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Hammers1993 11:34 Tue Mar 7
Billardyce & Noblan
I remember not so long ago this site losing their minds over the persistence of Allardyce sticking with Nolan, this will soon be the case with Bilic and Noble.

At least Nolan was our top goal scorer for a couple of seasons and from memory got into double figures, he even scored a hatrick. Has Noble ever done any of those things for us?

Right now he is halting the partnership of Obiang and Kouyate in the middle which I feel is our best options on paper at present.

Genuine question, what does Noble offer to our team?

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Mex Martillo 7:40 Wed Mar 8
Re: Billardyce & Noblan
Sven and North Bank

Have another look, the ball skimmed of Obaing to fall nicely at the back post for costa. Yes Reid was too slow, costa was much quicker. Kouyate was further out towards the corner to cut out a low ball or a player running with the ball as a right back should be.

Obaing was in the best place to get a tackle in to stop the 1st goal. He did nothing. Agreed good he ran back, but make it count, make the run worth while. He should have made the tackle. Many of our players in his position would have made the tackle. Especially kouyate he is an expert at catching a player and getting the killer tackle in.

I cannot see why you think Obaing had a better game than Noble. Noble played well. Perhaps it is you that have the preconceptions and cannot see how the players were in a game?

1307 7:32 Wed Mar 8
Re: Billardyce & Noblan
Is Fernandes 'all that'? He thinks he is but I have my doubts. What is his best quality? Imo, he does not have one and is just an average midfielder that people got excited about as we was at such a low ebb earlier in the season. Would he make a difference to our team? Imo no.

David L 7:00 Wed Mar 8
Re: Billardyce & Noblan
No replacement? Isn't Fernandes worth a shout?

Stranded 3:35 Wed Mar 8
Re: Billardyce & Noblan
Mark Noble at right back?


Full Claret Jacket 3:27 Wed Mar 8
Re: Billardyce & Noblan
I think if you want to put a slow player at full back then put Arbeloa there. At least he knows the position.

chedylan 2 2:51 Wed Mar 8
Re: Billardyce & Noblan
Kouyate or Fernandes can be given a go right now.

noble at right back?

fucking hell Ive heard it all now.

1307 2:24 Wed Mar 8
Re: Billardyce & Noblan
I don't believe Noble should be in the team but, in reality, will dropping him make a difference? Do we have a replacement that will make a difference to our performance? No. Are we going to bring in a replacement that will have a major difference? No.

Lee Trundle 2:22 Wed Mar 8
Re: Billardyce & Noblan
Considering full backs are likely to up against the fastest players on the opposite team (wingers), then I'd suggest pace is a key attribute to have.

Council Scum 2:10 Wed Mar 8
Re: Billardyce & Noblan
Noble who makes rash challenge after rash challenger at right back?

Yeah, brilliant

Eddie B 2:04 Wed Mar 8
Re: Billardyce & Noblan
I'm sorry but that article is utter bollocks.

defence 1:57 Wed Mar 8
Re: Billardyce & Noblan
This is an article from west ham world. Does he have a point? I think it could be worth trying.

As players get older they tend to take on a much deeper role on the pitch so that their energy levels are reserved.

We’ve seen this is many players over the years, more recently Wayne Rooney as he moved from striker to attacking midfielder.

Could Mark Noble take on the role for the right-back position? Noble is West Ham through and through, and I’m sure he would even play in goal if that meant he was still playing for the club.

West Ham’s larger pitch means that the central midfield spot requires a player that has speed, whereas the Upton Park pitch was smaller, which meant players without much pace had little ground to cover.

Due to the openness of the London Stadium, players with pace thrive on counter attacks with quick passing to cut open the midfield and defence in a matter of seconds. Noble has never been gifted with pace and always made ground by his distribution.

Some would say that the right back-position requires a defender to run up and down the line constantly, but if you push both full backs up, that leaves a huge space for our centre backs to cover. This means the centre of the park is exposed and our centre midfield players have to drop back as quick as they can.

Noble cannot get there in time, but Obiang can, and with Kouyate trying to get back from an attacking position, he is already out of the game. Now, if we swapped Noble for Kouyate, we would see two tall and quick midfielders filling the void left by Reid or Fonte, whilst an attacking Noble is trudging back.

The main threat of conceding a goal is down the middle because that’s where the goal is. Crosses can come in, but if the middle of the park was covered by centre backs and midfielders, it would provide a mobile wall in front of the goal, preventing any shots or possible through balls.

We need to keep the ball away from the goal and out wide where angles are narrowed. It’s very rare you see a direct goal from a position near the corner flag or in the opposition’s half.

Noble is a great tackler and has a very good passing ability, switching the play from left to right. This is what Obiang is now doing. Noble can sit back, linking up with Fonte and Kouyate to enable passes to feed in current right winger Sofiane Feghouli. Noble would still be able to take deep free kicks, which would also allow another midfielder in the box as we would be using a defender, who would be behind the ball anyway.

I believe that our captain marvel Noble can cover this position, leading by example until the end of the season. We would see an attacking Michail Antonio on the right hand side, linking up with Nobes, and we could see a formidable partnership between Kouyate and Obiang, a very similar pairing like Arsenal’s Petit and Vieira.

New Jersey 1:38 Wed Mar 8
Re: Billardyce & Noblan
I think Gascoigne, Maradona and Rooney all had pace, and in their prime weren't particularly chunky!

