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Swans Of Never 1:09 Fri Feb 24
Apple Music v Spotify
I'll be ditching my iPhone at the end of my contract and moving to a Samsung S7/S7 Edge (haven't decided yet)

Question. Is Apple Music (which obviously I'm used to) any good on Android or would I be better switching to Spotify (or another streaming app)

I could use Google but wondered if any of you cunts had some personal insider knowledge...

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Alfie 1:45 Sun Feb 26
Re: Apple Music v Spotify
The main thing i object to with apple membership is the requirement to insert a coxs pippin apple into ones anal cavity.

I get that they are trying to promote membership and social media musical shared ownership amongst the youth, but for me inserting cooking fruit inside my bottom is a liberal step too far.

I completely understand that grime music is blowing up large and is uniquely british riddims and musical styling coming straight from the rough streets and urban bus shelters - but i am not going to subscribe to it by forcing bulbous granny smith apples freshly tree fallen into my arsehole for any cunt.

I totally get the street fashion of forcing peaches into your bum cheeks but i cant be alone in rejecting this grime infused fruit and oral arse buggery

I will buy my fucking music in the old fashioned way by entering a purveyor of vinyls shop and paying with good old cash as opposed to this futuristic youth fad of being violated by fruit and vegetation

BRANDED 12:45 Sun Feb 26
Re: Apple Music v Spotify
Its not for everybody. As A music lover who likes to find and listen to new stuff I love it. Happy to pay a coiple of pints a month for it. Or three coffees.

Iron Duke 12:07 Sun Feb 26
Re: Apple Music v Spotify
I've had a 3 month trial with both and they are all a much of a muchness.

The problem is I have built up quite a sizeable music collection over the years and can't justify spending £10 a month. I'm uploading my own music and using iBroadcast now. If I want anything new I'll pay as I go. For everything else there's the radio.

Charoo 11:13 Sat Feb 25
Re: Apple Music v Spotify
On Apple Music now after having Spotify for quite a while.

Both are excellent in my opinion. I only changed as I got a free period on Apple Music so thought I'd try it and save a few quid.

I love the ability to be able to listen to a whole spectrum of music that I otherwise listen too. I go through about 12 albums a week and constantly vary the artists and genres. For a tenner a month it's unreal value.

Vexed 6:52 Sat Feb 25
Re: Apple Music v Spotify
I listen to a lot of hours of music a week and I think the Spotify sound quality is rough, even at its highest quality setting. It probably isn't helped by the complete lack of an EQ, which fucking pisses me off. It doesn't compare to some half decent mp3s through PowerAmp in terms of sound quality.

Stepney.Ammer 3:10 Sat Feb 25
Re: Apple Music v Spotify

Fair point mate.

Nice one re about gigs, had not come across that yet.

I have a pretty diverse taste, one minute banging out some deep tech and then next some indie...Spotify is the nuts for setting up playlists and then recommending new shit to go along with...not to mention finding old tunes I'd forgotten about!

BRANDED 2:59 Sat Feb 25
Re: Apple Music v Spotify
thanks for that.
I have to say you can lose your music in any format. The times I was gutted when a vinyl album got warped.
So. If you find some great music that you can't live without make a record of it or even record it.
Otherwise just enjoy the sheer joy of discovering and listening to any music you fancy.

OH. And there is one killer feature for me in Spotify. When playing an artist it frequently tells you when they are playing gigs and takes you to the ticket site. This might be a "so what?" for your favourite acts but for a more obscure act you just found is ace.

Stepney.Ammer 2:48 Sat Feb 25
Re: Apple Music v Spotify
Same dilema for me...

Nearly at the end of my free month trial with Spotify and got to say for me it's much better than Apple....the only down side is its only renting...if it did go bust , or you stop paying...bang goes everything.

Branded knows his shit when it comes to music though, so he's made mind mind up and I'll start laying out the £10 a month to keep it going.

BRANDED 2:45 Sat Feb 25
Re: Apple Music v Spotify
I've never had a problem with the sound quality on Spotify. I play it through all manner of speakers and it always sounds great.

The Dursley Massive 1:49 Sat Feb 25
Re: Apple Music v Spotify
I agree. Tried it for a while but didn't stick with it. Easier/cheaper to either torrent a lossless copy or by the cd of the odd album I want to have at higher quality.

Most of my music listening happens in the car nowadays so 320k is good enough for me.

Vexed 1:45 Sat Feb 25
Re: Apple Music v Spotify
Tidal hasn't got the catalogue to justify the price.

The Dursley Massive 1:41 Sat Feb 25
Re: Apple Music v Spotify
Much of a muchness really. I'm on Apple Music now because it works so well with Siri. Handy when driving.

Tidal is good if audio quality is important to you. Bit dearer, but much better bitrate.

Vexed 1:13 Sat Feb 25
Re: Apple Music v Spotify
Spotify are just starting to become profitable, they ain't going bust.

I've tried all these music streaming services and if you're into your music then in terms of catalogue Spotify wins hands down. The others are ok if you just want fairly mainstream stuff.

My main annoyance with these services is the sound quality, largely poor with little or no option to equalise the sound to my taste. Until a half decent lossless option is available I'll be using Spotify over the other available options.

Keep dreaming 12:47 Sat Feb 25
Re: Apple Music v Spotify
Aren't they.
A $1.5 billion debt pile is now a ticking time bomb, wouldn't you agree?

BRANDED 12:02 Sat Feb 25
Re: Apple Music v Spotify
Spotify aren't about to go bust. They will most likely list on a stock exchange in the near future.

Keep dreaming 11:59 Sat Feb 25
Re: Apple Music v Spotify
If you don't want/like iTunes you could look at:

1. Google Music
Good selection of music and the best service out there if you have chomecasts, sonos and/or Android Auto.
Family plan only available in certain countries.

2. Deezer
French rival. Good app and as good selection as the others. Also have a family plan

3. Spotify
Worst app of these three. Looks like they are about to go bust to. But what could you expect from swedes

charleyfarley 11:16 Sat Feb 25
Re: Apple Music v Spotify
TeVaz, yes one of my kids has the main family Spotify account £15/month and four of us pay him £3/month

TeVaz 11:01 Sat Feb 25
Re: Apple Music v Spotify
charleyfarley ..... £3 per month ?

Bom Stickle 9:22 Sat Feb 25
Re: Apple Music v Spotify
I've got apple music on my HTC Android. Takes about a second to download a song and is very easy to use. Can't really compare it though as I've never had spotify.

Think it's excellent for £15 a month (3 months free) for 6 of my family. Bargain for unlimited music.

Hasans Fish Bar RIP 12:34 Sat Feb 25
Re: Apple Music v Spotify
*to bet

Hasans Fish Bar RIP 12:33 Sat Feb 25
Re: Apple Music v Spotify

I'd be willing to be that a few of you and your oh so principled musician mates have got a bit of kodi action going

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