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Q: 2018/19 Wolves (H)
a. At last we have a win now let's make it two, Win
b. A win against 10 men and two leagues below us is fine, but this will be much harder I'll take a point, Draw
c. Who are we kidding, a win against Wimbledon and all is rosy, forget it we're getting our arses kicked in this one, Lose
d. It's at times like these when you really do miss Love Island
e. I was all over this game until I found out it's not on the box, the broadcasting companies really don't care about us hard core fans do they, I might pop off to Thorpe Park for the day instead, obviously in my WHU shirt

SilverSurfer 2:42 Mon Feb 27
Got to go and stay over, 1 maybe 2 night at a B+B, in a few weeks.
Recommendations please Hammers.

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VanDerElstVenerator 12:41 Mon Mar 6
Re: Southend
I can recommend the Gleneagles, it's central (opposite the Queen Victoria statue) and the brekkie is very good

CasualKen 12:30 Mon Mar 6
Re: Southend
Ha, you sound a real fan Mike. Yeah I did think about wandering over to say hello after but there was a bit of crowd already there and I wanted to get back in car and listen to the boxing. Just glad I went and will def go back to see them again. All the best

bigrich 10:57 Sun Mar 5
Re: Southend
Hotel over the spoons is good value and surprisingly luxurious, plus you can get a pint with your breakfast

Takashi Miike 6:23 Sun Mar 5
Re: Southend
Ken, you're talking about Ian the bass player. he used to sing for Aussie floyd but never played any instruments. Damian, the other singer with the bald head also was in Aussie floyd for many years. Ian does all the Waters vocals and the odd Gilmour vocal, with Damian doing most of them. to appreciate how good they are you only have to check out covers by other bands on YouTube trying to do floyd songs, and they do it for almost three hours every night. seen loads of bands but these are the best, I'm just gutted i never said hello to them after, I rushed to catch a train and fucking missed it anyway :. )

I was going to see the Small Faces musical when it was being done up the west end but never bothered

CasualKen 6:04 Sun Mar 5
Re: Southend
Yes Mike, I agree seeing Angela do Great Gig was worth the admission alone. Been on YouTube and there is a vid of her doing it. That was my first Brit Floyd gig, seen Aussie a good few times but have to say the musicians last night tipped the balance. And the dark haired guy nailed Gilmours voice. I am however up there again in Oct for the APF. But before that I'm going to see the Small Faces show All or Nothing in Chelmsford end of month. Saw that before and it's definitely worth seeing if you like them as well.

FHB 5:49 Sun Mar 5
Re: Southend
Try the Rochford hotel, not far from Southend.

A couple of half decent boozers, and Antica Roma is a good Italian restaurant.

Takashi Miike 1:18 Sun Mar 5
Re: Southend
Ken, brilliant weren't they yet again. that was my third time seeing them and they get better and better. I've been luck that Angela (Cervantes) has performed Great Gig on the three times I've seen them, for me she does it better than the recorded version, and much better than Sam Brown and the other official Floyd backing singers. was also good to see new songs in the set like Terminal Frost & Not Now John. for me, they're the best band touring right now, much better than Waters band

Whitester. 12:59 Sun Mar 5
Re: Southend
Stay round mine. I live in a pill box down the A127.

CasualKen 7:51 Sun Mar 5
Re: Southend

Takashi Miike 2:35 Mon Feb 27

I went last night, I thought Brit Floyd were outstanding. The bird who did Great Gig, I was nearly in tears! Amazing band.

SilverSurfer 1:27 Tue Feb 28
Re: Southend
JAC 2:24 Mon Feb 27

Does that boozer The Crooked Billet (I think) at LOS, do a bit of b+b do you know?

CasualKen 2:41 Mon Feb 27
Re: Southend
I stayed at the Roslin after recommendations, we were the youngest couple there by about 30 years, I thought we were in a retirement home.

Dwight Van Mann 2:38 Mon Feb 27
Re: Southend
I took a motor to Rochford to get some work done a few weeks ago. Nice enough area but seemed boring as fuck. A few very chavgy families bowling about near the station and pensioners everywhere.
It' also has a 24hr launderette at a petrol garage - only poor areas still need laubderettes.
Looked like the sort of place you'd go to die.

Takashi Miike 2:35 Mon Feb 27
Re: Southend
will be there saturday to watch BRIT FLOYD

Northern Sold 2:26 Mon Feb 27
Re: Southend
ROCHFORD... thank me later

JAC 2:24 Mon Feb 27
Re: Southend
Just don't do it...If you have to be near try Leigh-on Sea or the Roslin at Thorpe Bay.

GreenStreetPlayer 2:21 Mon Feb 27
Re: Southend
There's a new Premier Inn along the seafront not far from the Kursaal. Might get a sea view if you are "lucky" and there is a decent Brewers Fayre there. Never had breakfast in it, but the lunchtime meals are very good.

only1billybonds 7:04 Mon Feb 27
Re: Southend
Westcliffe hotel is nice,just across the road from the Grosvenot casino.

Basildon-iron 3:58 Mon Feb 27
Re: Southend
Take yourself for a nice Indian just off the seafront on Thorpe bay broadway. Place called cafe masala. It's worth a visit!

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