Thu Feb 23
Re: Zaza
That's a brilliant goal and the Telegraph report that he had a superb game.
To be honest it baffles me. There wasn't a single game for us where he showed that he had the credentials to succeed in the Prem. Poor application and poor execution most of the time.

threesixty 12:24 Thu Feb 23
Re: Zaza
Bloody hell.. what a goal!

I think most people (including me) just couldn't understand how someone could be picked for Italy and Juventus and play like he's never seen a football before!

Just the way it goes. Maybe our league is just a little too physical for him.

Makes you wonder about how many of our youth players who can't cut it in the prem would do abroad. Seems that most of our young players can't handle the physicality of our league. Why not go to Spain or Portugal and play rather than roughing it at championship clubs?

master 12:23 Thu Feb 23
Re: Zaza
fucking shit player who wont score more than 4 goals this season. players have purple patches now and then, this is his. he'll revert to type in due course.

Ronald_antly 12:20 Thu Feb 23
Re: Zaza
fraser wrote...

"I love it when people rewrite history, I can remember him having quite a few shots and decent chances ..."

That's just not true.

But I shouldn't be surprised to hear something like that from you, given that you 'remembered' the ball hitting the same post three times in one game when it had, IN FACT, hit three different posts.

If you ease off on those illicit substances your memory might be a lot more reliable.

fraser 12:03 Thu Feb 23
Re: Zaza
I love it when people rewrite history, I can remember him having quite a few shots and decent chances, the only time he hit the target they were like back passes. I also remember him not putting in a shift.

But yes both were because the team was playing badly and because we have a bad manager,

I also remember Antonio scoring 8 goals while the team were playing shit under a shit manager,,,,

DukeofDevo 11:49 Wed Feb 22
Re: Zaza
Nice touch and turn in the box never saw him do it for us


Full Claret Jacket 11:38 Wed Feb 22
Re: Zaza
Decent enough player we never got the best out of. You can make your own minds up why.

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