I do wonder whether as a team we are slightly off the mark fitness wise though, we aren't as skillful as the top 6 teams, but we can be as fit.

chedylan 2 12:51 Wed Mar 8
Re: Billardyce & Noblan
bottom line Noble is a pretty average premier league midfielder with no pace. Which is why hes never been courted by bigger clubs.

Spurs shipped out a lot of their average players to the likes of Hull so they could progress, maybe we need to do the same, at the least drop him to the bench and give someone else a chance (kouyate or fernandes) now our season is going nowhere anyway.

Sir Alf 9:53 Wed Mar 8
Re: Billardyce & Noblan
ajc123 9:39 Wed Mar 8

You are correct that the best players have often had no pace and they can retain the ball and create with superior skill, control and passing but I think the point is that as a team you need a few with pace nowadays as the levels of fitness and speed that some teams have does have to be matched. We, as a team, lack it. Noble's lack of pace is not the singular issue. He is a very good footballer but needs others in the team to do the tracking, have the pace for the transitions in play (defence to attack) to give cover. Fans pick on him because he is one of the slower players but because we have little movement and pace across the team passing options are limited. As the old saying goes, you need balance in the team of pace and power and flair/skill. We do not have that. We need a Kante as many teams do. Noble is still valuable but has never been suited to the DM role.


Lee Trundle 9:53 Wed Mar 8
Re: Billardyce & Noblan
"The only reason you say that Kante bossed the midfield is because of his reputation"


ajc123 9:39 Wed Mar 8
Re: Billardyce & Noblan
I do just love these hack phrases that football fans think give them some superior knowledge when it actually shows them to be well quite dim. Nothing worse than this idiotic gem first mouthed by pundits in the 60s when footballers became athletes "The modern footballer today, and the pace of the game ".
So see you later all those paceless shit footballers around the world. From our own ranks - Moore, Brooking, Dev (after the massive injury to his ligaments after which some thought he became a better player!), David Cross, Di Canio, Sinclair plus a few others from the rest of the world - a few fatties like Gascoigne, Maradona, Rooney why even Messi is not reknowned for his extreme running ability.
Really this shit should never have been repeated after Shankly's comments to his young Liverpool team when they first faced us in the 1st Division for the first time. Shanks team talk went like this: "they have this player, he's got no pace, can't head the ball, has only got 1 foot". St John reply "so we don't have to worry about him then boss .... as the pace of the game on modern football is the most important thing in the world". Shanks "don't be stupid, he's the best player on the pitch!".

under the thumb 1:12 Wed Mar 8
Re: Billardyce & Noblan
Iron Duke 10:57 Tue Mar 7
Re: Billardyce & Noblan

ID...there is no agenda against Noble. It's ridiculous to say there is. It is quite clear for the majority that he needs to be taken out of the team.

It's his total lack of pace that is his biggest downfall. The modern footballer today, and the pace of the game has gone up a notch. The game is faster and quicker and whilst Noble is technically a good ball player his presence in the midfield ahead of others is having a negative impact on the team.

The number of times the opposition midfielders just breeze past him and expose our defence is no longer just the odd occasion, it is happening far to frequently.

He obviously has a great relationship with Bilic the time has come for Bilic to put sentiment aside and drop him. Play a specialist right back like Byram and either push Kouyate into midfield alongside Obiang or give Fernandes a go. Every time I have seen this kid he has impressed me. Surely the time has come to let him have his chance.

Noble has been a great club man, brilliant ambassador for the club but it seems like to me he is leveraging that to get a regular game to the detriment of the team and it is up to Bilic to make that tough decision and pull him out.

It doesn't have to be the end of his time here, he would probably benefit from a spell out and could still have an impact on a game from the bench with 15/20 minutes to go when the pace of the game is slower.

Starting him is crucifyinf the team at the moment. He has to be dropped.

marlonsrightsock 12:28 Wed Mar 8
Re: Billardyce & Noblan
I like Nobes but he's not on his game at the moment and hasn't been for a while he was poor last night which is why he got hooked

Start Kouyate or Fernandes alongside Obiang

Queens Fish Bar 12:07 Wed Mar 8
Re: Billardyce & Noblan
we need more pace in the team.

Iron Duke 12:03 Wed Mar 8
Re: Billardyce & Noblan
Noble was covering everywhere. He won nearly everything and hardly wasted the ball. Basically, he made one mistake. I'm pretty sure that Kante lost the ball a couple of times but we lacked the cutting edge to capitalise.

The only reason you say that Kante bossed the midfield is because of his reputation.

And I don't think Noble is God. I'm just commenting on this one particular game. I've made this judgement based on my own eyes but the stats also back me up.

North Bank 11:53 Tue Mar 7
Re: Billardyce & Noblan
Mex look at the 1st goal again and the starting positions, you'll see Obiang 15 yards behind Noble and Hazard then busting a gut and finally ends up sprinting past Noble to make up for Noble's error, at this point Noble hardly breaks sweat, the fact that Hazard made a great run in the end of his shoulder is hardly his fault

As for the 2nd he didn't head the ball down at all it skimmed off Kouyate's bonce, more look at who let Costa go in the box, Reid wasn't it

Sorry Mex but it seems like you have a jaundiced view on Noble, I don't worship or dislike him so see myself as impartial and on his form of late he needs a rest

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