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Q: 2018/19 Wolves (H)
a. At last we have a win now let's make it two, Win
b. A win against 10 men and two leagues below us is fine, but this will be much harder I'll take a point, Draw
c. Who are we kidding, a win against Wimbledon and all is rosy, forget it we're getting our arses kicked in this one, Lose
d. It's at times like these when you really do miss Love Island
e. I was all over this game until I found out it's not on the box, the broadcasting companies really don't care about us hard core fans do they, I might pop off to Thorpe Park for the day instead, obviously in my WHU shirt

RBshorty 9:39 Sun Feb 26
Andy off to China.?
According to The Sun.

Costing us £130k per week. And the Board are trying to get him off the books by Tuesday.

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cornish 2:41 Thu Mar 9
Re: Andy off to China.?
Only way Andy will go to China is if west ham are going to play there.

Dr Moose 2:04 Thu Mar 9
Re: Andy off to China.?
Its getting to a point where were carrying him for 2 thirds of the season, this can't continue. If he can't stay fit for the bulk of the season then we need to move him on. Surely the barcodes will give us a few quid for him in the summer, if he doesn't want to go to China.

arsegrapes 2:02 Thu Mar 9
Re: Andy off to China.?
All our players hoof it to big Andys head as soon as they get it 99% of the time including the keeper and defenders. No fault of his but that's what you get when your striker is 6ft 5 and that's why we need to get rid to play on the floor because most of the time it isn't working and is predictable and easy to defend.

Any Old Iron 2:01 Thu Mar 9
Re: Andy off to China.?
Err, has anyone considered that perhaps Carroll doesn't actually want to go and live with the tiddly's for a couple of years?
He's well settled in God's own county with his family, paid over £4million a year so already made for life, and appears to be very happy with his life.
I suspect all this talk of the club turning down big offers is all academic.

Mike Oxsaw 1:57 Thu Mar 9
Re: Andy off to China.?
Alex V 11:07 Thu Mar 9

The Mirror?

It is a bastion of correct, agenda-free news now because you happen ti like this particular story?

Rossal 1:54 Thu Mar 9
Re: Andy off to China.?
Turning down £32M for Carroll is a awful decision by the Daves

Russ of the BML 1:34 Thu Mar 9
Re: Andy off to China.?
Trevor B 3:39 Mon Feb 27

But he's just getting into a period of no major injuries and good form. Plus he's the only fit decent striker we have. I don't see why we would wait all this time and then sell him when he's fit.

Sniper 1:04 Thu Mar 9
Re: Andy off to China.?
It strikes me that the only reason this wasn't followed up on in January was because we didn't have a replacement. I'd expect him to go to china in the summer - I'll be annoyed in a sense as he's a very good player when fit but the problems for me are that he's always injured; when he's fit enough to play it seems to take him another month to get match sharp whikstbthe rokayera are back in at 100% straight away; and having him in the pitch seems to tempt managers far too much into hoofball or crossbakk. Just because he can head it does t mean you just aim for his swede.

Alex V 12:54 Thu Mar 9
Re: Andy off to China.?
There's something really weird about the lack of appetite for this story on here. Probably the most interesting bit of gossip since the Payet situation is mostly ignored it seems. The ITKs around the club don't want to pursue it either for obvious reasons - don't bite the hand that feeds you etc.

Dr Moose 12:00 Thu Mar 9
Re: Andy off to China.?
Should start a crowd funding page for his plane ticket!!

Alex V 11:07 Thu Mar 9
Re: Andy off to China.?
£32m was the figure offered for Carroll according to the Mirror today.

Alex V 6:47 Sat Mar 4
Re: Andy off to China.?
Another part of that is that for brokering Carroll's deal to West Ham I think Curtis was already taking 5% of his wages. So in a way, letting him broker a deal to China might be to make up for his money owed on Carroll's remaining contract.

According to the Guardian the company that brokered Carroll's £35m deal to Liverpool in the first place also names Mark Curtis as its sole director. So he's been making money from Carroll a long while, both before and after he was actually the player's agent.

