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Q: 2018/19 Wolves (H)
a. At last we have a win now let's make it two, Win
b. A win against 10 men and two leagues below us is fine, but this will be much harder I'll take a point, Draw
c. Who are we kidding, a win against Wimbledon and all is rosy, forget it we're getting our arses kicked in this one, Lose
d. It's at times like these when you really do miss Love Island
e. I was all over this game until I found out it's not on the box, the broadcasting companies really don't care about us hard core fans do they, I might pop off to Thorpe Park for the day instead, obviously in my WHU shirt

Eddie B 8:54 Wed Mar 8
WHU team Vs Bournemouth?
Byram Reid (if fit) Fonte Cresswell
Obiang Kouyate
Antonio Lanzini Snodgrass

Subs: Adrian Collins Massuaku Noble Ayew Fernandes Fletcher

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Iron2010 12:16 Sat Mar 11
Re: WHU team Vs Bournemouth?
These teams look strong on paper

, 12:10 Sat Mar 11
Re: WHU team Vs Bournemouth?
If fit and available Bilic might go as follows.


Kouyate, Fonte, Reid

Antonio, Noble, Obiang, Snodgrass, Cresswell



mattyolmes 12:06 Sat Mar 11
Re: WHU team Vs Bournemouth?
reckon Eddie B's team is pretty much on the money.

slightly bugs me that Snodgrass has to play on the left, but no way out of it, ANTONIO is our beast

Mex Martillo 11:49 Sat Mar 11
Re: WHU team Vs Bournemouth?
I think Carroll will get 1 or 2 against Bournemouth

Obviously there is a fair difference between the defense of Bournemouth and Chelsea.

Sir Alf 11:30 Sat Mar 11
Re: WHU team Vs Bournemouth?
Suspect Slav will unleash the beast as you suggest. Hope it works and there is an argument that his presence creates space for Antonio or Ayew. I just thought on Monday he was well below match fitness (as expected) and struggled with making his aerial prowess felt. Sideshow Bob was outmuscling him in the air which would not happen if 2 or 3 more games time.

Anyway, as always, lets hope we give it a go and take our chances on the road. We lost to Leicester and should have beaten Watford but failed as a result of poor finishing.

Fingers crossed Reid is ok.

Private Dancer 11:09 Sat Mar 11
Re: WHU team Vs Bournemouth?
Alf - He's not been a disaster, don't get me wrong, but I want to see more end product from him.

Disagree ref Carroll, unleash the beast.

Sir Alf 10:45 Sat Mar 11
Re: WHU team Vs Bournemouth?
Snodgrass was decent against Chelsea first half and the one player who actually got in behind them a couple of times but he faded badly second half and his passing deteriorated too which is what everyone of course noticed. So his issue is being able to perform well for 90 mins but he does track back and work hard.

Feghouli struggled all game although did get in a decent cross early on.

Bournemouth will come at us and that might suit us ? Mind you teams that pass well at pace we struggle with but they do not have the passing quality and movement of the teams that have battered us and we have mostly suffered with that at home as the onus has been on us to take the game to them which is when we are exposed to the quick counter attack.

Hope Reid is fit. And I would not start with Carroll who is not fully match fit for a full 90 mins IMO. Might be better as an impact sub as defenders tire?

Private Dancer 4:34 Sat Mar 11
Re: WHU team Vs Bournemouth?
Agree that Ayew should get a start. Also want to see a performance from fucking Snodgrass, I HEAR he's a good player, but I want to actually SEE it.

We seriously need to sign some proper players this summer, not 29 year old bods from fucking Hull.

Texas Iron 2:52 Sat Mar 11
Re: WHU team Vs Bournemouth?
I Riddle is Right...

J.Riddle 2:07 Sat Mar 11
Re: WHU team Vs Bournemouth?
Ayew has come on in the last two games as sub and scored one and made one, he is a talent far better than Fegouli or Snodgrass and has earned a run of games.

Fernandes showed what a great prospect he is v Chelsea in the Cup and anytime he has played. I would start him every game.

