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Q: 2017/18 The RealWestHamFans March on March 10th
a. I'll be there, it's time for action now enough is enough
b. Not for me, I'll see you all at the Stadium
c. A bit difficult for me as I'll be on my stream with a cup of rosie
d. What march

Aberdeen Iron 5:12 Thu Mar 2
Not sure if anyone is interested but I have some prints for sale that I took at our last game at the Boleyn.


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Aberdeen Iron 8:19 Thu Mar 2
Re: Prints
Good stuff Second, I'll look forward to your order. :)

SecondOpinion 8:15 Thu Mar 2
Re: Prints
Excellent!! FIVE STARS

Aberdeen Iron 8:14 Thu Mar 2
Re: Prints
I took a compact, and just took a pic now and again, so guess I just got lucky.

tunwhu 8:13 Thu Mar 2
Re: Prints
OK mate great, ta. I'm looking through mine again now but they were all taken with my phone. Wished I'd bothered to take my camera now but I wanted to spend more time taking in all the memories rather than spend all day taking photos and missing out on the atmosphere.

Aberdeen Iron 8:08 Thu Mar 2
Re: Prints
I have, will have another look and put them online someplace you can see. I thought that was the best ones though.

tunwhu 8:00 Thu Mar 2
Re: Prints
I notice you never got any of me Abs...nothing personal I hope?

Have you got any more? I'd like to add some to the man cave because the ones I took all have the ugly c*nts I sit next to in them.

Aberdeen Iron 6:53 Thu Mar 2
Re: Prints
Just replaced the image, hopefully that's a bit better.

greenie1 5:30 Thu Mar 2
Re: Prints
I can't see them properly. Can you not upload a scan of each one with a copyright across them?

Trevor B 5:26 Thu Mar 2
Re: Prints
30 fucking quid? do one.

ooooh Morley Morley 5:26 Thu Mar 2
Re: Prints
Sign o' the Times... innit.

Aberdeen Iron 5:23 Thu Mar 2
Re: Prints
Aye, but they're not as good as the others I've seen.

Northern Sold 5:21 Thu Mar 2
Re: Prints
You got one of the Man United coach getting bottled ??

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