Of course, Curtis is more in the news for the Allardyce sting which he was also a victim of. Allardyce explained how a manager could get kickbacks from an agent through part-ownership of the companies that represent the player in these big deals. This couldn't be a better example of that happening, presuming that Allardyce has the sort of arrangements he described with Curtis's companies.

Sven Roeder 6:39 Sat Mar 4
Re: Andy off to China.?
Presumably as Carroll isn't earning for him any more the ex agent has no loyalty to him.
That's how the snakes work isn't it?
To be honest I have no idea what occurred but nothing surprises me when lots of ££££ are involved.
Any agent that helped grease a sale to China would be in line for lots of dough and would probably transfer their own children.

Alex V 6:31 Sat Mar 4
Re: Andy off to China.?
Sven Roeder 6:27 Sat Mar 4

Well in this case they seem to have chosen a third option - the player's ex-agent. A bit daft!

Sven Roeder 6:27 Sat Mar 4
Re: Andy off to China.?
If you want to test the water as regards selling a permanently injured money drain but don't want to upset the player if nothing comes of it do you engage:
The players agent ?
Some other Agent with no connection ?

Obviously the cat has escaped the bag because people talk

charleyfarley 6:24 Sat Mar 4
Re: Andy off to China.?
From the Beeb

Andy Carroll: Chinese clubs fell in love with West Ham striker, says Slaven Bilic

Chinese Super League clubs "fell in love" with striker Andy Carroll when scouting the Premier League this season, says manager Slaven Bilic.

But Bilic says there was "no way" West Ham were going to sell the 28-year-old in the January transfer window.

The former Newcastle and Liverpool striker has scored six times in 12 Premier League appearances for the Hammers despite an injury-hit campaign.

"He is one of our best players and we want to keep him," said Bilic.

"Chinese clubs send their representatives over to investigate. They were watching other players, but they fell in love with Andy. The club didn't try to sell him."

Bilic says Carroll heard about the interest and was no doubt "flattered by it", but that it had not been discussed.

Alex V 6:17 Sat Mar 4
Re: Andy off to China.?
Here's the actual wording of the letter from the Independent...

"Following your meeting with David Sullivan [the West Ham co-owner], I write to confirm you have the exclusive authority of the board of directors to represent West Ham in discussions with football clubs in China in order to explore interest and options for the potential sale and permanent transfer of the registration of Andy Carroll during their first and current transfer window. This exclusive authority shall expire on March 1, 2017."

Alex V 6:14 Sat Mar 4
Re: Andy off to China.?
Yet another bizarre turn - the club now claiming to Claret & Hugh that they can't have sent the letter to Mark Curtis as he doesn't represent Andy Carroll anymore. So either they're saying that The Times saw a letter to Mark Curtis from the club that was a forgery? Or that it wasn't a forgery but wasn't relevant as it was to a third-party?

Not a lot of this makes any sense. It's another occasion where what the club says on this doesn't really add up.

Mike Oxsaw 4:26 Wed Mar 1
Re: Andy off to China.?
Alex V 3:12 Wed Mar 1

My "issue", if I actually have one, would be with anyone who sees this piece of standard - even good - business practice as "news", let alone worth repeating across the internet.

Andy Carroll probably has an arrangement with his agent that allows that agent a certain degree of autonomous activity to promote what is best for Andy, and that doesn't mean he's on Andy's shoulder 24*7 whispering possibilities into his ear.

If there were to have been a deal - and the defining word here is "if" - then all this letter does is ensure that everybody knows the channels through which it will be done. You've got to be paranoid (or agenda-driven) to spin this into "The board can't wait to get shot of Andy Carroll".

Trevor B 3:52 Wed Mar 1
Re: Andy off to China.?
Because people love to talk?

Alex V 3:51 Wed Mar 1
Re: Andy off to China.?
Trevor B 3:45 Wed Mar 1

Decent theory, but it doesn't explain why the info is then leaked to The Times.

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