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Q: 2018/19 Wolves (H)
a. At last we have a win now let's make it two, Win
b. A win against 10 men and two leagues below us is fine, but this will be much harder I'll take a point, Draw
c. Who are we kidding, a win against Wimbledon and all is rosy, forget it we're getting our arses kicked in this one, Lose
d. It's at times like these when you really do miss Love Island
e. I was all over this game until I found out it's not on the box, the broadcasting companies really don't care about us hard core fans do they, I might pop off to Thorpe Park for the day instead, obviously in my WHU shirt

Willtell 12:36 Wed Mar 1
Leyton Orient in trouble
Nice one Barry Hearn...

O'S CASH WOE Leyton Orient slapped with winding up order to add to on-field woes for crisis-hit club
Danny Webb's side are in danger of falling out of the Football League after a torrid season.


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AlvinMartinAllen 8:19 Thu Jun 22
Re: Leyton Orient in trouble
Hopefully this bloke won't allow that scumbag shyster cunt Hearn to get back his honorary president roll that he quit due to Becchetti.

El Scorchio 8:05 Thu Jun 22
Re: Leyton Orient in trouble
Fuck me, what a state they are in:

'They have been reported to have only 15 senior players under contract for next season, with the oldest of those players being 20-year-old Charlie Grainger.

Manager Omer Riza is only under contract until 30 June, with the club's first pre-season game scheduled for 12 July.'

No idea of the new guy's net worth though. Don't think he's 'all that' wealthy in the grand scheme of things so I don't think they'll be shooting up the league just yet.

stewie griffin 7:32 Thu Jun 22
Re: Leyton Orient in trouble
Excellent news. Wish them well

terry-h 7:31 Thu Jun 22
Re: Leyton Orient in trouble
Manager Omar Riza has a week left on his contract. He might as well sign on the local job centre next Monday.
How about Nolan coming back with sick note Carroll his first signing?

Gavros 7:12 Thu Jun 22
Re: Leyton Orient in trouble
must be time for us to be petrified again?

The Stoat 7:08 Thu Jun 22
Re: Leyton Orient in trouble
Dunkin' Orient then


pdbis 10:30 Sat May 13
Re: Leyton Orient in DIRE trouble
Not folded yet then?

Gavros 7:01 Thu May 11
Re: Leyton Orient in DIRE trouble
the fans crisis fund is above £150 grand now.

That'll buy them a 50% share of a 1 bed flat in the upcoming Brisbane Towers development. They'd still have to pay the rent on the other 50% though.

Gavros 1:52 Tue May 9
Re: Leyton Orient in DIRE trouble
In a miraculous coincidence of timing, Hearn placed the 990 odd year lease he 'bought' off the club (by cancelling debts he ensured they accrued) into his pension fund at the start of the year. As such his involvement in it is 'blind so the pension fund trustees make the decisions as to whether yo renew Orients short lease or let them stay there at all given they can't afford it.

Darby_ 1:34 Tue May 9
Re: Leyton Orient in trouble
This Italian bloke, he's been facing charges for money laundering. Now, who are the biggest money launderers in Italy?

Coincidentally, who are the Italian underworld organisation that have traditionally been heavily involved in boxing?

I wonder if Hearn mentioned to some Italian boxing friend that he'd like to move Orient to Harlow, but the fans would never accept that, so he wants to sell the club.

His Italian friend then might mention that he knows someone who's interested in investing in English football. For the right price, of course (ie: a nice backhander from the sale of Brisbane Road.)

It's just speculation, but it doesn't sound that unlikely, does it?

On The Ball 1:26 Tue May 9
Re: Leyton Orient in trouble
What's happened?

ted fenton 1:20 Tue May 9
Re: Leyton Orient in trouble
Just got to really feel for the supporters !

Bloody shame.

El Scorchio 1:16 Tue May 9
Re: Leyton Orient in trouble
Barry Hearn. What a cunt.

I've noticed now he's trying to use the new owner WHO HE PICKED TO SELL THE CLUB TO to distance himself from the club and saying he wants no part of it.

He's got the stadium. That's all he wanted. Now he's engineering his way 'guilt free' out of the situation so he can 'justify' booting them out and building on the land.

Meanwhile the fans lose their club.

Gavros 1:14 Tue May 9
Re: Leyton Orient in DIRE trouble
Let Spurs bail them out.

Eddie B 12:44 Tue May 9
Re: Leyton Orient in trouble

Ronald_antly 2:58 Tue May 2
Re: Leyton Orient in trouble
Good sport there, Edward.

Je suis Arsenal.

steveiron64 2:49 Tue May 2
Re: Leyton Orient in DIRE trouble
Orient fans despise Hearn actually. Through all this turmoil they have also shown they have a small but strong core of real supporters. I thought their fan base would disintegrate but I was wrong.

REALGSA 9:11 Mon May 1
Re: Leyton Orient in trouble

EFL Statement: Blackpool v Leyton Orient
Posted: Mon 01 May 2017
Author: EFL
image: http://www.efl.com/cms_images/blackpoo-l-549-3701157_613x460.jpg

Blackpool's Bloomfield Road
Image by: Richard Sellers/EMPICS Sport
The EFL has today supported a request from Blackpool FC to suspend ticket sales to Leyton Orient fans for Saturday’s final game of the Sky Bet League Two season.
The decision was taken following a number of concerns raised by Blackpool ahead of the match on Saturday 6th May 2017.

The rationale for supporting this request is to allow sufficient time for a full review of the matchday safety and security arrangements (and any options within these) against the certainty of knowing the specific number of tickets sold to date and in which areas of Bloomfield Road.

The EFL's objective will always be to ensure that fans of both Clubs are able to watch the match live, but in seeking to achieve this, we are required to consider all the contributing factors, to ensure that the safety of everyone at the game is not put at risk.

Blackpool's concerns are not without foundation based on both the events that took place at Leyton Orient’s Matchroom Stadium on Saturday evening, and the fact that Blackpool themselves remain subject to a suspended charge following the failure to fulfil their Sky Bet Championship fixture against Huddersfield Town at Bloomfield Road on 2nd May 2015.

The EFL Executive will consider all the matters on Tuesday and ensure that all the relevant parties are given the opportunity to contribute, including Leyton Orient and LOFT (Leyton Orient Fans Trust).

A further update will be provided at 18.00 on Tuesday 2nd May.

Iron2010 9:46 Thu Mar 30
Re: Leyton Orient in DIRE trouble
Amazing how Hearn hasn't been called out on his role in the destruction of this club. From what I've seen even their supporters remain fairly positive towards him.

Gavros 9:23 Thu Mar 30
Re: Leyton Orient in DIRE trouble
This italian owner is a fucking nut nut. Apparently he wants to sell, but only for at or above the £4 million he paid for it - when they were a penalty kick away from the Championship as opposed to guaranteeD non league next year. That's like buying a new motor for 30 grand, trashing the fuck out of it for a couple of years and putting 100k on the clock and them expecting someone to give you 35 grand for it.

Far Cough 7:25 Thu Mar 30
Re: Leyton Orient in DIRE trouble
I'm in there

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