Byram also needs a run of games as it is the only way to see if he is good enough build his confidence as we have little to play for, whether he can cut it is 50/50 but would save a lot of money if he can. Trouble is he used to play RM a lot for Leeds and like Cresswell looks good going forward but not so good defending which is the priority.


Bilic won't play Fernandes just like he wouldn't play Antonio and Obiang.

Bilic has stuck up for Noble who is his leader so Kouyate who has said on the OS he doesn't like playing RB and prefers midfield will have to be accommodated so will stay at RB.

Bilic persists in playing shit players but Fegouli cant start this time because Antonio is back and he can't drop his new signing Snodgrass, so Ayew to come off the bench yet again.

I don't rate Bilic as a manager you may have guessed.

franksfat&slow&wank 1:14 Sat Mar 11
Re: WHU team Vs Bournemouth?
Ayew and Antonio and byram in

Noble, fegs and snodgrass out

the exile 12:49 Sat Mar 11
Re: WHU team Vs Bournemouth?
Agree with Krap not Pu - no way is he going to drop Noble. Same team that started against Chelsea except Antonio in for Feghouli. I would also bring in Ayew for Snodgrass, who has failed to impress in the last couple of games, but I doubt it will happen, though I would expect Ayew to come on as a sub at some stage.

I also agree with the poster who said to bring in Masuaku because Cresswell needs a kick up the backside, but can't see that happening yet either.

fraser 12:18 Sat Mar 11
Re: WHU team Vs Bournemouth?
He's an attacking midfielder, so where would you play him?

Lato 12:07 Sat Mar 11
Re: WHU team Vs Bournemouth?
Fernandes needs to be in from the start. No more sentiment

daveyg 9:19 Fri Mar 10
Re: WHU team Vs Bournemouth?

That's pretty much the team I would like to see apart from in a 3-4-3 and Randolp in for Adrian.
It's better to have support either side of Carroll,Lanzini can drop deep to collect the ball from a forward position rather than a midfield position. Snodgrass hasn't really impressed,Ayew has thus he takes the other supporting role. If Snodgrass could be relied upon to play in Antonio's position then he would be in and Antonio moved further forward.

Kouyate Reid Fonte
Antonio Noble Obiang Cresswell
Lanzini Carroll Ayew

AlvinMartinAllen 10:13 Fri Mar 10
Re: WHU team Vs Bournemouth?

------------Kouyate Reid Fonte

Antonio Lanzini Noble Obiang Cresswell

---------------Carroll--- Ayew

Krap not Pu 9:55 Fri Mar 10
Re: WHU team Vs Bournemouth?
reading Bilic's comments to the press there is no way he is dropping Noble anytime soon, alas....actually don't mind him playing on the smaller pitches....but please just stop him from playing and getting exposed on the wide open spaces of the "London Stadium" where his play is far too pedestrian and negative.

Lato 2:48 Fri Mar 10
Re: WHU team Vs Bournemouth?
Byram Reid (C) Fonte Creswell
Antonio Lanzini
Ayew Carroll

Takashi Miike 11:54 Thu Mar 9
Re: WHU team Vs Bournemouth?
Byram - Fonte - Reid (C) if fit - Cresswell
Kouyate - Obiang
Antonio - Lanzini - Snodgrass

Sir Alf 11:37 Thu Mar 9
Re: WHU team Vs Bournemouth?



---------------------- Lanzini ---------------------------

----------------------Antonio -------------------------

Assuming Reid is out I expect the above. IMO Byram will be exposed defensively but unless Collins comes in and Kouyate goes to RB again that is the best option?

Would not trust Kouyate to do the off the ball work in midfield and his passing is appalling to play there. Runs with it well and likes arriving in the box late for headers etc but would leave Obiang on his own defensively as the other midfielders do not do the defensive side well when we lose the ball. IMO

Hammer and Pickle 11:36 Thu Mar 9
Re: WHU team Vs Bournemouth?
Ayew instead of Carroll if necessary.

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