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Q: 2017/18 Leicester (h)
a. Moyes has had all week with the whole squad and that will make a difference, Win
b. Where do we start, a point would be good, Draw
c. Let's be honest we're a shambles, still letting in two goals a game so what chance, Lose
d. "You've destroyed our fucking Club", the only way to get the pride back in WHUFC is when the Clowns leave, Who's up for a protest?
e. Can you believe my luck, another game on SKY so back to the pub, head to toe in club merchandise and show that I'm hardcore West Ham who follows the Club home and away from my seat at the bar

Aberdeen Iron 5:12 Thu Mar 2
Not sure if anyone is interested but I have some prints for sale that I took at our last game at the Boleyn.


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Aberdeen Iron 8:19 Thu Mar 2
Re: Prints
Good stuff Second, I'll look forward to your order. :)

SecondOpinion 8:15 Thu Mar 2
Re: Prints
Excellent!! FIVE STARS

Aberdeen Iron 8:14 Thu Mar 2
Re: Prints
I took a compact, and just took a pic now and again, so guess I just got lucky.

tunwhu 8:13 Thu Mar 2
Re: Prints
OK mate great, ta. I'm looking through mine again now but they were all taken with my phone. Wished I'd bothered to take my camera now but I wanted to spend more time taking in all the memories rather than spend all day taking photos and missing out on the atmosphere.

Aberdeen Iron 8:08 Thu Mar 2
Re: Prints
I have, will have another look and put them online someplace you can see. I thought that was the best ones though.

tunwhu 8:00 Thu Mar 2
Re: Prints
I notice you never got any of me Abs...nothing personal I hope?

Have you got any more? I'd like to add some to the man cave because the ones I took all have the ugly c*nts I sit next to in them.

Aberdeen Iron 6:53 Thu Mar 2
Re: Prints
Just replaced the image, hopefully that's a bit better.

greenie1 5:30 Thu Mar 2
Re: Prints
I can't see them properly. Can you not upload a scan of each one with a copyright across them?

Trevor B 5:26 Thu Mar 2
Re: Prints
30 fucking quid? do one.

ooooh Morley Morley 5:26 Thu Mar 2
Re: Prints
Sign o' the Times... innit.

Aberdeen Iron 5:23 Thu Mar 2
Re: Prints
Aye, but they're not as good as the others I've seen.

Northern Sold 5:21 Thu Mar 2
Re: Prints
You got one of the Man United coach getting bottled ??

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